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Hey YouTube World! It’s me, Evelyn.

♬ Plays “Little Einsteins” Theme Song Trap Remix ♬ We’re going on a trip in our favorite rocketship.

Moving through the sky! Ahhh!!! Ahhh!!! Little Einsteins! [slaps face] I’m going to Thailand and if you can swingit, I would like for you to join me.

In Thailand.

With me.


Which is in Asia.

With me.

In Thail— Blessings keep falling in my lap like Chancehad said.

But let me tell you what happened.

Let me [makes reversing sound] flip it andreverse it.

Hey YouTube World! It's me, Evelyn.

I am a #MagicalBlackGirl in Austin, Texas.

A Youtuber, who creates comedy videos? Storytelling? I mean, cultural commentary, really.

Sometimes I just taste things and talk about it, um.



I got my start making Youtube videos aboutnatural hair because that’s what you did when you were a black girl making Youtubevideos in 2009.

I mean, unless you was Glozell.

No matter what I've talked about, my goalwith this whole YouTube thing over the years has stayed the same.

I want to make people laugh, give them a littlebit of joy, make them think, make them feel better about themselves.

I talk about the things that matter to me.


Black Lives.

Ok now that my Internet Cousins are over theshock of me posting a video finally.

And the people who are new to my channel knowa little bit about me, this is where Chloe comes in.

She is a #MagicalBlackGirl — check — whois the founder of One Love Travel Club.

Basically, she organizes trips all aroundthe world for people to participate in.

The most recent trip was hosted by MiniMarleyhere on YouTube.

[whispers]South Africa! Her goal in general for One Love Travel Clubis to break barriers and expose people to new cultures.

Things that I'm down with, okay, that I'mdown for! And I think just by way of you watching myAfrican shenanigans on YouTube, I know you're down for new cultures.

I have people saying [African accent] “If you just be yourself.



” [laughs] Inside joke.

Only my cousins would get it.

I’m hosting a One Love Travel Club tripto northern Thailand this year November 20 through the 28.


I’m doing it by myself.

This is a joint host situation.



and Jouelzyis coming too.

We’ll have group adventures as One LoveTravel Club and everything's already planned out.

Come closer.

Come to my face.

Come closer.

Fam, we finna zip line through the jungle, okay? Ride scooters through Bangok, okay? Eat all of the curried things.

And monks will be involved.

[whispers] Monks! Jouelzy and I are also going to host a jointworkshop during this trip.

I been talking to her and we decided we'regonna talk about how to balance being woke with being happy.

Hashtag don't kill my vibe.

Hashtag stop shooting us though.



I love traveling.

I love trips.

Whether it’s in Texas, like I've shown youin my own area with Hallease.

Or, I took you with me to South Korea when I visitedDoyin.

Which reminds me.

The cost.

Okay, so if this is something you are seriousabout, and you want to come to Thailand with me in November.

Late November, okay? You're gonna miss Thanksgiving, but what isThanksgiving anyway.

The only Christopher we acknowledge is Wallace.

This is my formal invitation.

This is how much it costs for a single occupancyroom.

And then this is the cost of a double occupancyroom.

To secure your spot on this trip costs $400.

The complete informations, okay, includingthe payment plan schedule is on the One Love Travel Club website www.


club! Let this be your first major internationaltrip.

Come hang out with me in a new world — in a [sings Aladdin Whole New World] ♬ whole new world!♬ We can– we can— we can go.

If you wanna go, let's go! Space is limited, so make your deposit assoon as you can.

And in the mean time and in between time, I'm going to work on and manifest, you know what I'm saying, attract, if you will, a wayfor just like as someone has sponsored me? I'm gonna try and figure out a way to sponsorsomebody else.

In the video description box, I will havea link to a form.

Please fill out that form if you cannot affordtravel.

I'm not talking 'bout you just don't budgetyour money wisely.

I can't make any promises, but I'm sayingGod helps those who get the ball rolling on they own or whatever the Bible said.

I’m hype.

I hope you’re hype.

I will see you in Thailand in November.

But before then, on the Internet somewhere.


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