Longest Travel Day WE'VE EVER HAD 😳 Long Haul Flight from Melbourne to LAS VEGAS!

Good morning adventurers Good morning! We got out and Took a train over to the train station, the main train station here in Melbourne, and we just dropped off our bags Little slenders Yeah, we're gonna leave them here for a while because we have some time to kill in the city before we up our flight Series of flights over to Las Vegas.

Yeah our flight tonight doesn't leave till 6:30.

So we go Melbourne to Sydney To Honolulu to Las Vegas.

It's gonna be accounted up with transportation times It's gonna be a little over 24 hours of travel It's gonna be brutal you guys but it was the most efficient and affordable way to get It really was Back over to the states But I think the plan now is we're going to go head to a little cafe.

Get some brunch get some work done Let's chew on the city One last delicious Melbourne brunch.

I cannot wait.

Let's do it.

We found a little cafe called Amble cafe It looks pretty fancy, but the prices are actually fairly affordable.

Got myself a delicious cappuccino We've been getting iced drinks everywhere we go just 'coz it's been warm, but now that it's getting cool out I'm switching to hot drinks because we're about to go to Vegas and I'm not gonna want a hot drink again And then to Mexico, and then to Columbia It's gonna be ho-ho-hot! For a while But most importantly we ordered a very very delicious meal that is about to come.

It is.



what is it called again? Their.



? Feel-good bowl.

I think.

So what does a “feel-good bowl” consist of is the question.

You'll just have to wait and see This is so fancy.

I was not quite expecting it.

This looks like a gourmet meal.


Wow Could you imagine if I tried to make this for us, what would it look like? It would look just like this.



better! Aww, that's very sweet of you but this is fantastic, I am so excited.

We made the best decision I maintain.

We have all kind of cheeky piece of salmon It's kind of small, but it's got this crispy skin on there some rice and quinoa mix, like half of an avocado Which is great.

I think it's uh, some pickled cabbage, a little salad, some sprouts.

Is that Tahiti? Is that what it was? Something like that.

Yeah, there's even some there's a there's oranges down in there somehow It's nice to have a breakfast like this every once in a while so we can just not feel like we're making bad decisions I imagine we're gonna be eating some pretty terrible food today on the flight.

So starting the day healthy and feeling good Holy cow you guys this is so friggin delicious I was really not expecting that much but the salmon is really flavorful super tasty.

Very simple It's got this crispy skin on the outside.

That's just got that grilled charred kind of taste to it, which is great Avocado is super fresh.

Everything in here is really fresh.

You've got these little pickled bits over here The only thing I don't love is the sprouts just because you know sprouts aren't for everybody but I like them when they're cooked in Like a soup or something like that, but wow This has completely blown me away and it was under 20 AUD which I'm surprised by 'coz usually stuff like this is kind of getting up there, but yeah, it was only like 18? 18 or something.

That's again pretty good, especially with salmon and all the fresh greens Yeah We're just having one final stroll near the river and we found this cool contraption.

I think it catches debris in the river It says: If it's on the street, it ends up in the river.

Keep the Yarra River clean.

Bin your litter, but that's cool But that's cool.

So, I guess The water just flows through and this catches a good bit of it So you can see it's full of a bunch of plastic and trash and stuff.

That's really neat You guys didn't already know on patreon at a certain tier We send you hand written postcards from various countries once a month and I think Australia is a pretty good country to send them from and they have some Pretty decent maybe the most decent postcard selection we've seen.

Most of them I wanted to get them earlier in the trip, but they've been Like terrible even by our standards and we like pretty tacky ones.

Well, we got some good ones here I like these ones.

These are pretty classy.

This one's about as classy as it gets.

I'm sorry But we will have a link down below to our patreon page So if you want to become a patreon you can sign up and we can send you cute and fun little postcards I think we have killed all the time we need to kill here in Melbourne We've just been shopping went to a bunch of camera stores She's looking for some new outfits Yeah, I have some casualties along the way Buttons falling off the bridge breaking and stuff.

So, looking to replace a few items, no luck today though.

Maybe tomorrow but We are going to grab our bags, head to the airport, should be a straight bus ride there They're expensive bus right go straight bus, right? We will see you there So we're about to go catch a series of trains and buses to get to the airport But I just looked in the Uber app and it is barely more expensive.

Oh, where did it go? It's saying it's only 51 total for the both of us to take an uber and doing the bus would be 40 so 10 AUD is only like 7 USD.

It might be worth it Made it to the airport Had one of probably the most interesting Uber drivers we ever had.

He was asking us all these questions and then told us that he was an actor and He just kind of does Uber on the side between roles, I guess in between coaching people But he was in all sorts of movies.

He was in Saving Mr.

Banks, that movie with Tom Hanks.

He's in Sons of Anarchy.

Yeah, and all kinds of stuff.

It was really cool Very nice guy.

It was really fun to chat with him.

Well I guess we're kinda similar 'coz we're on camera But we're definitely not actors.

Definitely not.

Anyways, we are going to be flying Virgin for our first flight over to Sydney So we have to.



are we checking our bags? I think we're gonna try.


Let's do it.

We still have about an hour until our flight takes off.

We're both very hungry We really wanted Thub, but there's hardly any options in this terminal which is really sad so we ended up with this What'd you get like a little vegetable? Yeah, roasted vegetables inside of that.

Whoa, it's really hot, geez.

Yeah, and then I just got roasted vegetables But I just did some googling and apparently in our layover in Sydney, we should have many options So we're just having this is gonna be our little pre-dinner snack, I guess until we get there But we're gonna down this and then our plane should start boarding pretty soon Kindly take your assigned seat lower your arm end and observe the no smoking and fasten seatbelt sign Flight number one down We are in Sydney, but we were just saying how we both feel like.


We both feel very tired already I think it's already been an overnight flight.

Yeah, I was donk down on that plane ride too so I think we're gonna get pretty loopy by the end of this video So we have a 10-hour flight max and then like a four-hour layover Honolulu and then a five-hour flight to Vegas This is gonna be brutal.

It's gonna be like 11 p.

m When we land in Vegas and it's gonna be- No midnight.

Oh geez.

I don't think we're gonna have the patience for the people of Vegas at that point.

We're probably gonna want to go right to bed But for now, we are going to get that food that we were mentioning earlier Remember “the happy adventurers” I don't think we'll be so happy in a bit I've got some bad news you guys our bus driver took forever to take us to the International Terminal and then we went through border control and Allison's passport won't scan through the automatic scanner thingy so they made her go to some other place.

We got separated I don't know where the heck she is and our plane is boarding right now So hopefully I find her and our gate is closed by wherever we end up meeting up That was maybe the worst experience I've had going through security.

My passport wouldn't scan so they made me go somewhere else There are all these Families in front of me and then all these people will check in through and then I just have to stand there forever Every single person wanted to make small talk with me.

Why? I'm trying to run through and then I get to the security part And then they call me over for a random check.

I'm sure oh Man, this sucks.

We were really trying to get to these restaurants I don't even know if we're going the right way, but they close in eight minutes Did you tell them how long it took us to get over here? Well, I told them about the bus ride Forty-five minutes to get from one terminal to another and then another thirty minutes for me to get my passport checked It's not good, not good guys This is stupid.

This girl's getting angry.

We're pretty much the last people boarding the plane, but we managed to snag some sushi It's not the fall we wanted but it'll be delicious.

Alright, but we're not missing the flight there are still some people in line up here so we're good to go.

I'm not so angry now that we got food She was getting pretty angry though I was really angry.

Very sorry.


Wooh! We're going home, y'all.

Going home.

Everyone keeps asking if we're going home and we're like Kinda.

We're going to the US but we're going to Vegas We are about to eat and look at these little soy sauces we got I love when they put them in the little fishies, it's so good.

Oh, man.

Oh, but I'm so hungry.

I'm shaking.

I know.

I think that's why I got so.



I was just so stressed out and then I was so hungry and I thought everything in that terminal closed at like 9 p.

m And I was like we had like five minutes We did it.

I got salmon spread over here.

I did the combo platter.

I think it's salmon, tuna crab and Katsushika? We officially survived our 10-hour flight.

Eric ended up pulling through it started feeling better a little after takeoff Which is nice Managed to get a little bit of sleep Maybe I don't know we watched a movie and then we tried to snooze for about five hours But it was pretty rough.

Even though we had the two seats to ourselves.

We're both like balled up It's never come full trying to sleep on a plane.

However, I don't know if we're gonna survive this security line I think this is the longest security line in the history of lines.

Yeah, so it goes from here No, it's gotten even bigger back there, but goes all the way up there in and there snakes around up in there I think there's just one little Line to go through.

So luckily our flight is not for a few hours So we're not hurting but it's just annoying.

Yeah after 10 hours You don't want to just stand in a line for another hour Well, we made it through security was not pleasant, but we survived took like an hour Yeah, but luckily we have plenty of time for our flight.

So we're just kind of moseying around trying to find food They don't have a directory that says what the different food options are At least not that we've come across.

So, we're just wandering around.

We think that this is our gate.

Not 100% sure But, it's very lovely out here.

Just chillin', they have these All these like open air walkways at this Airport and it's super breezy.

Yeah, it's cool you get a View of just all the planes so you can just watch everyone do their thing watch the planes taking off and stuff pretty neat But that's enough taking in the warm weather.

We're gonna go eat Well, we tried to get something delicious to eat, but everything was really expensive Eric will not pretend like he's on vacation.

Yeah, and the what sucks, is that when you come to the USA We always forget about the tax and the tip because we've been gone for so long So something 16 USD is a lot to pay for a noodle dish But adding tax and tip on top of that then it's really a lot.

So I just couldn't stomach it So I found the cheapest possible thing.

It was a five dollar Portuguese sausage that I'm munching on I'm sure you're gonna be happy with that decision in about an hour I had to do it I, on the other hand, got the crappiest and cheapest salad I could find Looks delicious $3.

99 See, you think you're saving money, but you're gonna have to get something else pretty soon.

Now we have to pay double.

I'll be good The flight is underway and we are finally being fed But they give us like a hot chicken a pesto sandwich, is that what it is? Something to drink? Sure, yeah, thank you A little bag of Hawaiian chips.

Very appropriate.

I don't know if we said the word flying Hawaiian today.

Oh, yeah Everything's been Hawaiian or at least – operated by Hawaiian.

We also get Aloha Macadamian nut chocolate which we actually tried these last time we came through Hawaii I'm just realizing this trip kind of started in Hawaii and now it ended kind of in Hawaii Pretty appropriate but we've got a Netflix movie that we found randomly that I think it's pretty new.

It's called.



The Silence but it's pretty good so far if you like scary movies It's weird on our last flight all of the movies and entertainment were all free but on this one you have to pay for everything.

Last time we got a complimentary adult beverage This time it's only like water and juice pretty interesting how they all vary.

We still got a few hours left.

So We're gonna watch our movie And we'll be in Vegas before you know it.

We made it that was a long flight For some reason that one felt longer than the first one Oh way longer much because he didn't want to watch the movie that I had downloaded so for the last few hours We were just twiddling at them Yeah, and some kid kept kicking my seat and messing with the headrest and putting his hand on the top of it and all kinds of stuff.

The guys on either end because we were sandwiched in the middle of a four-person row.

They're both asleep I had to pee so bad.

I felt too bad to push him.

So I come to like every time he would move Oh good did his eyes open? Oh my god, it took like an hour before I finally got out of there But anyways, we made it we are here in Las Vegas y'all Oh my God.

Everything hurts.

I'm dead.

I'm so – everything is just so dried out from that flight.

My eyeballs hurt my nose hurts But we are here in Vegas, it's just how we remember it.

We're barely here y'all it is 2:00 a.

m in Vegas, but it is like 7:00 Like 7:00 p.

m back in Melbourne where we left this morning So we have been traveling for well over 24 hours.

Have we done that before? I don't know done this if we've before this might be the longest travel day we've ever done It was brutal Yeah, it really was but it could have been worse.

I mean Nothing really went wrong.

So nothing went too wrong like we had some hiccups here and there but didn't miss any flights We might have a little bit of the jetlag going on.

So I'm feeling like we might wake up early Yeah, I'm actually not that tired.

Normally when we have big travel days we're going from the US To Europe or somewhere like that, and then we have really bad jet lag But um, and I'm always so exhausted by the day, but I'm exhausted but not that tired which is a little concerning Yeah, but we are going to try our best to go right to bed.


Yeah, and then we will be coming at you tomorrow With some fun food stuffs.

We'll keep it a surprise 'coz we're really excited for this video Alright back in the good 'ol US of A.

U-S-A! Goodnight adventurers.

We'll see you on the road.


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