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If you watch my videos or ifyou follow me on Instagram, you will know that I havebeen living in Phuket for the last threemonths and lemme tell ya, right off the bat, there are going to be somany more pros than cons, I love Phuket so much.

Riley and I are going tobe traveling indefinitely throughout Asia, there are somany places that I want to see and explore and I tend notto return to the same places over and over again, I justwanna come back to Phuket, I really love it here.

By the way I'm not hereright now, we're in Bangkok, we're about to go toChiang Mai for Christmas which I'm so excited for.

There will be elephants, there will be markets, there will be a beautiful national park.

But I'm probably gonna keep saying here because mentally, we're still in Phuket and we're going backthere in a week, you know.

Before I get into this I'm gonna give you alittle bit of a background about where in Phuket we are and the things that we are there to do and what we like to do, if that makes sense.

So I think a lot of peoplewhen they think of Phuket, they either think oflike deserted beaches, which is definitely a part of it, and also Patong.

Patong is the big party area, there are really cheap drinks, there's a lot of music, there's a lot of s3x tourism that goes on there, which I don't think I'm gonna make a video about that right now.

So there's that side ofPhuket and then there's also the Old Town which is wherewe're a lot closer to.

We've been staying at theBase Heights in Phuket which has been incredible.

This place is gorgeous, it has a rooftop pool, got a gorgeous studio-esque apartment.

Would highly recommend.

But yeah, our vibe ismore like go to cafes, I like editing my videos in cafes, I'm very much a schemey and a creative gal and so I love to work in cafes, that's just where my brain works best.

Some people prefer libraries, some people prefer co-working spaces, I'm a cafe gal.

So off the back of that, the first thing I love about Phuket is cafe culture which isnot something I expected that much at all.

We didn't even pick our place due to its proximity to good cafes and we ended up with awonderful place across the road called Summer Housewhich I am obsessed with.

If you're in Phuket, especiallyif you're in that area, go to Summer House, they'vegot really good coffee.

One thing I've learned, if youdon't have dairy by the way, is almond milk in Thailandis a lot better than soymilk.

And normally in Australia, I'm a iced soy latte gal and over here I'm a icedalmond milk latte gal because their almond milk isa lot nuttier and creamier and their soymilk hassuch a stronger taste.

In Australia soymilk is quitetasteless, it's pretty bland.

Over here it definitelyhas a signature taste.

Can't comment on the real milk 'cause your girl doesn't do dairy.

But yeah, there are somany nice cafes to work in.

Summer House I mentioned, wonderful staff, really cheap.

There's another one calledWe Cafe really close by which grow their ownlettuce for their salads and their salads are actually very good.

But anywhere we go, whenwe've gone into the Old Town there was Tent, there was The Vegan Table, I think it was called, there's Glass House, there are just so so many cafes that you can go into, they've got WiFi, they've got good coffee, they've got really cheap prices and the staff are so friendly, that they don't mind ifyou're going in there to grab a smoothie or if you'regonna sit down for the day and have like 101 coffees.

So yeah, massively unexpected but love the cafe culture in Phuket.

The next pro is the beaches, they are so so beautiful, Idon't need to tell you this, I'm just gonna steal someone's drone shots for this part of the video so you can see how gorgeous they here, because I just filmeverything with my iPhone.

Stunning beaches, shouldn't be explained.

The other thing I really love is the day trips out of Phuket.

So we went to Phi Phi Island, which.



Were we hospitalized and spent most of thetime in the hospital? Yes, but even that didn't stop me from marveling at howbeautiful Phi Phi Island is.

Mostly because my hospitalhad an actual view of the ocean from my hospital bed.

If you haven't seen my videoabout getting hospitalized on Phi Phi Island, go check it out, it was quite the journey.

Liam and I are alsoplanning a trip to Khao Sok, by the time this video goes up, we've probably already gone on the trip.

And by the time I'm filming this, which is right now, wehaven't gone on the trip, but I'm so excited for Khao Sok.

(gibbons singing) You can go to Krabi Island, you can go to Koh Samui.

There are so many beautiful day trips you can do from Phuket.

Or even if you just wannago for a night or two, 10 out of 10 would recommend.

Another pro is the cost of living.

I don't think it's a surprise to anyone that the cost of living inThailand is a lot cheaper than many other parts of the world but even in other parts of Asia.

Phuket is a very touristy area, so I know a lot of people saythat it's a lot more expensive than less touristy or lesspopulated areas of Thailand.

True, but it's still very affordable.

For what it's worth, just somequick off the top of my head, an iced almond milklatte is around 60 Baht, which is.

Girl, we're gonna getyou some numbers here, you're so welcome.

It's less than two American dollars for an iced almond milk latte.

Our rent comes in at under $400 a month, we're renting through Airbnb, which, by the way, a con of traveling throughoutThailand in general, it's actually illegal to doshort term rentals in Thailand, it's something to do with the regulation of short term rentals versus hotels.

You're not legally allowedto stay in an Airbnb for under a month.

And so everywhere you go, there are will be a massive, massive sign saying, “You can only rent herefor minimum one month, ” or, “This is not allowedfor day or week stays.

” But that is something to look out for, if you're using Airbnb, just be cautious and talk to your host as well because there could bechanges to the law coming up, I'm not pretending to be a legal channel, but that's a con.

On cost of living, thebus also costs 15 Baht, which is 50 US cents.

We would get food delivery a lot which, by the way, FoodPanda is the deliveryservice over here and it's free.

We did a lot of research on figuring out how they're even making money, turns out it's by ads.

But like, it's a curse, I have ordered just amango smoothie to my house, which would cost around 50 Baht, so less than two Australian dollars and I shouldn't be allowed to do that.

But having your full meal delivered to you will only really set you back like max $4 for a full meal with, if you're meat person, meat, veg, rice.

If you're ordering ramen.

We love a good stir fry in our household, we're very big on stir fry and pad thai.

Everywhere the pad thai costs us 50 Baht which is around 1.

60 USdollars and it is so delicious.

So yeah, cost of living, very very affordable.

If you're interested inmore cost of living stuff, I do have a tips highlight on my Instagram where I have just shared a lot of the time where I've gone about my day.

If I've got food, if I've caught the bus, if I've done anything that costs money, I'd always share it and Iput it into my tips section.

So feel free to check that out if you're curious about thecost of how everything is.

“Cost of how everything is”, nailed it.

(chef's kiss) Great sentence.

One con off the back ofmeals and delivery services, is there aren't that manyveggie options in Phuket.

If you go into the Old Town, you can definitely find a lot of vegan restaurants, but I haven't found asmany veggie options, as I did when I was in Bangkok.

But also at the same time, it's not impossible.

A lot of the time I justordered the thing that has meat and then write in Thai, “nomeat please, I'm vegetarian, please add more vegetablesor please add tofu”.

So you're not going tostarve but sometimes you might a little more variety.

I've definitely gottento that point a few times because I'm vegan andafter a while you're like, “Oh, mixed vegetables andtofu and rice, again.

” – It's a avocado.


– Another pro to backthat up is the people.

The people are so nice.

I know I've already toldyou guys about Summer House, but there's a woman who works there and I'm obsessed with her.

We're at the stage whereif I walk into the cafe, she sees me and shejust holds up one finger and I nod, and then beforeI've set up my laptop, there's already an icedalmond milk latte on my table.

And even the cafes that wego to way less regularly than Summer House.

Summer House is literally across the road, I cannot express how convenient it is.

But even the places that wego to a bit less regularly, because we do like to mix it up a little, even those wait staffwill remember who we are.

Again, it probably helpsthat Riley is 10 feet tall.

And I don't think theyhave many white people going in regularly that they're like, “Oh, this is the same one again.

” Everyone we've met has beensuper nice and super friendly.

Thai people in general are just very.



they love a smile, they lovecalling you “my friend”, they're always happy to help out and no complaints about the people.

A con is Grab which isessentially Thailand's Uber.

Costs minimum 300 Baht to get anywhere which is around 15 Australian dollars, 12 US dollars roughly, why? I don't understand it.

I don't have a license soI can't ride a motorbike, again, I know that's my fault, I get that, and I know that's the mainmode of transportation.

But in Bangkok, and we'reabout to head to Vietnam, we've look it up there as well, there's no minimum.

Justmakes it really difficult if you aren't good atthe public transport, which now we are, but if you weren't, it could be tricky.

So definitely recommendgetting a motorbike, I don't ride motorbikes and Riley and Liam both don'twant to ride with me on it because it's not just their life that they're responsiblefor then, it's mine as well, and we're all like, ugh.

So we have been just gettingpublic transport around but yeah, 300 Baht minimumfor a Grab is very.



By comparison, it costsaround six US dollars to get a Grab for 30 minutes in Bangkok, so it's a definite jump, which is probably because of, and let's be realistic, is my other con, I know how I sound sayingit, but the tourists.

And this is not a gripe at every tourist, it's just a specific type of tourist that goes to Phuket.

They're also the kind oftourist that go to Kuta in Bali.

In the UK it's the kind oftourist that goes to Ibiza.

You know? That kind of tourist.

They're not my kind of people, but also like, I'm also a goshdang white tourist in Phuket so I'm not gonna be like, “Wow! The worst thing” 'cause I can see me.

Another con is Patong, is just the hell that I expected it to be.

We only went there very briefly because we went to a beach nearby, and then we were like, “Hey let's just wander throughPatong and check it out.

” I still don't know whatLiam and I are gonna do for New Years.

I know this is going out after New Years, so sorry for pondering this now but we want to go out, we wantto be where the people are, but I don't want to be in Patong.

There were police sirens because tourists werejust getting too trashy and we were there at 5:30 p.


People were very drunk.

The prices have hiked, just going past all the little stalls, We noticed it was moreexpensive than it was in the area that we were in.

There's a lot of s3x tourism there which, in Thailand, canbe a bit of an issue because a lot of its from s3x trafficking.

And a lot of the men thatyou would expect to be in an area that has a lotof s3x tourism were there.

But that's Patong, that's what you get when you go there.

And the final, plus the final pro on this beautiful little list of mine is the weather.

And lemme tell ya, I'm not a humid gal, I do not like humidity becauseI.



I just sweat so much.

She's a sweaty gal, what you gonna do? But I didn't expect to not just survive, but actually love theweather in Phuket so much.

I think the reason I like it is because it is nice and warm every day, you don't have to bundle up.

Which if you're new and youdon't know this about me, I love cold weather, that is my favorite.

Snow and storms, are just, ooft, my absolute favorite thing.

So this isn't coming from someonewho has to be on the beach or loves a summer getaway, that's not my vibe.

In my experience, it'sless humid than Bangkok, although we might just have come at different times of the year, I don't know, meteorologists, pleasedon't hold me to that.

But then they get massive, massive storms and I love a good storm and it just pours with rain.

And yes it's unfortunate the time that it happens whenyou're walking half an hour into the Old Town to go to a market.

But in general, love a good storm.

So the weather is a pro for me, not just because it's nice and warm, but also when it poursand rains and storms.

Also the rooftop pool in our apartment is so nice when it rainsbecause no one's up there.

I'm gonna get wet anywayso I'll just go for a swim and do some laps in the rain.

But yes, those are mythoughts on living in Phuket.

In short, love it, love it, love it, would recommend.

Obviously understand I'm ina massive place of privilege being able to do that.

I'm not just being like, “Um, go and pick up your life “and ignore your responsibilities, ” I know that it's not that easy, and I specifically.



ewent on our own journey to figure out a way to makethis life work for myself, but I know the role thatprivilege and luck had in that.

But if you're consideringstaying in Phuket or living in Phuket, Icould not recommend it more, it's just really beautiful there, it's so beautiful, it's so relaxing, it's just so chilled out.

The moment I got there, I was just like, (exhales), which, to be fair, I was coming from Bangkok which is one of the mostchaotic cities, but love it.

Okay, thank you guys so muchfor watching this video, if you haven't yet subscribed, and also follow me on Instagramif you wanna see photos from Phuket and all of ourother travels throughout Asia.

And also we are nowheading to Ho Chi Minh, which we will be in but thetime this video goes live.

So if there's any kind ofcontent you want to see from Saigon or Vietnam, please let me know.

By the way, if you are from Vietnam, is it Saigon, or Ho Chi Minh? Because the impression I'm getting is that it's officially Ho Chi Minh, but people say Saigon.

I would love to know.

Anyway, follow me on Instagram to keep with up with all of that.

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