If you ever hear that traveling we'llteach you so much more than any formal education we'll ever be able to and Itotally agreed to this and in this video I'm sharing my most impactful momentsthat I experience and through traveling holla back and maybe welcome toadventure well my channel is

all about getting you to a more adventurous lifethan you so this is the kind of life that you want to be living then considersubscribing the most impactful moment number one was doing a jungle tour inEcuador that time we were having lunch with this family that was living deepdeep

inside the jungle and they served else like pygmy of of rice and beans andchicken and there was two super super cute dog so what I did for starting tofeed the dog with the chicken and the dog loved it the only problem and what Ididn't know at that time

was the kids very small kids kids that were likethree four five but also 11 12 15 were observing me and for them it was theweirdest thing ever how could I give chicken to the dog forthem chicken or something they only have once a week they have one chicken

forthe whole family and people that live in a jungle they lives in quite bigcommunities or have quite big families so there's not really a lot of chickenfor them and sometimes there's only one chicken once a month and I had no ideaand after finding out what I did without

knowing how much harm I actually causedI got so bad and this shows us again that just because things are normal forus but for these people it's something very very special and just because forus it's normal doesn't mean if other people it's a normal everyday thing aswell second most

impactful moment was meaning these two girls in Zambia wewere staying at the same place and they were travelling real real low budgetlike I don't know they were spending like $1 to a dayand they've been hitchhiking a lot and they're like you should try hitchhikingsome BS actually one of

the safest places in Africa to hitchhike it's somuch fun like it's super fast people here do it all the timedid you just mess up my hair great thank youyou like being on camera huh yeah thank youalright I hope you didn't poop on me alright so it's kind of

a shame actuallya safe place for people to hitchhike so you should try it so I was going fromLusaka the capital down to the Victoria Falls and the bus ride wasn't reallyexpensive I think it was about 14 dollars but it was gonna take aboutprobably ten hours and it's kind

of a long time and I didn't really want tospend so much time in the bus and with a car it was supposed to take only sixhours so hitchhiking I thought it would probably take me around seven hours soI'll still be there three hours faster and I meet more

people and it would be agood adventure so I decided to give it a tryso I started hitchhiking and it actually was super easy I never waited more thanfive minutes I think it took me four ridesum to get me to my final destination and it was so easy and

so much fun and thatjust showed us it's so much easier to do something when other people have done itbefore when they tell us just do it you'll be fine and it give us this kindof boost of confidence and just say like just go for it you'll be fine

youmanaged we've done it it's fine trust yourself and go do itit's a safe thing to do next very impactful moment was visiting Angkor Watfor the second time and the first time I've been there I really loved it like Ithought it's one of the most beautiful places in the

world and it actually isone of my seven most recommended places that I put in another video and it wasso beautiful it was so adventurous it was so much fun like everything was justlike mind lonely beautiful and then I went there again with some other kind ofpeople they obviously

had a different attitudeas people do and certainly it wasn't just like all that exciting anymore andthey were trying to like run through the ruins and trying to like get to all theplaces as fast as possible and it was raining for a bit and I didn't enjoy itand it

was very hot and humid as you know it's commodious that's kind of likehow the weather is complaining all about it and I really didn't enjoy theexperience so what I really took away from that is that the people we are withreally influenced our experiences so sometimes we end up

disliking a place orreally loving a place not because of the place but just because of the peoplethat we're with and in the same place we can have the most incredible memories orwe can also have really really bad memories so since that moment I reallystarted being more conscious and

more intentional about who I'm spending mytime with who I'm traveling with and who I surround myself with not just duringmy travels but in general in my life and really being more intentional has helpedme to really improve the memories and improve the experiences I'm having and Icomplain much less

about things I do not worry about things so much anymorebecause I know that it's in my hand to change the experience and if I do notenjoy being with the people and it's also my responsibility to change thatvisiting the equator in Ecuador showed me that there's so many things

in thisworld that are there that we can't actually see and how I learned this iswhen you have a basin like a wash like where you wash your hands and with adrain or any kind of like you know what's the freaking word a sink like ifyou have a freaking

thing somewhere and you put it right on the equator thewater flows through in a straight line if you put it laughter the equatorI believe Emily's correct me if I'm wrong it spins to the left side and ifyou put it to the right of the equator it spins to

the right side anyway oneside it spins to one side only it spins to the other side it's reallyamazing like you would never even know unless you had the water flowing throughstuff and like making weird movements and I know and I believe that there's somuch more that we can't

see but it's actually there and then my last lessonattitude always matters much more than anything else I was trying to find a jobI was sweet 19 I didn't have any experience well not a lot and there werepeople much older than me people have degrees people have like years

ofexperience complaining on how hard it was to find a job I've been there forweeks they've tried everything they went out like almost daily trying to likefind a job handing out resumes sending emails and they couldn't get a job and Ifound a job in a week I was coming

from being an au pair which I hated I sharedthe experience and another video I left after a week moved into a hostel where Istarted working for like two hours I had free accommodation and it was finding ajob within a freaking week and I loved my job I had

zero experience in thegastronomy through experience with pretty much anything and I found job andI knew it was because of my attitude because I believed that I was gonna findsomething and I knew it was gonna work out and if we have the right attitude ifwe have to right mindset

it always works out no matter what that's what I deeplyand truly believe it always works out and you always get what we want if youreally want something you will have it no matter what if you really wantsomething you will have it for sure it might not be instantly

but definitely ifyou want to start to create a life that you're truly in love with a life thatreally lights you up and then fulfills you from the bottom of your heart andhave a free training for you in the description go check it out and if youlike this video

consider sharing it with anyone who would benefit from thisinformation consider subscribing to my channel andhope to see you in my next video thank you so much for watchingKimmy do you want to say bye bye bye boy he loves you too bye

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