MintBuilder Silver Gold Network Marketing: Giving Away FREE Silver Coin To First 100 People!!(2020)

hi guys matt barkas CEO of min builderI'm super excited to be able to offer what we're just about ready to blow outhere as soon as you're reading this it's gonna be available and ready to go andwhat we're doing is probably the biggest promotion we've ever done here at

mintbuilder and that is this it's right here at Front Center when you land on youryour landing page of your website it says in response to the current crisisMidler wants to help 100 families in the first one are people to enroll will geta free coin in 330 days of

membership access now underneath this is only 100free positions remaining this doesn't autumn update every second it's going toupdate like several times a day so you'll see that going down and let'sclick on you can click on learn more or you can just go straight to enroll nowso here's a

little bit more of a description again Midler wants to help100 families the first 100 people to enroll on the silver piece bundlesubscription okay we have six subscriptions it's the silver piecebundle will receive their first month paidit's a $51 value for free we only ask you to cover the

minimal shipping costhere in the US it's like three dollars some change international the most youknow is like 16 dollars to get a ship across overseas that's it so normallyyou'd pay forty seven dollars for the package plus shipping on top of that sonow it's just a shipping for the

first month included is the first month's $39full membership access which gives you access to unbeatable wholesale pricingof silver and gold products Midler offers the best prices of all of ourcompetitors with an MLM niche within just the you know the silver and goldindustry we offer the best prices overall

on all of our gold and silverthat's what we offer for our membership that's what a big part of why whatthirty nine dollars goes for also you're gonna have access to our income platformwhere we have unlimited income potential to be earned and our turn you haveaccess to our turnkey

marketing systems like the precious metal trends our newleap mailing system all of that is part of the membership you have it's going tobe free for 30-days included also you're gonna get a free coin so what are thesecoins if you haven't seen the bundle then you might not be

familiar with thecoins but it's something like one of thesekind of coins so you can see the walking liberty you know the Franklinthey're both 50-cent pieces but the the unique thing about these are the theseold coins were you know most of them are in the 1930s 1940s that we

hand out hereand they are coins that were made of 90% pure silverso these coins are selling for around 12 to upwards to 20 dollars for averagecirculated coins which these are just average you know they're more they'vebeen circulated mainly therefore the silver content inside of them once andwhile you

might get one that's a little bit better condition and then that makesit worth $40 or 50 so that does happen sometimes we buy buy and buy the bulk sowe just you know ship out what we get so that is how these particular coins go iskind of neat they're

historical but anyway so you're gonna get one of thosecoins each month thereafter you're only gonna pay $47 a month now the retailvalue is 51 plus maybe a little bit more and you're gonna only pay 47 after yourfirst 30 days now you can cancel at any time you know

and I'm talking to you asa member here at MIT builder or the main reason for this is to use as a tool tomarket your business if you have somebody on the fence this is a good wayto get them in they're gonna get a free coin it's huge and

access to everythingso they can see all the systems they can see how good Mint builder can work forthem and or you know for yourself and your family maybe your you know there'sa good chance that you know many of you listening are also affected by what'sgoing on and maybe

you do want a second position that you can stack so that wayyou can you know earn double or triple commissions by doing this so it's againyou can do that right now we do ask though that before cancelling that youwould at least maintain one paid month subscription so you

can you know getyour first month free your coins shipped out right away then the next month youknow have at least one paid subscription to go you know keeping things honestthat's part of it but other than that you can cancel anytimealso you can upgrade your subscription you know if

any moment in time you cando that right from your account that's a good thing to tell people you know wehave other ones you know we have the select few and around the world bundleor just a minute the Miller membership fee you know whatever they want to dothere they

can do that any point in time they can change that so that's all therefor you so you know it's you have nothing to lose and free silverunlimited income to gain so what are you waiting for so I'm gonna go write ithere and click on enroll now in a

second because I want to show you exactly theprocess how simple it is everything is right here they don't have to go huntinglike an Easter egg hunt you know try to find some websites do that we try tomake everything here at main builder super simple and lucrative that's whatit's

all about so we're putting it all right frontCenter learn more enroll now now if you are and we're getting this a lot I sentout the videos answering some q and A's I always try to do that as often aspossible and we're getting a little people asking all time

can we stackpositions yes you can do that there's no limit to how many you know times youwant to stack or how wide you want stack under yourself there's different ways ofdoing it there's really basically two ways of doing it you can stack multiplepositions directly under yourself or you

can stack positions one on top of theother which I would probably recommend if you're going to do it if you're gonnado more than one extra position if you're going to 2 or 3 because whatyou're gonna do is you have your top leader position and then you put anotherposition

under that and say another one under that and then all your personalsthat you bring into the business after that you put under the the bottom yourbottom personal position put it underneath of that on the front levelbecause then this bottom position is gonna earn 10% income on everything youpersonally

bring in this one's gonna get a 50% match this one's going to get a50% match now you could do that on up to 5 levels if you wanted to and still earnfrom that front line at the bottom there so you're gonna capitalize the most soyes you can do

that and yes you can use this one of these you can use thesepositions to do that to get the free silver but again I we ask that you youknow keep it on for at least a month of one paid so that you know it's you knowkeeping everything honest

here making the promotion work for its benefit sonow the key is this when you are on your website let's say that you want to buythat extra position for yourself it's very very veryimportant there's a few steps here number one make sure that you're on yourwebsite okay so go

up into the address bar make sure you're typing in mintbuilder com forward slash your user ID now some of you have a five-digit userID some of you have a six-digit user ID and some of you have a seven-digit makesure that you're doing depending on how early on you

got intimate builder that'sgonna be determine abut make sure you're putting in your website and todouble-check before you go in to enroll now go to the bottom of your website andmake sure that this is your information right here that's how you can check toensure so if this is your

name and your phone number then you're good to goand then what you want to do from here then is you're gonna go ahead do not login at all don't log in because that what that's gonna do if you go and buy thisis it's gonna just change your current

subscription very important so the twoimportant steps so far make sure you're on your website and make sure you do notlog in that's it now you go to enroll now and pretty much everything else isjust straight through easy so here you get save 51zero dollars this is massive we're

putting a lot of money into doing thisis costing us thousands of dollars to put it but we think this is amiss isgonna be something that's going to help a lot of families we know a lot ofpeople are struggling right now so let's get them into a home-based business

orlet's help you be able to multiply the amount of income that you use youwhether use as a tool or use it as a tool to make more money it's totally upto you so here's a description of all that this in here nowadd it to the cart it shoots

over to the cart now I'm going to go over here andthis is the other important part to make sure and this is the last thing there'sonly three crucial elements that you have to really make sure that you you docorrectly in order to make sure that this doesn'tyou know

doesn't get done the wrong way this is number one again make sure thatyou're on your website first of all and then number two make sure you are notlogged in and then number three and it's running a little bit slow here I'mrunning some recording software at the top of

the websiteplus we're working on some some project with the Leeds which is causing a littlebit if you notice the last couple of days a little bit of a slow websiteshould be fixed here very very shortly so let's run right in here it's gonnatake just a couple seconds so

again while while we're waiting on this to toload up here again so you when you're doing this maybe youhave people there on the fence make sure to start promoting it to those peoplethis is the time to do that I mean take advantage of this hundred I'm expectingwe'll be

gone in a week probably less time than a week but it might last thatlong so again it's the first 100 and we'll go from there so here it is zerodollars that it's in there go to proceed to checkout just like normal nothingcritical here yet and then once you

get into the checkout proceed to checkoutthis is where the part where you're gonna want to make sure you are notlogging in that's very very important we had a few people try to set up anotherposition recently and they were logging in and then what that does again it justchanges

your current subscription instead of you know setting up a newposition so that's that's the most important thing so I apologize again thesite is running a really slow with with all the stuff that's going on thebackground plus my recording software it does slow it down as well a little

bitso we get to it in just one second here okay there it is so this is the part I'mtalking about do not log in right here do not use your customer ID and passworddon't do that make sure that you come straight over here and then you enter inyou

know your email

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