Learn Some Money-Saving Tips During Travel & Adventure Show

those of you at deeper snow will be colder 41 tomorrow 48 Monday look at Tuesday the double nickels 55 will do some melting in the week ahead hey this weekend here in Denver you can get caught up and close and personal with things you've seen on the Internet

yeah it's the travel and adventure show it really brings things to life for you at the Colorado Convention Center floor joining us this morning we have CBS travel editor Peter Greenberg thank you so much for waking up with us so happy to have the snow we appreciate that

and show like this one what kind of suggestions you have for folks planning a trip well it's how they plan we all know people love to travel it's the largest industry in the world but if you're gonna plan a trip and I'm yet everybody makes the same mistake

you guys do it too yeah you go on the internet and you go online and you think you've like scored a homerun you haven't even gotten to first base because only 52% of the inventory is online it's only what the travel providers want to show you so I'm

gonna walk people through the fine art of the conversation how you actually have to get on the phone before you ever hit those keystrokes and find out what's really out there because when you get on that phone and you talk to those people whether it's a travel agent

or the airline what they're looking at on their screen is not what you're looking at on your screen because you've disenfranchised yourself from 48% of what's out there so lots of secrets to divulge today so some of those secrets you're gonna give us some ideas on how we

can beat the system doing that with hotel and airline companies what do consumers need to know to save well first of all it's a buyer's market now which is the good thing fuel prices haven't spiked we have a lot more airlines coming in a lot more seats and

a lot more seats going overseas so right now it's no longer seasonal there are airfare sales all year round because they can't fill the seats by the way that's not just Airlines that's cruise ships as well every shipyard in the world is operating at 100% capacity now producing

ships of every pedigree and size and that means a lot more a lot more space to fill so if you ask the right questions it's not just the rate that's what I got to keep drilling it's the value right well I'll get you all get driven by how

much is gonna cost no how much is it worth so you got to ask those questions can my kids stay free can they eat free will you throw in free parking when you get rid of that dreaded resort fee right that's not gonna happen on the so don't

just get seduced by the rate get on the phone and have a conversation and be ready for that conversation oh you better to him I'll walk everybody through it no well we also understand that you have a upcoming special premiering in April Poland the Royal tour I've been

doing this series for 18 years now where I go to individual sitting heads of state Kings presidents prime ministers and I actually get the impossible I get them to give me six days of their schedule completely free we send their Ministry of Tourism home think Thelma and Louise

but a happier ending and and then it's two guys on a road trip right and they're gonna end they have no editorial control you're gonna see the way they see it and so we've done everything from Israel to the Middle East to Jamaica New Zealand these are all

with the heads of state this year it's the prime minister of Poland a country that most people have never seen and when they did see it like I did when I was growing up it was like in black and white right you're gonna see a completely different country

and so how can folks watch this check your local listings on your on your local PBS affiliate it starts airing on the 22nd of April all right Peter Greenberg always a pleasure thank you for joining us this morning we got the travel and adventure show that runs today

and tomorrow at the Colorado Convention Center so stop by and figure out that script that you need to make that good phone call and get great deal yeah I'll be there today and tomorrow awesome we'll be right back

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