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– Hello everyone!- Hello! – And I do not know where to start.

– What a hell of a sound.

– Hear, hear? I hope that you can hear.

We have something wrong with Yura tourists.

But we do not consider themselves tourists.

We are in Thailand for 3 months.

Only now we are going to try Thai massage.

We will do exactly Thai massage, right?- Yes I Am.

– There is another option foot massage.

– They say there is a massage oil of some sort.

– Oil massage? We just knurled this week on bikes, and want to mash us all joints.

I hope we will be able to take pictures of each other, how it will happen.

Now we go down the street in Patong.

There are many massage parlors.

Everywhere girls are sitting.

You're going through, and they will “massage!” offer.

We must trust in the guys and hoose some cool massage parlor.

And I hope we really will be able to take pictures of each other.

Because it will be interesting, informative and fun.

Say something else.

For you basically what the Thai woman will make you a massage? – I don't want that she will be old – I would like it to be a big muscular thai woman – Yes I Do! I would also like to.

– Muay thai woman desirable.

That she had recently engaged in Muaythaiand she was able to so .



Yura would do some guy butcher.

– Soothes the head.

– Yes.

The guys have already gone far ahead.

Masseuses you always find.

They stand in long colored skirts.

They'll find out! They will be sure to offer their services.

Don't hesitate.

We found some massage parlor.

It is now going through.

Here people are sitting, take foot massage.

You go, no? I then immediately rented.

Where are we going?- Thai woman will touch you boyfriend now – I thought it was only available to me.

Well, let me be too.

We undress each other .



it is necessary, yes? Undress.

Look, Yura undresses.

Massage costs 200 baht for an hour.

I made myself a modulus.

By the way, the price for a massage.

I think you will see.

We pass.

Now we will have to knead.

Something dark.

And there is nothing to be seen! We have such a cabin for two people.

For Yura and me.

At me funny pants, I did not disguise them.

I think the dress shirt or not?- You do not have to dress probably.

We were so funny panties and now we will knead.

Yura has quietly knead.

He's already in my kicks.

– Say something.

– My massage ended.

I hope that you can see.

That was cool.

She kneaded my neck so.



A lot of clips and .




I liked it.

Yura, go yet? Yura relaxes.

– Are you finished? Can see?- Yes, yes, yes! – Look, Ilya also finished.

Pay our massage.

Yura pays massage.

We got out, took water and paid.

This was our first massage.

Masseuse asked me: “Is this your first massage?” I said, “Yes.

“”Believe me, not the last.

” The only thing I would like to crawl on me a little longer.

Masseuse bruised Yura more.

We are not filmed candid moments.

It is at the same time we did.

It was all great.

– It is a pity that we had not wandered here.

– It Is A Pity.

But we have a lot of time.

– Show.

Thai massage is 200 baht.

– I will take part in this dialogue.

Why Thai massage is inexpensive? Because they considered it a traditional craft and feature complimentary massage school.

If a girl from some village and wants to learn a profession, it just goes to this school, they teach it.

Since education is worth nothing, gets a lot of specialists.

Many proposals, so the price is lower.

– This is not a Russian massage done.

I wanted to go to the osteopath.

There's a 20-minute session costs 3000.

– I think it does not depend on the cabin, does not depend on the surroundings.

It all depends on the expert.

No need to look for some expensive salons glamorous.

– Understand? You can go to different masseurs and try different massages.

Maybe our hostess massage does? It was our little story about Thai massage.

We recommend that you necessarily like arrive.

I was asked what entertainment is, in Thailand, in addition to the beaches.

Please come to the Thai massage, try different massage walk around the cabin.

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I wanted to show more guts.

On his feet.

Ulcer on his feet.

– And now we're sitting in some waterfront .



– Sabai.

– They've got all the sub.

How can this be called? Cafe? – These cool prices.

– We strongly relaxed and we decided to .



So nice! We have so many operators! We relax and we decided to eat.

– I'm in a frame without a cap! How come? – We have a cute waiter, he speaks to us in Russian.

I do not like when they speak in Russian, but they may also do not like when I am with them talking in Thai.

They try.

He, by the way, very good at it.

He even told me “little noodles.

” Well done to them.

Are you in our blog! – Jura ordered his favorite chicken soup.

– I hope it will be just as tasty.

– How passionately he loved him! I do not drink at all.

I brought the Thai massage.

– Freeze? Here forbidden to show the bottle? – No.

It is cold.

To hand was good.

– I'm just looking everywhere on the market sell these things for bottles.

– That it is slowly heated in the heat.

– Then it was very true when it was hot.

– And I, as usual, took himself noodles.

I either noodles or rice it.

– Yura brought soup!- But this soup without some chicken.

Well, he's a chicken, but without the chicken inside.

– What do you want? I've got noodles.

I always take the noodles.

Is It Tasty! Very tasty! I went to absorb.


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