Lufthansa Systems Boardconnect Portable: Enjoy an ultimate travel experience

hi let me introduce you to walter and his wife sarah.

they live in a cozy house near cologne in germany.

both of them are very busy in their jobs.

for a long time water and Sarah have been dreaming about going to the beach for the next vacation after a long day of work they finally found some rest.

walter I need a break let's book a vacation sure where should we go how about spain? yes that sounds good walter fulfilled the dream of his life and finally books the application to Spain I've booked the flight great i'm really looking forward to getting out of here just five minutes later water receives his booking confirmation the confirmation says that the airline now offers a new airline app for check-in and entertainment on board for which he should download the app look at that Sarah they have a new airline app with the new entertainment system can I have your tablet that we can download the app how does that mean I can access movies yes a whole range of features movies music magazines games and I can even read a book the best events in Spain or catch up with the news how do you even have a moving map that's clever after a long day watered his wife get ready for bed while Sarah watches TV Walter text the current content in the air line up for their flight wow they have a massive range of content it looks like they even have your favorite TV show now let me know about quickly while other people are sleeping looked under systems manages to equip a whole fleet 70 aircraft with a new and innovative in-flight entertainment system both connect portable during an overnight stop but back to our story water and Sarah are going to the airport well time so excited I'm so looking forward to this vacation me too and I really want to try out the new entertainment system I've heard so many good things about it it's so cool that we can use our own devices and cause you're such a geek Walter after they have arrived at the airport water and Sarah drop off their luggage and make their way to the gate i'll be happy once we've boarded and i'll be happy once we've arrived at the hotel packing taking the bus for being a bit stressful luckily they can pass quickly through the security tick water receives the push message on his mobile phone from the airliner mentioning that they still have an hour until boarding and that they offer at twenty-five percent discount in the duty free shop a look Sarah airline has a special offer for us i've got twenty-five percent discount voucher crate let's go shopping finally at the gate water takes out his smartphone and checks the news sarah closes finally won their first game in the German Football League accident finally they can board the plane and take their seats ready for takeoff after Walter has taken this seat he takes out his smartphone connect to the Wi-Fi network on board and opens up the board connect that look at that I've always wanted to see that movie but never managed to create create the movie i missed at the cinemark few weeks ago I really fancy that one and look they've just given me a 20 percentage of my favorite online shop this system is even better than I expected that has a nice clean interface and lots of new content and most importantly works really smoothly quickly water took the ticket for the museum his life has been talking about all the time they even after today's newspaper amazing additionally water takes out the hottest bars around their hotel time is passing by so quickly because all the passengers are enjoying the new entertainment system the crew enjoys and nice and relaxing flight Walter and Sarah arrive the next and the work stress is completely gone that was a great flight and yes you were right I really enjoyed the entertainment system and now we can relax for a couple of weeks my vacation started as soon as I turned on the airline app happily they are the hotel and immediately go to the beach in order to watch the sunset this is exactly the kind of vacation I've been dreaming of yes this is really nice and you know what's best when we go home i can use the app again and Sarah I have a surprise for you during the flight i booked tickets for the museum you've been wanting to visit so much.

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