(theme song begins) I'm off to see the world It's a beautiful day You only get one life Don't let it slip away (theme song ends) Hey this is Brian with the Adventure Family and I'm in Thailand right now at our favorite house in the jungle.

And I'm here to tell you an answer to a question that we get sometimes from folks.

The question is: .



when you're in the jungle in Thailand? That's a very good question.

So right now behind me is our favorite house to stay in, in Thailand.




We've been coming here for about 10 years.

and, before I answer the question if the wildlife gets into your home or what to do if they do get in your home, in the jungle I wanna take you on a little tour of our place here in Thailand.

At this house where we're staying, there's now a little basement that use to be scary.

but now this is now Pascaline's little domain.

Her beautiful little domain down here.

Follow me up ze stairs to our place in ze jungle.

Uh, let's see here.

I'm gonna point the camera at the different There's one of the wild.



one of the rare sightings Jungle wildlife, Blaze.

(Blaze) In his natural habitat.

(Brian) He's reading in the wild.

This is one of our favorite little places to hang out.

This is over here, mine and Me Ra's bedroom.

Hello, my darling (Me Ra) Hello from under the mosquito net! (Brian) Oh, whatcha doing over there? (Me Ra) I'm taking a break from the afternoon heat and journaling.

(Brian) Oh, how romantic.

[laughing] (Brian) We have the bathroom As you can see, the bathroom here has no roof.

The sky is our roof.

Here is our shower.

And you know, it's not always hot water that comes out of there but it's hot here, so we're okay without it.

This is another little place.

This is our other deck.

Right here.

And here's a little dining room.

Blaze, show us where you live.

(Blaze) I live here.

(Brian) and where you and Pascaline use to sleep all the time.

(Blaze) So, over here, is the kitchen.

We have a fridge now and some cupboards.

(Brian) We have a what now? (Blaze) A frige now.

We didn't use to have a fridge, but now we do.

(Brian) Oh, that's amazing.

(Blaze) and then me and Pasc use to sleep on these two beds the last times we've came but now there's an underground area where Pascaline sleeps, so I have my own like room pretty much to myself which is really cool.

(Brian) That's pretty awesome.

(Blaze) Yeah.

(Brian) Oh, here's Blaze's bathroom, right here.

He's gotta a little uh, Oh! [laughter] Sorry about that, camera.

This is where Blaze uses the potty.

Don't ask him how he uses it, because I don't know if that would be comfortable to talk about.

Alright, so Blaze, (Blaze) Yes (Brian) Come on back out here.

So, we got a little clip.

The monkeys just raided our home.

(Blaze) Uh-huh.

(Brian) They just raided it about, uh, yesterday.

Wasn't it? (Blaze) Yup.

(Brian) And, it's pretty crazy.

There's a monkey that's hilarious that keeps jumping on the hammock.

We were.



We were a little nervous.

I was nervous.

(Blaze) Yeah, I was nervous, too.

Pascaline was nervous.

She ran down to her area.

But she got attacked by monkeys down there, too.

[laughter] (Brian) So, watch our video of what happened when we were attacked by the monkeys, how we dealt with all the attackingness, and stay tuned at the end.

Why, Blaze? (Blaze) 'Cause we're gonna show you how to get rid of the monkeys once they come in.

[thunder] [laughter] (Me Ra) Ah, here they.






So someone asked if monkeys come into our house and guys, they're here.

Ah, they're in our stuff! Crud! Brian.



You need to come over here.

They're like getting into our Hey, hey hey hey! No, no, no, no, no, no, no! He just took our chips! (Brian) They have no respect today.

(Me Ra) They are just.



nuts! (Brian) Oh my gosh.

They're on the hammock in the back.

[laughter] (Me Ra) Ahh! Pascaline, go down in your room.

(Pascaline) I'm in my room.

The door's locked.

(Me Ra) Okay.

They are just like.






everywhere! [laughter] They are just.



Yeah, so they're in here.

Oh! [laughter] They are just going over the roof, it's fine.

Just stay.



stay inside then.

They're just going over the roof.

I thought you guys were.



(Brian) He came in our kitchen, he looked at me (Blaze) He grabbed the chips and ran.

(Brian) He looked at me and grabbed the chips.

(Me Ra) No, no, no, no, no.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! No! No, no, no, no, no! Shoo! Shoo, Shoo! [laughter] Brian, be the alpha.

Be the alpha.

Be the alpha.

(Brian) Hey, what are you doing? Oh.






oh! (Brian) Oh, that's a big boy.

Hey what are you guys doin'? (Me Ra) That's a grandpa.

That's like.



That looks like alpha.

(Brian) Um, three sizes of me.

I'm gonna move backwards.

(Me Ra) That looks like the alpha.

[laughter] (Brian) They're coming in behind you.

(Me Ra) Oh! No, no, no, no, no.

They're taking.






they're taking all of our chips! You little rascals! Oh, jeez.

Open up that door.

Let me put this stuff in.

Oh, he's coming up right there.

Open up that door.

(Brian) You coming in or going out, guys? (Me Ra) Let's get housekeeping.

They'll help us like.



Are they over here? They're right.



oh they're swinging on the hammock! Oh! He's completely stuck in the hammock.


I'm not going.

I'm not going out there to help Oh.

No, he's out.

[laughter] (Blaze) Oh my gosh.

(Brian) They can rip open a coconut with their bare hands.

(Me Ra) Oh my gosh.


So these things might be little, but they can uh.



Oh, now they're on the shower.

They're on our shower.

They can, uh, rip open a coconut with their bare hands.

That's why we're staying at a little bit of a distance.

Oh, here comes a local.

Here, go out there.

The locals.



So we can't call pest control, right? (Brian) I don't think there's any locals.

The locals are the monkeys.

[laughter] They're totally just taking everything.

This is so frustrating.

Here we go.

Oh! Whoa! There's one right here on the table.

I can't believe they're taking our chips.

Like, those bags weren't even open.

(Brian) Those are my chips! (Blaze) He's eating them! So cute.

(Me Ra) Oh my gosh.

They are totally eating our chips.

(Blaze) You better throw the bag away! No! (Brian) You're gonna leave the chip bag right there.

(Me Ra) This is.



[laughter] I don't know.

I .



you know what? They're running off with more than food, so you may want to.



Those guys are just babies.

But that, um, .



those guys are just babies.




So guys.



This is monkeys in action, raiding our house.

(Brian) While we're here.

(Me Ra) Holler for Pascaline, so we know she's good.

(Brian) Hey, Pascaline.



You still alive? They're outside your door? I know.

(Me Ra) Ask the neighbors to call.



like to get the.



(Brian) No, you ask.

(Me Ra) Okay.


Can you hold this? Do you guys have the number for the office? I don't think they understand Enligsh.

The people over there.

That's no doing any good.

(Blaze) Just say, “Help! Monkey!” (Me Ra) Hey! [clap, clap] (Blaze) No! (Brian) Look at all the monkeys over here.

You guys.



get (Me Ra) Go.

Go, go, go, go, go.

(Blaze) You better throw that bag away.


(Brian) And you are little litterers over there.

(Blaze) Mom, close the door.

Mom! (Brian) Me Ra, close the door.

(Me Ra) Okay.

I'm sorry I had to cut that video short.

I did not want you to see me panic and get scared.

I think maybe I looked okay for a few minutes, but I was getting scared.

I don't know if you noticed that.

I was scared.

I don't like being scared.

I might think I'm cool and strong and tough, but I really don't like to be scared.

So, I turned it off.

And, um, those are macaque monkeys.

There's also langur monkeys, which they come in our home.

They're super nice and sweet They would never be like macaques.

Macaques are not nice.

They in here and I think there was like 30.



40 of them.

But, um.



since then, we figured out how We figured out how to protect ourselves.

Didn't we, Blaze? (Blaze) Oh, I didn't see you there.

[laughing] (Brian) So, Blaze, what did we learn about how to (Blaze) Well, I have to tell you guys, the story of how we first figured out how to get the monkeys out.

Is this okay, Dad? So, we were sitting at this bench right here and we were eating.

Eating a good breakfast.


We were eating Cookie Crunch to be exact.

And it was really good cereal, okay? It was really good.

So we were eating.

There use to be a table here and we were eating here.

And these like monkeys were coming by Up on the trees around, up here.

And we just though, oh okay they can come by.

And stuff like that.

There's nothing to worry about.

And then, the monkey came down here, grabbed the bowl of cereal and the box and ran back up.

So, so.







That was a lot of so's.




So, me and my sister, um, we ran to get housekeeping 'cause that was our first encounter with the monkeys.

And they like weren't afraid of us like yelling at them, or being, like we threw pans at them and they're just like, excuse me.

So we called the housekeeping and they came with little sling shots and stuff like that.

And you would think a rock isn't going to hurt them that bad but they ran.

You didn't even have to shoot anything at them and they ran away.

'Cause there's like a sense of authority with these slingshots that they don't like.

(Brian) Nice! Show us how you do it, Blaze.

(Blaze) So, you get some rocks around here, which is kinda hard 'cause it's all like jungle and stuff like that.

Grab a rock out.

Put it in here.

And you pull back, and like um.



Actually, I kinda just learned this recently but the way you aim is you wanna like look through this thing right here.

And that's where you hit your target And you just pull back and you (Brian) Nice.

Okay, so, moral of the story.



is since there is no pest control, we're not going to be killing monkeys, 'cause I mean part of the reason we come here is the monkeys! Right? So, moral of the story is, Get a slingshot when you go to Thailand.

(Blaze) And get rocks, too, before they come just in case they aren't afraid of the slingshot.

(Brian) Sweet.

Hey hope you enjoyed this video on Adventure Family.

(Blaze) And if you did, like the video, (Brian) and subscribe to our channel, please, and ring the bell so you can get notifications when we have new videos for you.

(Blaze) And I think that's going to be it for this episode, Dad? (Brian) Sweet.

Well, see you next Thursday.

(Blaze) Bye!.

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