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hello products are shown in no particular order to know more links in the description below sit back and enjoy number one on list meet the nomadic travel bag the most functional travel bag ever don't think so keep watching our company was born and raised on Kickstarter first with

the basics wallet then the basics notebook thanks to our incredible factors and supporters now over 100,000 people are enjoying our products worldwide as our company has evolved we have changed our names nomadic and we are excited to introduce our most innovative product yet the nomadic travel bag I

want to share a journey with you but with 20-plus noteworthy features and more than a year of development and relentless prototyping I'm going to have to talk back here it goes first we study the market current travel bags were good but not great so we said let's create

the most functional travel bag ever we met with local industrial designers and then traveled halfway around the world to talk with material and bag manufacturing experts after testing hundreds of materials reviewing tons of hardware and learning to drive a three-wheeled car yep that's me the first prototype was

made and we said it's not good enough yet many long days late nights and 20-plus prototypes later we have finally create the most functional travel bag ever the nomadic travel bags let's dive in and see what makes this bag so functional the bag is made of strong waterproof

tarpaulin material that will last forever and at 21 by 14 by 9 inches this bag meets international carry-on standards easily switch between backpack and duffel bag and never have dangling straps again we added a separate compartment to keep your shoes separated and rejected a similar pocket can be

found on the top of the bag designed to easily store socks underwear a light jacket and other items you like to keep organized or accessible we designed the bag with a full perimeter zipper to give you the widest opening possible for optimal packing and easy access to the

interior of the bag once the top and bottom pockets are packed there is still plenty of room inside the bag for all your clothing and toiletries by adding a laptop and tablet pocket you can now choose if you want to leave your briefcase or laptop bag behind to

fit everything in one bag the right side of the bag also has a full perimeter zipper with multiple features inside first an RFID safe pocket designed to be durable and lined with RFID blocking material to protect your credit cards passports and other scannable information second there is a

combination of mesh fleece lined and zipper pockets to keep your cords Powerbank earphones and other miscellaneous items untangled and right where you want them back to the top of the bag our easy access pocket on the top of the bag it's also lined with a soft fleece to

protect your everyday valuable phone glasses etc we've also added a water bottle pocket lined with waterproof materials to keep your other items safe in case it still moving to the left side of the back we added two top entry pockets perfect size for a book and other small

item in case you need to pack extra the vacuum bag allows you to save room and bring even more last but not least to keep your dirty clothes organized while traveling we have included a laundry bag this bag easily expands and hangs on a doorknob so that you

have somewhere to put your dirty coolers and when your trip is over and your laundry bag is full just zip it up and put it back in your bag to wash when you get home we have also developed some travel accessories that fit perfectly inside and match the

bag for the ideal travel kit however in order to make the ordering process easier on Kickstarter these products will become available right after our campaign ends learn more about these accessories on our page below so after all the blood sweat and tears put into this bag we hope

that you are as excited about it as we are we are confident that it will be the perfect companion to your nomadic lifestyle whether you are flying on a plane or just going away for the weekend in your car this bag will help you spend less time fussing

with your luggage and more time enjoying your travels thank you so much for your support we can't wait to see where the nomadic travel bag takes you number two number three its paxil the smart self-cleaning bag is here we know that life can get a little smelly so

we've created a bag that contains itself and anything you put inside it with the push of a button I know what you're thinking does this really work i'm hess quest one of the creators of Tac Toe and i can assure you that this does work we didn't invent

this technology nASA uses all three to sterilize drinking water in space and no three has been used for years by a professional sports team hospital and dry cleaners to remove odors and kill bacteria what we've done is take that technology and make it compact enough to fit in

a bag and we've added UVC light which is also used in hospitals to sterilize medical equipment the old three penetrates fabrics to clean your clothes and shoes and the UVC act as an additional measure to sanitize it both surfaces so whether you want to freshen up your clothes

while traveling or you want to clean your bag after it held your smelly gym clothes this bag can do that in under 35 minutes and it does it extremely well dustings oh that's not really bad hey that doesn't smell at all that's amazing are you kidding me our

unit is rechargeable getting 72 hours of cleaning power with each charge there are no cartridges or filters to replace and the unit would get over 17,000 uses the cleaning process doesn't use harmful chemicals and it's FDA approved the bag is reinforced with foam walls and has a lined

interior for protections and durability taxol is also waterproof made with durable water-resistant fabrics and zippers as travelers we all know that airplanes are notoriously dirty playful and that's why paxil is the perfect travel companion because of paxil self-cleaning features you can kill airborne odors bacteria and viruses that

your clothing comes in contact with 12 traveling's this enables you to extend the life of your clothes so you don't have to over pack and allows you to skip baggage claims saving you $50 for trip and check luggage fees many of us have traveled to Lowe's when's the

last time you cleaned yours now you can disinfect your travel pillows with the touch of a button axle is spacious lightweight and fits perfectly below the fleet and in the overhead compartment there's a USB charging station for your electronic devices the tactical app controls your backs technology via

bluetooth other useful features include a dedicated padded laptop compartment that makes going through airport security a breeze a removable water sealed shower pouch so you don't have to worry about your toiletries spilling all over your bag and a dedicated shoe compartment with mesh lining that allows the activated

oxygen to attack the bacteria and odors in your shoes with over ten pockets and storage compartments you can organize just about anything we spent hundreds of hours testing our cleaning system to tackle odors for good and pay very close attention to detail design and fabrication to ensure that

paxil is a bag you'll love the future retail price of this bag is three hundred and fifty dollars but we're discounting the price on IndieGoGo and we're including shipping and handling in the US with your support we'll be able to get our first order made fashionable functional and

Technology driven paxil is the smart self-cleaning bag travel fresh trained fresh beef fresh with taxol number four unstoppable is the ultimate gear bag maneuverability on a whole new level premium quality made of thick padded material protecting your along an inclusive design suitable that are walking or rolling an

innovative solution keeping your hand luggage and main luggage together in one easily portable unit within the main bag aligned 87th litre capacity featuring full-length mesh pocket easily rotate venture license a super-sized pocket at one end will take two pairs of shoes getting dark it and clean item is

too far there's plenty of room for everything you would need for a couple of weeks away and within the thirty one liter backpack there are padded sleeps for your laptop and your tablet too I'm Andres Florence I designed unstoppable I wanted to create the most maneuverable luggage in

the world but I also wanted to create an inclusive design where a wheelchair user could move their luggage as easily as someone walking that meant a total rethink on how we move our bags I started with the wheels a lot of testing I decided to use only wheels

these give us the best forward rolling capability but with the maneuverability of a caster but with total control the ability of unstoppable move forward and fighting against the rollers built-in around the edge of the wheel the omni wheel can roll forwards like a regular wheels while also moving

sideways giving maneuverability like never seen before the agility brings benefits across the board not just for the body travelers so maneuverable is unstoppable the one connected to a wheelchair the user can freely move their luggage and their chair at the same time something never before possible the five

inch wheels take most obstacles in destroyed where other luggage would get stuck and leave a tip or not with unstoppable rough surfaces that will cause other wheel to jam are also easily overcome social reliable control at your fingertips with the ability to connect the unstoppable backpack to the

gear bag you can move forth units as one easy portability thanks for watching this video unstoppable two great product and a brilliant these are kit for anybody to have I was really shocked researching this project to find that 75% of wheelchair users say that due to the difficulties

of moving or luggage they're prevented from traveling independently unstoppable is independence in a bag for an awful lot of people let's make it a reality back this project thank you hey we're finally and this is our new Alfa Adventure Travel Pack there are a ton of cool features

built into the truck let's dive in and take a closer look to start we've taken the stress out of checking luggage with a 35 liter size that meet Airlines carry-on standard from there we added a blend of tough TPU coated 1000d polyester with durable 1680 D ballistic nylon

panel a low profile harness was then adopted from our backpacking pack which helps distribute the load while you're out getting off the grid this system includes contoured shoulder straps for comfort and balance a padded hip belt to support the load a breathable air mesh back panel and an

adjustable sternum strap in terms of storage the Alpha is loaded with compartments that let you decide how to pack and organize all of your gear there's a suitcase style full wrap zipper opening on the main compartment that opens into a large zippered mesh compartment on the right side

and a subdivided zippered mesh compartment on the left two zippered pockets round out the top moving to the outside of the pack you're able to access the padded laptop and tablet sleeves with the right side zipper on the left side there's a shortcut zipper that provides access to

the main internal compartment without having to take the pack off your back the compartment on the top is designed with passports and other small essentials in mind which is subdivided for added organization for added security all external zippers feature our theft proof webbing sewn across the open we

also added lash loops on the hip belt and throughout the pack giving you the option to lock the pack to fixpoint the slotted back panel houses the shoulder straps and hid by ensuring loose ends are a non-issue an overhead bin on the bus or in the trunk of

cars additionally for reinforced grab handles provide multiple carry points when the shoulder straps are tucked away there's even a high visibility rain cover that packs down with it as part of the Alpha system we've also designed the main pack to pair with our stove of the toc day

pack which easily deploys for day hikes and trips to the market once you've arrived at your destination accessories are also offered including mesh laundry bags a nylon shoe bag and they snap on mesh water bottles that let you further customize your travel we've always wanted a system that

promotes nimble comfortable travel and now we have that with the alpha hey there thanks for watching this video click here to watch more and please subscribe to our Channel it's easy with the subscription button it's down there somewhere don't wait for me to ask you again go ahead

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