Landscape and Travel Photography in Vietnam

Welcome to Vietnam.

I've been here for aweek now.

I came to Hanoi and was doing a little bit of street photography in Hanoi andright now I've ended up in the rice fields around the south of Sa Pa.

Sothere's a few things that have been going on.

So I've been to places like HaLong Bay; Ninh Binh and a few other places.

So it's the first time really ina week that I've had to vlog.

So what's going to happen to all of these images?And will there ever be a tour that I'll organize to Vietnam? Well of coursethere is.

That's why I'm here.

I'm actually working on behalf of a companycalled Ciao or Ciao Travel that are based here in Vietnam.

So I must give them amassive thank you for sponsoring me to come out here to Vietnam.

At the moment I have a driver with me.

A Vietnamese driver.

He's been driving me around and he'sbeen teaching me a little bit of of Vietnamese.

(thank you).

So I have abouthalf a dozen words but they're kind of enough at times so I've been getting somepictures.

Is this a sunset location that I'd bring people to? It is.

You have to watchit because the sun goes behind the hill at a certain time of the day but I'vebeen somewhere else and I've met another photographer from Slovakia.

He's beenkind enough to, you probably can't see him on camera, he's been kind enough to show me where exactly this place was.

So he's beenkind enough to show me where this place was as he found it earlier on.

As I metsomebody else who said to me it's not here.

It's actually further north.

Sounfortunately for him I did actually find this place.

But the other great thingabout Vietnam is the people photography.

So there's actually lot of indigenouspeople in this area and I've been getting a lot of what you would callenvironmental portraits of those people working away doing their thing.

Sois Vietnam wonderful? It is! Just one last thing before there might be a nextsegment I don't know yet but I met a Vietnamese girl at a viewpoint I was atearlier and she said to me a lot of people were complaining about Vietnam sayingpeople are not necessarily friendly.

Customer services aren't great.

Rubbish! Ihave not come across anybody yet in this country that has been unfriendly orunhelpful.

Everybody I've met here has been reallyhelpful and just an amazing, amazing country.

I'll be flicking up someb-roll and images in between all this wittering on but until the next segment let'scarry on working here in Vietnam because Hoi An is coming up very soon.

A place I'vewanted to be going to for quite a long time.

On to the next bit Welcome to the bustling city of Hoi Anin central Vietnam.

I've been here now for I think about two days or so.

This place is an absolute goldmine for photographers.

There's markets full of color.

People with absolutely amazing faces.

Oldbuildings, architecture.

It's a wonderful place to be.

I'm really sorry I haven't had much time to vlog and show you a lot of what it isthat I'm doing.

But what I have been doing is actually yesterday meeting sometraditional fishermen capturing what it is that they do and I actually set upanother shot away from the tourist place.

Actually trying to get something alittle bit different.

Something I've seen but never quite sure where it is.

But myguide helped me create the shot that I was after.

It's just a shame I couldn'tshow you what it is that I was doing.

In any case what I'm going to do is justwrap up and show you basically here in Hoi An what it is that I'm doing and thenI'll conclude the vlog.

It's probably a short vlog but hopefully you enjoy someof the images that I've done here in Vietnam.

So what am I up to here in HoiAn? Well you can see this is the riverfront here and over there is one ofthe classic shots of the city of Hoi An.

I've got my long lens on.

The 100-400 looking over there and what I'm trying to do is capture the morning light.

I'm waiting for somebody in the traditional hat to go past on a bicycle.

Now I've got one or two people but because it's such an iconicplace people keep stopping in front of the building so I'm having to be patient.

At the moment it's 8 o'clock in the morning and actually sunrise sunset hereis pretty much the same time most days.

I'm just going to be carefully as there'ssomebody going past that I actually want in my shot.




there! So I have my photoso you might be able to see that lady just cycled past in the traditionalVietnamese hat.

I was told what it's called.

I can't remember offhand but there you go that's kind of what it is that I'm doing here.

I've had a goodlook around the city trying to find thingsand just going from there really.

I'll just conclude the vlog.

Tell you what'sgoing to be happening with all the images from here and what's coming up next.

It is starting to get a bit hot here inthe morning already.

It's probably about 30° and as you can see I do have my owntraditional Vietnamese hat.

Why? It's extremely practical in this place.

You don't really need to put your sunglasses on but it helps protect you from the suncertainly on the back of your neck as well when you're walking around thisplace.

In any case what's going on with all of this imagery? Well in about ayear's time I should be coming back here running a photography workshop.

I'vebeen working with somebody called Ciao travel who are my fixer here and mysponsor.

They brought me here to Vietnam to capture daily life so from therewe're going to be putting together a photography tour of around Hoi An; Hanoi;up in the northern parts around some places not necessarily a lot of touristsgo but you'll see from some of the imagery that's going to be in this vlogand has been in this vlog what's been going on and the type of thing you couldexpect.

Certainly this place is both landscape and a lot of travelportraiture.

I've been concentrating on probably I guess more on the travelportraiture when I've been here just because it's such a goldmine for thatkind of stuff but in any case hopefully you've enjoyed what it is that I've beendoing.

Sorry it's probably the shortest one of my shorter vlogs but in any casesee you next time maybe in Romania and Moldova.

Until then, take care ofyourselves and see you soon!.

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