Malaysia to Thailand with Air Asia travel vlog (Kuala Lumpur to Chiang Mai)

The airport adventures continue.


So we're leaving Kuala Lumpur and headingto.

We're going to Chiang Mai! What! So excited to be going back to Chiang Mai.


It is one of our favorite spots in SoutheastAsia.

No, I would actually correct that.

It is one of our favorite spots in the worldto go hang out.


And we've had like an insane travel scheduleover the last month and a half.

Really for most of this year.

And what we're planning to do is we're goingto head to Chiang Mai and we're going to spend a whole month there just kind of.

What a luxury.

A whole month in one place.

Oh my gosh.

We have so much work to catch up on.

So much so many videos to edit and so yeahwe just really need to have a base for a while and we've been craving that for quite a whileto be honest.

Lead the way.

He can't hear when he's shopping.

Hello? Sam is getting distracted by crocs but youalready own a pair of crocs.

Yeah and who is wearing the crocs.

Take a look down.

That is only because they fit me.

You know what is worse than shopping? Waiting while somebody else goes shopping.

Sam found the store and he's been trying onshirts.

I think he finally found one he likes.


Notice anything different? Somebody sporting a new look.

Not the glasses.

Not the glasses.

It is the shirt.

I got a new t-shirt.

I'm so happy with this.

It is a polo shirt.

I think it is a Malaysian brand but I gotit on a 70% discount so I've been looking to upgrade my t-shirts because some of themare getting really worn out.

Sweat stains.

One by one.

Slowly but surely going to be in a processof upgrading all them.

Well good, let's go now.

We need to check in.

So I got a new shirt and some else is havinga tasty treat.

I'm having food.

What are you eating? I feel tricked.

I ordered a fruit smoothie and all of theirjuices are made with fresh fruit but for the smoothie they used syrup.

And I feel cheated.

It is the same price as the real fruit juice.

I was tricked.


And then a muffin.

I hopefully the muffin makes up for it.

It is blackforest.

The muffin was heated up for you.

Thank you.


Oh wow.

This may make up for it.


Yeah? Thoughts from the airport.

Well this is our first time that we've flownout of Malaysia for like two or three years.

And we often got budget flights in the pastand we flew out of the LCCT.

The low cost carrier terminal.

Which was awful.

Yeah, that place was a dive.

That place was a gong show.

But now they've upgraded to what is calledthe KLIA.


And man this is a nice airport.

Such a massive upgrade.

It is so much more comfortable.

So much more spacious.

A lot more places to eat, a lot more placesto rest and it is air conditioned inside unlike the old airport terminal where it was a sweatfest.

To Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai with Air Asia.

It has been a while.

Chiang Mai.

Well the bags made it.

And here comes Sam.

You've already got the bags.

Somebody was being too polite and got stuckat the back of the line.

That immigration line was crazy.

Normally Chiang Mai is really efficient andfast but it was a zoo.

Too many people an absolute zoo.

Luckily we were near the front.

People at the back of the flight.

They're going to be there like an hour.

At least.

Off we go.

So we just paid for our taxi.

150 Baht.

It is more than what you'd pay if you hailedsomeone you know on the road but in the airport.

I know but it is still less than five bucksso not bad.

What can I tell you about the flight? It was a very scary ascent.

I would say we had to fly through some prettythick clouds.

Some pretty heavy turbulence like the firstyou know ten to fifteen minutes up in the air.

So that wasn't fun.

Sam what did you think? Yeah, I totally agree with you but then itsmoothed out and it was okay.

We relaxed a bit but yeah.

We're here.

Alright guys so we're all checked in to theapartment for the month but right now we need food so the apartment tour will have to wait.


Food is the priority at the moment.

It always is let's go.

So it is a bit of a rainy day here but thewater doesn't seem to bother Sam.

He doesn't need an umbrella.

So we are going in search of food and we arewalking to the moat.

To the walled part of the city.

And we're looking for Dada Kafe.

So we came all the way to Dada Kafe and thenwe saw the sign.

It is closed on the 1st of every month.

And this is something I used to know but obviouslyI forgot because I haven't been here in a while.

But I was sad for maybe 30 seconds becauseright across the street there is another place called Juicy 4U and they have really greatsmoothies as well and it is all like healthy raw, vegan, vegetarian food.

And it is really tasty.




We've got a mango and coconut smoothie comingand I have an amazing sandwich coming.

We can choose up to 10 different items.



Well, is it everything you hoped for? And then some.

Tropical flavors.

And then some.

Oh la lah.

I miss this place.

Three years.

Three years since I had this.

Sorry for the abrupt ending.

We were exhausted.

That's all we filmed!.

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