Life In Cambodian Village, INSANE Adventure – Is Siem Reap Beautiful? 🇰🇭

So we're really hoping that this is actually gonna work as a gibbon is there they just got on the radio and the gibbon is actually at the office just Go to the office.

I Guess so we had the chance to have a deep conversation with some local Cambodians who took us around the local night scene and Samri he told us that the town itself you will mainly see Chinese running businesses while The local Cambodians who originally lived here in summary moved to the countryside to find.

Peace Okay, so we're going to do something a little bit different We're gonna do an eco adventure tour, which is a combination of a bunch of different things but we're going to take you along with us today and show you what else there is to do other than just Now you go morning James Cambodia is popular destination among Chinese So he was actually just telling us it stopped at the gate on the way in to the actual eco park and he was telling us that like Six months out of the year that SCIM reef itself is brown and then for the other six months It's green and it's actually rainy season for six months and dry season for six months So we happen to be here at the right time I can't believe a place like this It's all the way in the middle of the jungle It's pretty far it's pretty far.

That's why you are late Thank you, yeah and have some juice for you always good But it's all Ross a lot.

Use it is sweet inside Yeah, that's my favorite juice My smells so good.

What do you guys put in this So they had two Givens originally and then now after the two Gibbons they had actually had a baby So now there's like four I believe He's very convenient that you just attached Them via SIP lining in the unified I thought to myself That I gonna lost my flip-flop.

I have the feeling I Actually lost her flip-flop on the honeymoon.

I Feel so bad for him No, that's somebody coming on the zip line No, no, I awesome they only I walked through this since then things are big So we're really hoping that this is actually gonna work because the given is there They just got on the radio and the giving us actually at the office.

So Just go to the office So it's really not a long walk it's only oh there's the given oh It's only like about five minutes, but the given is actually in the tree above the building.

Oh, it's so cool Oh For you Well, they take the eggs And one nearby our office there plenty of food so they like Oh Todd he's stared at himself in the mirror Look at he's just trying to kiss himself Though they'd given was kissing himself in the mirror So he actually didn't have the chance to eat any breakfast, yeah because I woke up late We woke up at like 6:00 and we had to meet at like 7 o'clock So we're gonna go get something to eat real quick.

And then we got a big surprise for you tonight we've never done anything like this at Asia and I am so excited because it's right up my alley and Exactly what I love doing Morning glory and Berlin our booth, um Look like so it looks so happy looks so good And then what is this? I'm not bouncing chicken curry It was so incredible, and I'm so full and now I need to go into food coma Alright guys, so Yesterday didn't really go as planned.

We kind of got hit with like a huge rainstorm So we ended up having to reschedule and coming back in the morning.

So it's currently 7 o'clock in the morning It's 7:30 and we have to meet there at 8:00.

So we're gonna get on the road beautiful skies today clear weather so hopefully things go Smooth and we don't get rain, but hopefully there is still mud because that kind of makes it more fun And in Cambodia normally when it's come to rainy seasons it doesn't rain in the morning So the tips when you come to Cambodia in rainy seasons if you really have no choice Then you have to plan every activities in the morning All right guys, so we're on our way out to the rural side countryside in summary, and it's really nice Get really green dirt road.

I'm so excited.

This is about to be so much fun honestly four-wheel is the way to go because some roads are so wet and slippery and dirt that if you're on a scooter with without like an off-road tire it would become really slippery and it really wouldn't be as enjoyable as It is with the dirt biker four-wheeler being here in Cambodia for that exact reason I think that riding the four-wheelers and dirt bikes is a must it's something you really got to do Okay She's really along but really really fun and we got to see a whole different side of Cambodia that you know You really wouldn't be able to see that far out unless you just get on a motorbike and go Ever so much fun.

I can't believe that I do this, right? This is a great feeling Bitch Well, can I see it The meaningless scene I have seen before but catch it I Don't know it's a toad or frog dog, that's the biggest frog I ever seen in my entire life Sophie How is there warm You catch a lot out of there a lot We just come today our free time That's like your hobby.

Yeah, I watch TV fish You guys wish you died on first I live like this in America, I don't think Like freshwater lakes and stuff No, not yet What is the one thing? That's so very nice blessed We keep a lot of birds and anymore Do me go under fish with them Yeah, right.

Oh, What a frog now Entirely safe Allah Yeah, is that what can we do in love eating Cobian frog After resting and hanging out with the locals for a while We continue down the road and go deeper into the world community where we spa most the original Cambodian houses that are actually on stilts During the day the house function is large.

Umbrellas Working and life go on the ground level while the upper floor is where they use as a bedroom As if like a living Yeah, but now dole so people can the upper Florida Reza But is a bedroom so it's like that riding through the temple That's crazy they take you through like the temporary here No, we take you through the temple area and you got long to walking around just riding through the temple on a four-wheeler Boy I always bring a quick snack for the ride you never know when you're traveling and you do that I always pack like sandwiches like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or hard-boiled eggs Great filler and great source of protein because you never know when you're going to run into something to eat Now we are running to beacon you wanna check out the market So we're only like halfway in so it's like to another two hours to get back but we're like over 35 kilometres from cymryd, so we're pretty far from simmering right? I didn't think that I was actually so fun that I totally dominated.

Yeah, I mean I completely forgot about time and distance.

I just kind of kept right The rural countryside out here is beautiful the kids are so Unbelievably friendly once a year one house saying hello Like the rest of the kids and the other houses will realize that they're all saying hello.

So there's like a whole line of kids With one house after another after another and they all just want a high five example It's like the hello train It was great all until the end when Tom got a little loosey-goosey So my birthday we were hiking active volcanoes that were about to erupt And then for Todd's birthday were watching the Sun rise over a little bit different.

Yeah I think this one's a little safer definitely this like it's just a thing that people say if you come to Cambodia you have to Thank you, or even once in a lifetime You have to see uncle like there's somebody gonna say that.

I don't know I really make famous people and say something like you have to deceive a lot once in a lifetime Like we got picked up at 4:30.

Yeah We arrived at the ticket counter at about 5:00 a.


In the morning Yeah, so many people there already is so crazy There's so many people come to India for this specific reason Unreal what's the name of it? Oh I don't know if I speak that correctly taka So you notice here and that anchor WA all the statues most of them are missing heads but there's a reason for that is the.

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