Long Term Travel in 2020: My Budget in Thailand and Ideas on Traveling for CHEAP

Hello my friends! My name is Niki, andthis year I'm traveling the world on a budget.

On a very tight budget.

At themoment I'm staying in Chiang Mai and I'm about to show you an average day from my journey.

Let's go! Chiang Mai is the largest city in northernThailand, and it's the land where any kind of traveler can find somethinginteresting to see and to do.

Even a traveler like me with an average dailybudget less than 10 US dollars.

“You should plan to spend around $67 per day on your vacation in Thailand” Why do they say that.



I don'twant to plan 67 dollars a day in Thailand! That's my entire budget for aweek or even longer.

To be honest, I don't really have a choice.

In exchange fortraveling long term I gave up some level of comfort and lowered my budgetintensely.

But good news is that traveling can cost as much or as littleas you want it to be! This is morning here in Chiang Mai and I'm about to have abreakfast.

I'm staying at a very cheap hostel, one hundred baht pernight.

And I share a room with five other people.

That's ok.

Most of time when I'mstaying at hostel I spend at this wonderful riverfront garden.

And I'mgoing to have a breakfast here today.

Just some chocolate muesli, and a cup ofcoffee.

Here's one thing about traveling on abudget.

I have a lot of time.



no, not like this.

Have A LOT of time and that's mymain resource that I spent instead of money.

Let me explain.

Today I'm going to visit one of the temples in the old city, it's about threekilometers away from my hostel.

I have a choice: I can take a $3 taxi, $1bus or I can walk there for free.

And you can see what I am doing now – spendingmore time for spending less money.

Or another example, my friend Anna Maria doesn't spend any money for accommodation.

She spends a couple ofhours a day for painting the walls at a hostel where she stays.

I think it's areally good deal for somebody who likes painting and traveling on a budget! I'm going to Chedi Luang Temple, just 10minutes in that direction.

I think it's totally worth the money Ipaid.

Getting hungry now, I am going to have a lunch and maybe find a coffeestore after that.

Street food might be very cheap in Thailand.

Just 25 baht for noodlesand I'm sure it will be delicious.

Not bad! Very fresh and quite spicy.

I'm staying at one of the trendiest placesin Chiang Mai – Nimman area.

I made quite a long way to here.

I walked from my hostelto this place.

Another thing about traveling on abudget is to know what you spend your money on.

As for me I spent as less as Ican for accommodation and transportation.

I'm ready to sleep at the cheapestplaces, walk a lot and use public transportation.

Do everything to save onemore dollar for the stuff that I really want – new experiences.

Such as going toa fancy rooftop bar in Bangkok, or diving in Koh Tao, or having a nice glass ofwine with girl I like.

That was the best Pad Thai this year!Tasty but very expensive.

I often go over budget in my trips trying somethinginteresting or something delicious, and then just have a couple of simple daysafter the day when I went over budget.

Let's say if today I spend $50dollars, the next week I'll spend $4-5-6 dollars a day, and after all inaverage I'll spend about ten dollars a day.

Which is completely fine for me.

I walked really far today! That's Chiang Mai University behind me, and the mountainsright here! It's so far from my hostel, but made it till here today! It's a very nice place to recap the ideas of this video.

First of all, I wanted to say thattravelling can cost as much or as little as you want it to be.

And to make it realyou need to be in control of your money, and you need to know for sure whatyou're going to spend money on and what not.

If one day you go over budget – it'sokay.

But try to balance the things next day, and spend less.

And at last, when you travel long term, time and money areinterchangeable resources.

It may be hard to understand at first, but I tell youthat it is.

It's a big idea which I'm going to explain in details in my nextvideos.

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