Moped Tour along the Northern Route in Mongolia | 13.000km Puch Maxi offroad adventure travel

well I just made it a couple ofkilometers out of Songino I think this here is the official city limit or so it'sa really small town it's I think maybe around six hundred to a thousand inhabitantsthey had a small hotel like one of the hotels is more catered towardsMongolians so no running water and they have an outhouse in the back butnevertheless they had a heater so warm room because tonightas you can see there's snow it got really cold and still I think thetemperatures are around freezing however there is no wind so I'm fine I cantravel for a while and today I'm going on the largest trip between towns forthe next 300 or so kilometers there is no town, so as it snowed all thesand is a little bit wet which makes it great for riding it's a little bit morecompact there's no dust coming off of it just amazing yeah it's a temple this probably too I drove for two hours and I finally reachedsome tarmac really new probably and that goes on to Ulaangomso from here on it's smooth riding I've never been so happy in my lifethe last couple kilometers were brutal a lot of sand and washboard that was justhorrible but I made it now I can finally power like get some miles done well I made it to Ulaangom one day from Songino to Ulaangom here inUlaangom it's one of the bigger towns in Mongolia I am in the chinggis hotel whichis one of a couple of hotels here it's kind of expensive like 40, 000 tugrikwhich is $20 a night free Wi-Fi tons of electricity they have a have a showerand toilet the first thing I did was take a shower tomorrow I can hopefullywash my clothes and yeah that's it I made it I can't believe it was a reallyhard day of riding at least a lot of tarmac which made it quite enjoyable butstill 300km is just too much I have a chair heretable with a big power socket thing all my stuff is just strewn about bed, window not much to see yeah it'skind of cloudy the window and of course the bathroom well that was the hardest thing I'vedone so far on this trip I just went up this pass I think there's a name for itit goes from 900 or a thousand meters above sea level to over 2, 000 meters andit's called Ulaan Dava so and that was crazytook me over two hours I had to let the Maxi do her thing and walk next to itand just 50 meters or so and make a break I'll keep going it shouldn't betoo hard but there is kind of a pass over there in the distance yeah not too good not too good, but have a look ath this amazing panorama just look at it it's amazing well I made it to Uureg lakeit's a big lake out here enormous and really not a lot going on here Isaw one Ger and one tourist camp but the way out here was exhaustinggetting up here was crazy the first pass I already told you that on the secondpass I asked in a big truck that was coming by which turned out to beMongolian military if they could take me and the moped up which they declinedbecause the truck was full with people and then when I tried getting up thereactually two of the people from the military truck helped me push up mymoped and I kind of stumbled into them on the way here ever so often.

from here onit's one mountain range until the depression where achit lake iswhere there's the town of Nogonnuur and the River I have to cross I really hopethe rest of this way here is not too steep because otherwise Iwill be fu***d yeah that's just how it is that's the achid lake I thinksomeone's driving over there in the distance they just drove past me like 10minutes ago I'm here so from here it's still 42 kilometers to the next town andhundred kilometers to tsaganuur for me I will drive towards tsaganuur until I reachthe river and I will then try to camp by the river oh good morning today is the day of the border dash or run, its 5 I slept at the river i crossed yesterday it's another 62 kilometers to tsaganuurthose are probably all off-road and will take quite a whilenight was good it's cold out but i was warm yeah it'll get pretty cold once iget outside the Sun is not really up yet but yeah well handle it Well I made it, over there in the Distance is Tsaganuur, so im almost through mongolia over there I'll just fuel up abit buy some more water and maybe some foodno just some snacks and then I'll head for the border which it's now almost9:00 which I should make on time before midday or before lunch break from the guards these are officially the last kilometers of unpaved Road made it through mongolia customs took 3 and a half hours because my carnet wasn't registered properly by probably a customs official, they stamped it but it was not in the computer system However they reentered it and stamped me out, so I'm now officially in the zone between the borders and I'm approaching the russian border so ill have to stop filming.

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