Maddow: Lack Of US National Coronavirus Policy Is Insane. And Fatal. | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

every single one of those states without a stay-at-home order has Corona case numbers coronavirus case numbers that are rising because every state in the country has Corona vise code around a virus case numbers that are rising nobody is exempt nobody's geographically on the sidelines of this it's everywhere case numbers going up everywhere and case numbers rise exponentially because every infected person whether or not they've got symptoms is infecting on average more than one additional person and so if you've got any you're about to have a lot but without a national policy for what we're supposed to do to head off those rising numbers that kind of patchwork is what you get you know maybe the governors who still don't have stay-at-home orders maybe they weren't watching The Today Show today when the Surgeon General accidentally said there was a national stay-at-home order I mean maybe someday that'll become official other some somewhere other than in a single interview on a single TV show by a single official apparently speaking on his own behalf which some states nevertheless decided to interpret as our federal government's new policy I mean it's just insane at this point it's insane at this point you look at the other countries in the world that have outbreaks as bad as us well actually we stand alone you look at other countries in the world who have had terrible outbreaks at least they've got a national policy it's insane it's fatal it's insane in terms of policy and leadership and ethics it's also insane in terms of how grossly mismanaged the federal government's piece of this already is there's no national policy but at least there is some stuff they're supposed to be running but look how they're handling that CNN first report last night that the Pentagon's offer of 2, 000 ventilators that they were going to make available for civilian use and more than a dozen certified lamps that they were gonna make available for civilian use for processing coronavirus test results those office offers made more than a couple of weeks ago by the Pentagon have not been taken up have not been taken up by the Trump administration because FEMA and the Health and Human Services Administration and the Trump administration they just did not to tap those resources from the Pentagon even while states and and mayors and individual hospitals are all scrambling for themselves to try to find those things anywhere they can well one of the place they could find them is our own Pentagon who is volunteering them but the Trump administration has left that stuff just sitting then there's the national stockpile of emergency medical supplies that's been sending things out hither and yon sort of inexplicably for weeks now states like Oklahoma and Kentucky receiving things from the stockpile that they never asked for while other states like Illinois and Massachusetts aren't getting what they asked for at all now the Washington Post in the New York Times both have reports citing anonymous federal officials saying tonight that the federal stockpile is basically gone although the White House appears to have no idea of that if they do understand it they haven't been honest about it here's the Washington Post Tonight quote the government's emergency stockpile of respirator masks gloves and other medical supplies is nearly exhausted leaving the Trump administration and the states to compete for personal protective equipment in a freewheeling global marketplace rife with profiteering and price gouging to department of homeland security officials said the stores kept in the Department of Health and Human Services strategic national stockpile are nearly gone despite assurances from the White House that there is availability why is the White House giving States and mayor's assurances that there's availability if there isn't do they know that there is do they know that that stuff is gone which is worse if they don't know and they're saying out of ignorance I'm sure we got plenty or if they do know that that stuff is gone and they're telling people it's fine there's plenty even though they know it's not there which is worse I mean practically it has the same effect right because the White House has not tried to nationalize the supply chain for personal protective equipment even today PPE and and other critical medical supplies US companies that manufacture that kind of stuff even this week have been selling personal protective equipment that is desperately needed in American hospitals US companies that make this stuff even this week have been selling it overseas sending it to other countries instead of making it available here US manufacturers of this stuff people who've got it in warehouses in this country are exporting it because the federal government hasn't told them that's a bad idea or they shouldn't be doing it Forbes reporting that on Monday alone this week two days ago roughly two hundred and eighty million masks in warehouses around the United States were purchased by foreign buyers to be sent out of this country because the federal government has not made arrangements to keep that material here for us use a FEMA spokesperson telling politico.

com that FEMA quote has not actively encouraged or discouraged US companies from exporting such materials overseas Washington Post reporting that there are no signs that the Trump administration has made any effort to stop US companies from exporting medical masks and other supplies so they could be used in US hospitals instead because of course not the New York Times now reporting this evening that thousands of the ventilators the federal government does have in its stockpile ventilators that it keeps promising it's gonna send out to where they're needed thousands of those machines do not work because the Trump administration allowed the contract to maintain these machines to lapse last summer because of course they did please could we have a new federal government at least just for this 4700 American lives and Counting and this is still how bad they are this how far into it I mean this far into it not just it's not just a case that this virus is a crisis and that this infectious disease is spreading in the United States and we have to cope with it and it's got exponential growth it's not just the natural attack of the virus this far into it with us this much exposed to it already so much exposed that we're closing in on 5, 000 Americans dead by tomorrow right with the white house expecting hoping but keep the death range for Americans between a hundred thousand and a quarter million people right this far into it the federal government the stuff they are actively in control of and nobody else is that stuff doesn't get better ever they're not nationalizing the federal supply chain the the National supply chain for for protective equipment of further medical supplies even when the military is volunteering things for civilian use they're not you feel able to get it together to do that they're not able to get it together to communicate truthful information as to what the federal government's supplies are and how many they have and the stuff they've got there have not been keeping in running order because they let the maintenance supplies the maintenance supply and supply contracts lapse and they're they're not getting any better you guys I mean maybe today the Surgeon General just declared a national stay at home order maybe but maybe that was kind of a mistake still it's sort of went into effect in a few states.

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