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hello and welcome my name is AlandaCarter and I am the recovering hunbot and this is season 1 episode 14 of heyhun you woke up this podcast is brought to you on 10 different platformsincluding iTunes and Spotify also on stitcher it's available in a videoformat on YouTube today I am chatting with my friend Beth she is the queen ofspades she also has a youtube channel so make sure you check her out there'll bea link to her channel in the description as well as her different social mediahandles now our intent was for her to share her story with you and with me andall that sort of jazz and she does but we also kind of meander around and talkabout things related to ml M's and just you know really kind of have a achitchat just two gals having a chitchat really and we also touch base of what'sgoing on in the world right now because honestly how can you have a conversationwith anyone at this time and not you know kind of go into all that so join meand welcome Beth thank you so much for joining me today I know right now theworld is a crazy place and our lives have just been turned upside down andyou don't know if you're coming or you're going and you know it's just it'sreally hard to even know it is something going to be available are they not gonnabe available I mean really it's just it's a mad mad world but I do want tosay thank you so very much and I know that you had the pleasure or displeasuredepending on how you really want to look at it of not joining just one but twoMLMs because you know the first time just wasn't enough and I know the theone I want to start with is it works because I've got a bone to pick withthem and I you know oh my gosh it's like those stupid posts that I would see Ineed five models it's like are you kidding me I just I wanted to just reachthrough the computer and just whenever I saw and you probably postedthose as well so tell us a bit about how you got involved in it works and whatyour experience was well I got involved in it works because at the time myhusband had actually just injured himself at work so he wasn't able towork and we were on disability my daughter was a couple years old so youknow we had a little one and we needed some financial help I had a friend ofmine that did it and she looked like she was doing well on social media you knowhow they do and so I had kind of been watching her for a little bit then allof a sudden this huge sale came and every it works person was selling it Ithink it was $10 to join when it's usually like $100 to join so I hadsomeone messaged me and they were like we're doing a sale do you want to joinwhen asked my husband he was like no no you're not doing the hatsyou're not allowed don't do it I've bumped him for like three days it wasnear my birthday so I was like give me a business for my birthday by me it worksI want to do the wrap thing my friend is making money and it's funny because itwasn't even my friend that I joined with there was a complete stranger that hadjust happened to write me during the sale and I was just like yeah I want todo it let's go and did it I did it for about six months that's pretty hardcoreI actually started my youtube channel for it back then my few videos did a fewvideos and then when I don't know if I want to do this I had a team meeting uhcuz you know how they do all the team meetings all that stuff and like I waspretty deep I was that hon that was doing all the meetings I was all overthe team I was on every social media they dochallenges I was doing every challenge you know the stupid 30-day postchallenges where they tell you what to post every day and all that kind ofthing you know the stupid are like weight loss challenges the all of thechallenges they have like 500 challenge Facebook groups that you have to join itright when you join them it's like weight loss working out Quito 5 millionso I was like right right in fun bought galore and then I do this meeting andnow here's what happened I also ended up going back to work full time I went gota job at McDonald's straight up I think I chopped it doublesbecause I wasn't making money from it worksSamantha working at McDonald's and at the same time I'm obviously not able togive enough to my business so I was kind of like I don't know if I'm gonna beable to do this and it's kind of funny cuz my upline bugs me to do this thistraining call she's like maybe you just need some motivation you just need tocome on the call it'll help pump you up and then you'll want to go work your bizit'll be great for you let's do this like okay so I go on this call and it'slike one of those zoom meeting team calls you know we got we got DeniseWalsh we got Barbara we got all of the big Canadian and American hon box inthere um and this this team meeting starts off and everyone's telling aboutthe products it was a product team meeting we were gonna discuss theproducts how they helped flubber blah and a girl comes on and she startstalking about how she has complex post-traumatic stress disorder I alsohave that and then she starts talking about their product that's confianzawhich is supposed to be like this all natural supplement you take and it'ssupposed to stop your body from feeling stress like if you're stressed anxiousthere's no science behind it of course there's like I can't tell you how hownever could never could explain how it's a lot of jargon that you tell peopleright a bunch of big words and jargon and so I'm not really sure how but thisis what it does but what worried me is when she was talking about and she thensaid she had gone off of her mental health medication to start taking theconfianza and was replacing her mental health medication with the confianza andeverybody was like oh my god that's so amazing it's so awesome you can do thatnow I have this I also have my social service worker and my experiences inmental health so I've also done medication management with people withschizophrenia bipolar PTSD so I'm over here like you need medication for thatmental health disorder unfortunately things like really severe PTSD bipolarschizophrenia you probably have to be on meds for your life so I was like oh mygod this is not good what's going onso the meeting freaked me out which was supposed to be my motivational meetingby the way and I kinda freaked out so afterwards I'd like asking people cuzI'm like if it's an aide I might be okay with that like if you take it with yourmeds and then this thing also helps your body not feel stress somehow that wenever know how but it doesn't apparently then maybe it could be good right likeas an aide but nobody should be like replace a medication with a product froma company with no medical background oh testing we have no clue what if this caneven help PTSD cuz we don't even know what actual mental health meds can helpit so I just don't think we should be going with it works products right nowso I'm asking them like I need the information like I'm gonna need you toshow me a little bit more now like now I need the research I need something tosay this products not gonna like have people off their meds waiting out in theworld now because they're on confianza instead you know like that's a problemand they just totally took the natural like it's good to not be on medicationapproach which like I said that might work if you just have some anxiety somedepression yeah there are lots of ways to you know help yourself but withsomething like complex post-traumatic stress disorder bipolar siffredi likethe bigger ones though like no and like they should even be doing it for anxietyand depression but like the bigger mental health issues so I'm askingthey're not telling me anything and I actually started get a little bit upsetwith them because I'm like well I can't promote this and the thing was is that Ihad gotten confianza in the past and had promoted it I actually wrote a wholearticle on oh wow on vocal oh yeah I did it's I pretty sureit's still up but at least in my article I said talk to your daughter don't everreplace this with with you like don't ever replace your medication so at leastthat's out in the world some whatever yeah yeah but that wasn't the the talkof the call and afterwards it seemed to be like that's what they wanted to dothey wanted to use this instead of the medication and I was like I can't helpwith that or be down for that I can't promote this now now this whole companylooks cry me to me I'm out wow you know cuz going back to my each body hun botdays when I was all in oh I hate that there are so many expressions now thatI'm just like Oh cringe right right and I'm like oh I can't even do the wholenother level that's the it works one whole levelevery time so it says a whole nother level of like you're just triggered byit because it's like you know just like it takes you back to that crap but Imean I can remember in Beachbody groups because you're in a bazillion as welland people people come in and make a vlog about on demand so just whichthey're always pushing than Shakeology and other crap at you as well the teampages or groups or whatever you want to call them it doesn't matter just umpeople would come and they'd be talking to someone and it was like well they'vegot X Y & Z whatever issue they have that has anybody ever work that had aclient that had this and then the hon bots are coming they're helping them andit's like you're not a healthcare professional you're not a dieticianyou're nothing but the problem would be some of them would be are endsbut that's the thing like some of them would have like some training and you'rekind of looking at them like shouldn't you know better why are you here ohdefinitely on this side that's what I'm thinking but at the time I thought ifyou're doing all of this this must be legit but see and that's the thing withthese companies as well and if you look into the doctors because I'm sure you'vebeen doing that no chance you've been doing this you will notice even theactual doctors they have attached some of them have lost licenses in the pastor they're really just a paid doctor for the company which people don'tunderstand is that these companies can actually hire on a doctor pay the doctorand the doctor is going to say anything positive he can about the companiesgetting paid to say it he's not gonna go against it even if he finds somethingthat goes against it right fortunately the ethics go out the window with thatright um that's why it's that's why a lot of people don't like for-profitagencies and social services right it's like the same once money gets involvedyou're not doing it ethically probably and you're getting paid to just saywhatever so even the top doctors in these companies they're really just paidgasbags yeah they're just mouthpieces you know that's that's all it is and thewasn't I've really looked I mean I can't remembers I'd look to that the behindlike basically structures of different companies I started digging intopeople's past and it's like well is there any research there's never anyresource never for anything peer-reviewed maybe the company pays fora study but it's like well that's not valid but it is pay attention to eventhe best studies if you look further into them they're really not even astudy no there's no that's the whole thing is that nothing of it is validthey did it themselves and their own product did you're like but that's notthe same thing is doing the study you're supposed to for theyeah or something like what are you okay and then the sample size will be likefive or so and I'm like that that's not a valid sample I mean like you know butthat's because with us our critical thinking has come back but when you'rein the thick of being involved in an ml and your critical thinking it's it justslide it on out the window it also take that for a lot of us it's a mixture ofwe become a little biased because we're in itso we've won but then we also almost like want to believe because when you'realready in it you don't want to be in it and then have what they're talking aboutnot be true and I like you don't want to go thereso I think you just you you almost look for ways to make it trip yep it's likeoh this doctors talking okay he's the doctor I'll just tell myself that thatmeans that this is good yeah and you don't even realize you're doing thatbecause that's where all the cognitive dissonance comes in because you know youhave this one belief that everything is fine and dandy you don't want topossibly concede that what you believe isn't the truth so you do what you canto rationalize it all ya say and you're happy little bubble about theopportunity is that word anymore you know it's like it's really nice can'teven use it sentence how about it's a loser tunity and that's not even a wordbut that's like okay words we can do okay why notthat's the thing there's a lot of people like people that have never done MLMsespecially or people outside of looking in like they don't understand also howmuch brainwashing actually occurs like from the very beginning even beforeyou're in the company they love bomb you were in the beginning and and you knowwhat I mean and it's just right off bat just pure manipulation they don'tunderstand how constant it is cuz they're like wellyou're at home and it's on social media like you should just be able to pullaway and I think a lot of people don't understand that inability to disconnectbecause in your mind you're telling yourself if I disconnect from this I'mnot gonna make money right we're gonna do well I need to keep working so theydon't understand almost like the manipulation that occurs because they'relike well they're people you don't know but the thing is these people put theidea they put the seed there and then you manipulate yourself all day longyeah I did it's basically what happens yeah you do it to yourself without evenrealizing because you have to get told by other people you believe that andthen like we just discussed then you go around rationalizing for the rest of theday well you know like a Beachbody we had success partner so you check in withyour success partner as an upline yeah and I mean and we'd sit there inrah-rah-rah each other and then there's a bazillion different things that I payto be a member of they were everybody was in an MLM so we're all drinking youknow a different flavor of kool-aid so to speak but we're all in that beliefsystem of this is going to be the thing we are going to have this life offreedom we are going to be in the dough and see you brought up a really reallyimportant thing there about how you had like someone that you went to all thetime the other thing is that people don't realize is like when I was in itworks I we had a little team of like five or six of us and we were on voicecalls together all day long every day it wasn't just about business we would talkpersonal stuff we became friends so he also almost get indoctrinated into aFriendship Circle and you think you're making new friends but it goes deeperthan just business because you're making new friends so there's a wholefriendship aspect that gets thrown in there and you're doing it all dayso like I'm in team meetings all day I am trying to sell stuff on Facebook allday you know you're doing all the posts orgoing to this group you're going to that group then you have to go to the teampage and then you're also on like Facebook Messenger do it make voicecalls with them all day long so you never really are out of it and that'sthe problem with the whole social media thing you can't disconnect from it wellthen you know in their daily activities you're doing those daily activitiesyou're talking to your friends you're checking in them these different pagesyou're doing stuff to like oh well my mindset obviously isn't right becauseyou know everything goes back to your stinking mindset and so you're doingmore personal development and you're watching a webinar that you found onYouTube or something because and all the positivity that which I now call toxicpositive is that's what it is it is you can actually be too positiveit's called toxic positivity where are you just it's not actually good topretend to be happy all the time even if you're not happy like if you're sadplease tell someone you're sad don't just pretend to be happy all the timeyou know so it's also like that whole thing – right like it changes your wholemindset because you're doing the personal development you're doing thepositivity you're being indoctrinated and indoctrinating yourself with allthese activities you got the friendships there's so manydifferent things that I I kind of coined what I call extended reciprocity becauseas human beings if somebody gives us something we feel obligated to them youknow return that yeah and with with MLM it's like okay you are offered thisopportunity and because you have like these people that you're talking to howyou're doing all these other things you feel obligated to keep going and to showthat you're worthy of some sort and also for me I know it was like oh cuzrecognition and recognition is always part of MLM you're wanting to be a getapproval and so you're willing to like just throw everything out the windowthat is rational because there's no rationality when you're involved inmulti-level marketing and you just start doingthose activities thinking that if I keep doing it I'm going to be approved I'mgoing to raise and rank I mean like it's like going to have some kind ofmeaningful outcome but the truth is there is no meaningful outcome and allit all you're doing is buying the product and making somebody else moneythey think it's also again back to the friendship thing because not only areyou trying to do it for the business and you're trying to do it for yourself andwhatever else the friends also make you feel obligated because Italy wheneveryou have that upline they're always in your inbox and they're like do your workyour business work your business and you almost feel like you also want to makethat person proud even though you don't know them and it shouldn't matter to youthere's like something to that like you don't want to let them down you don'tlet the team down you don't want to let your you if you have down lines youdon't want to let them down right now that's kind of what pulls you in to isbecause once you start getting down lines you you really can't quit thatwell I also think that they I mean it's so sick how you're manipulated in somany ways that whole thing that well you you wouldn't know how successful youcould be if you quit and so you get trapped in it longer meanwhile sinkingin more money more time getting your brain wrapped around the craziness evenmore and you just get trapped within it and with that sense of obligation ofthat you know you will just keep going in this like if you can if you get alittle something and maybe that little something is I've spoken about thisbefore but with Beachbody we had the national wake-up call every week and Iwon something one week I was so proud that I won and in the scheme of thingswho gives a flying monkey but you know you win what did you win what did I getoh I got the 21 day fix cookbook and I got a 21 day fix like little tote bagand I remember taking pictures and posting about social media and beinglike oh this is so great and I'm like oh my god people missive thought I was sucha jerk so although I was a definite jerk I wasI even like I even did the post like when I was with Scentsy me I had thispurple Scentsy card oh right uh your son sent a student card post I was like Ijust took my family to eat for dinner with my sexy card because I made $20this month that's all I made the whole month oh butI'm so happy about this meal I work so hard for this meal you and I can laughabout this now but I know when you did that you were like this is everythingthis $20 is gonna turn into 200 which will turn into 400 which will be fourgrand before you know I mean you start you believe all of that I mean it's apercent you believe all of that is going to happen okay so you were whistlingbecause you get told like work hard work hard and there's our mind especially ifyou're already somebody that has that mentality of as long as I work hard welldo well um it's very easy to fall into that here right it's like oh well youjust have to work hard just do all these steps and just do all the things and youwill make it don't worry you will yeah it broke and it's like you know it's soweird because there's so many things in my life that I mean I did work hard andI put in all the effort and I did achieve those things yeah exactly butwhen it comes to money like they should be able to do this yes easy compared toa lot of things that I've done I've achieved a lot of things that workharder than this they're saying they're telling me it's easy I just done why'sit so hard oh why is it so damn hard then you know it's like it supposed tobe easy but it's like the hardest thing I've ever tried to do becauseeverybody's saying no nobody nobody wants to say yes you know but they'relike oh and that was the other thing I've worked in sales before as well soI'm telling myself I know how to make sales I have no problem talking topeople in person I can walk up to someone on the street and be likehey girl I was going I really like your shirt have you ever thought of tryingthese wraps like I was that girl I could totally do it so it was like if anyonecan do this I should be fine like I even worked in sales there's one of the thingyou always hear from them right is they're like I don't know if I'll begood at this I've never worked in sales so I was like I will be amazing at thisI've even worked in sales so you really like took the opposite approach of likeoh since I've done sales I got this with me like you know having you know myanthropology Master's my instructional design masters it's like you know andthat's shit that's hard getting through all of you guys all the papers I'vewritten and I mean oh my god it was insanity it's like if I can do all thatyeah I should be able to do some friendly I know I can just go and starttalking – yeah yeah I got this I have a lot of friendsoh I'm connect no no no no because you can have a lot of friends but thatdoesn't that doesn't mean they want to buy your crap yeah you had know peopleand they can still say no here's the thing with it works with it works when Iwas in it it actually that was part of the problem is my first month I didreasonably well I made my hundred thirty dollar bonus which I was all excitedabout my bonus until I found out that it could only be spent on it works productOh get out of here so I was like oh I get $130 and thenthey were like yeah for the store oh my god okay you know that was another wayto sucker you in to get you in deeper into the products and so that's whatthen basically that's what happens is you have 130 dollars you can only spendit on that's your bonus money you worked yourbutt off for it because I had to get three loyal customers and I had to makeso many sales to get it right so I did that uh and my poor three loyalcustomers were three friends of mine that I've known since high schoolyou know I'm like in my late 20s for this 33 now this was like a few yearsago and they only bought it from me because they're friends of mine fromhigh school and they were like okay we support everything you do we'll do itfunny story one of my friends who did that when you're in the loyal customerprogram from it works you have to buy a certain amount of products every monthand you have to be in it for a minimum of three months this is why it works runon ninety day challenges because every three months you need to find three morebecause nobody ever spends longer than three months as a loyal customer becausemy one friend decided month two that that would be the last month she wouldwant a product and she comes to me and she says I want out I don't even wantone in the last month I'm done with this I don't want itanymore I love you I support you but I just I can't get this product again nextmonth what do I have to do get get out of this I didn't even know at the timeso I don't look so though in order for her to quit a month early she had to pay$50 what either had to order a product for that last month and just eat it likejust be like I know I don't want this but I'll get it or she had to pay $50 toopt out so I'm frantically like oh my god what am I gonna do so I look up andthe cheapest product is like the blueberry chews at the time um they werelike 45 bucks right so less than 50 so I'm like girl just get this you save himfive bucks I don't know like that's best I can do because unfortunately Ijust found out you wouldn't have to pay 50 bucks she's like I'll just pay the 50bucks I will pay the 50 bucks I don't want to right now goodbye here you go Ilove you Beth I love you but I just can't do it another month like theseproducts are not good for me and I just can't and it was like okay she paid the50 bucks to get out and my other friend pretty much did the same thing althoughhe just cancelled his account did he tell you well he just straight up thirdmonths it went to go out of his account and it was just like gone and I got anemail that was all like your friend had insufficient funds and I was like allright so I like right my friend and I already know what's happening because itjust happened with my others right same thing although this one just didn't tellme so I'm like yo man what's going on and he's like yeah I'm not getting I'mjust not so I shut down everything you can't take the money out we're all goodWow and say you know okay my cousin did it works and I ordered greens from herand but when when I went and looked at everything I saw the loyal customerwhich was much cheaper and I saw the regular price and I'm like I just wantto try this out even know if I'm gonna like it I didn't want to sign up as aloyal customer and I didn't I just I just did that one time doing that yeahthat's a really good thing you would have been locked in because they don'teven tell you that it's in like really teeny print at the bottom and like onelittle sentence how crappy and the thing is is it's in like the policy of theloyal customer let's be real how many people when they sign up for somethinglike that actually sit down and read every single thing including a smallprint before they handed it and they're depending on that theredepending on the fact that you're not gonna read it allyou're gonna think you're just signing up for like the three months and you canget out of it they actually tell you I'm pretty sure that they've said many timesyou can get out of it at any time that's part of the pitch often you can get outof it at any time right even in terms of signing up for the company let's saythat but no no so you're not gonna read it you're gonna sign up you're gonna belike okay yeah a couple months this product and then like what happened tomy friend if you want help then all of a sudden it's 50 bucks and you'll be likewell I I didn't like where was that and then they're like oh it was on page 6 of15 of the policy in the fine print at the bottom didn't you read it you signedit that's like my god okay you know let me just throw this inthere because I don't know if you've seen this in my videos but I was talkingabout like you know because I went through cancer and then laid off andthen ended up getting in MLM blah blah blah but I mean my beauty products likeeyeshadow and just like you know anything girl that stuff is like youknow ten years or older I mean I mean I had not been doing that so I just I'mgonna get some of these beauty boxes cuz I'm only like try and then I can do somegiveaways and stuff well with what's going on in the worldguess who's canceling everything that would be me that would be meI can't do those things because you know husband's not working and it's just youcan't do that and you know what I didn't have to worry about I just like calledthem up and I said hey I need to cancel thisthere was no fine print there was like Oh to get out of this beauty box beingsent to you you've got to pay you know $100 I mean you can you usually usuallyyou can just cancel and the worst you'll pay is like if they've already shippedit out you might have to still pay a shipping fee like that can happensometimes with companies I know there's been cases with like certain deliveryonline delivery companies where it's like you might still have to pay theshipping but they'll refund the rest of the money that's usually the worst casescenario you know now you have to pay $50 if you want to eatthat is just so I can say a scummy and scammyyou know it's just another way to dip into somebody's wallet yeah I guess sothat's basically what that company is is it's just a really big trip because likeI said even with the stuff you win from them or that your bonus is a lot oftimes you have to buy the product and the funny thing is they give you ahundred and thirty dollars this is a trick right – so they give you a hundredand thirty dollars do you think that you can make products like order a list ofproducts that actually equal a hundred and thirty dollars you have to do itmore you know it never will actually equal that you either have to do lessright so you might get like a hundred and ten dollars worth of stuff but thenthere goes that other $20 like it just disappears as soon as you do the saleit's that's just we're did it go or you end up having if you really do want tolike eat up the whole bonus money you ended up having to pay out of your ownpocket like 10 20 30 dollars depending on the product that you're getting rightum so then even then you either end up losing a little bit of it or you'reputting your own money in to be able to use it and that's the trick that's partof the trick as well it's it's a little trick that they do and you'll noticethat with all of the MLMs whenever they do like a bonus amount it's always a aweird amount like 130 and you can sit there all day with all the products outI've done it with it works and you can try to work it out to equal that youwon't be able to it's set up like that on purpose that is just like I justdon't want you to know that it's on purpose yeah yeah of course they do andyou know what you don't think about that stuff when you're in it rightyou're not like no not even worried about you're like oh you know what I'monly spending $20.

00 but look at all this stuff I got because this amazingcompany gave me this bone and I didn't pay for any of that stuffwell meanwhile that stuff is probably worth maybe $10 and so you know whathappened to me is I was like I'm gonna get greens I believe that those werelike 50 bucks or something right so there's 50 out of 130 then I got like Idon't even remember I got something else small too and then I got a shirt becauseI had to have a network shirt oh yeah I've got a wears shirt around and Ibelieve ended up coming to I think it was about a hundred and ten um you knowtax whatever and then I got free shipping because that was part of thebonus is that you don't have to pay for the shipping of course and then I payfor it and I'm thinking I'm still gonna have like $20 leftover for later likethis will be cool cuz $20 leftover then the next time I buy greens or somethingI only have to take 25 bucks will be goodI'll save 20 bucks you know yeah no no no paywhere did my 20 dollars just go and they were like oh you have to spend the wholebonus or else you know again it gets eaten up and that's the other thing theydon't tell you so I was like okay so what if I didn't know this and I hadjust bought in like the shirt for $20 what I have lost 110 dollars justthey're like yeah you would have told you someone should have told you we'resorry we didn't tell you and it's like okay they're like well you might havebeen able to fix it all you'd have to do is call her customer service have youever called customer service over an MLM company we have been calling tell usthat's what I want to do I've yeah I got a whole day of this now because that'show long it will take it will take you five hours on the phone it is hopefulthey really had my oh my workstation crash my workstation crashed on me onceand I had to call them and like I don't know what happily we had no clue what wedoing for an hour on the phone after I waited three hours on hold and got likesent around to all the different departments because they were like wellwe don't know what we're doing over here let me send you down to tech and thenTech was like well we don't know what's going on over here it must be a loginproblem so so we'll just send you back up to the customer service oh my godjust get me into it so yeah that was a fun day that was like a whole day awhole day I'm just trying to get in and that's the other thing most things breakdown all the time yeah never they have sales breakdown that's every company -they all like crash oh God with Beachbody I know whenever anything newwould launch I mean within five minutes it's likeevery is like it's just all messed up and I'm like really sigh you know thisis going on why don't you I take it like prepare for tonight you know prepare andprevent this from happening why is this guy never understood why is this goingon they're allowed to get frantic yeah they want the frantic by and I thinkthey kind of like the hecticness cuz I know I know as some companies like Iknow lularoe used to do this and even some of the makeup companies withspecial products do this sometimes where they'll let out like a special editionof something but they'll only be so many so then you get like this frantic of allthe hinds they're all rushing to the workstation they're all trying to getthem so you have like 500 hun just like I want to get that product and so itlike creates this huge like frantic rush and then you have like a few that get itthen you have a few that dump what happens with that is those few thatdon't well now they really want to get it the next time they missed out thistime so now next time they're really gonna get there and it creates this likea frantic buying I'm gonna get it this time I'm gonna get it first I'm gonna beable to get the product it's the phone nobodysniffing it out but me yeah uh so I think they do it on purpose for thatbecause they they could organize it betterlots of the loop of going on for like years now right you guys should havegotten this like 10 years ago thank you that was my anyway it's onpurpose I feel like everything they do is calculate is like almost like out inthe open manipulation that no one notices yeah yeah funny talking aboutlike this crashing that I experienced you experience and I think about likeyou know when Jeffrey star and Shane Dawson did the conspiracy palette launchand any and literally like it brought the internet which is unheard of sortsort of a thing that I mean I can totally forgive them for that because itwas just like it's mega and I don't have the pallets I wish I did that was just afrenzy because of the fans yes the fans that were like oh real customers itwasn't like they had turtle customers it wasn't like Jeffrey wasn't telling it tothe people who work for him and they always flipping nuts the way yeah goflipping nuts when something comes out got a head and that's the thing too thatthey do is like I've talking to a lot of people that have left right because I alot of people write me now and they'll be like you know I left a company andthey want to tell me their story or whatnot and I find that like that's whatthey'll say in terms of that the other issue is that you end up with only likethree or four different special editions and then nobody gets them so whathappens is they'll tell their customers will be able to get you this pre-orderand then it doesn't happen then these hands are left to go back to thecustomer and be like hey I know that you pre-ordered this product but they sawthem sorry oh that's like the worst position to put a heart in and ithappened with so many different companies like I know Lula Rose badand I was having with unique with some of their like special ones when theyfirst do like them yeah like they'll do like their specialthings um and that is the worst thing ever is when you have when you're a hunhun and then you've promised a customer you're gonna get them something and thenthis whole frenzy thing happens and you can't and they don't even know the Hunslike the company doesn't even tell the Hans like this is how many were doingthey let your customers know prepare for this no it's literally just like go tellcustomers that they can pre-order this and then when we come up with a few willhand them out to whoever we can and whoever doesn't get them can just thecustomers too bad but it's like okay well thank you so much for that no andthen you have some poor hon that's and that's the thing that they don't careabout that just shows you that they don't care about the actual peoplebecause they're all over here like well we don't care we sold all the ones wehad to I don't care if now you're all embarrassed and feel like a piece ofcrap has to go talk to your customer but why you don't have their products youknow yeah good luck with that Wow you know it's so interesting themore people I talk to like you know in these long hauls like this I don't knowwhat to call interview but whatever what we're doing what we're doing right hereright now is that you know I just feel like the deeper I go in the rabbit holethe darker and dirtier and scummy er it is and just when you think they can'tpossibly be worse well it is you know that'd be the whole thing yeah there's asub-basement and then there's a sub sub-basement and then there's the fingerplacement and there is there were just digging to China but that's the otherthing is that it always well because the harm that they do also I find it getsworse and worse and worse as I'm talking to people peopletelling me that they've lost like their their houses over these companies thatthey've lost their vehicles people have broken up their marriages over thesecompanies lost like family members that they don't talk to anymore for 20 yearsfrom being in like Amway or something that's the thing that gets me what I'mdoing minutes well the thing with Amway is that they are the oldest yeah actualMLM like avons the oldest company but it didn't actually start as an MLM it wasmore direct sales for women like it wasn't as grimy until more recently butAmway is the first one that was like let's be an MLM and start a company anMLM company and over the years it's gotten worse and worse more culty moreMLM like but now what's happened is they've actually branched off to doworld-wide dreambuilder now there's a couple today yeah like dream buildersthere's a couple of others because those those arose out of the tool scam yeahand now we have actual people stepping out of those come that company like thatsub company of Amway speaking out against it we actually have some here onYouTube that are now being threatened by Amway to be sued if they don't stopspeaking out against worldwide dream builders they always only get you toshut up yeah well I always joked that you've never really made it in the antiMLM community until you've at least been threatened to be sued by somebody likesomebody has to start like I had Tom Brooks threatening to sue mesomebody has to threaten to sue you alright company I've gotten a cease anddesist but this is from Hut robots with an ajik an agile took a page out of themy book because they have like these sub scams – there's thebreakaway movement there's the ace initiative there's Darren and Mike andoh the CEO group a lot more there's a bunch of them and all they're trying todo is like get people to come in and get their course and me as an instructionaldesigner my I mean my eyeballs just certainly are you kidding me because Ilook at their crap and you know it's like I actually know how to design acourse and I'm looking at this going this is just crap you know it has noreal can you possibly learn something from any of that sure but you know whatyou can learn that exact same thing if you went to Amazon and got a book youdon't need to buy there that's the thing that's they're not teaching you anythingno yes that's the thing is that I've been looking into a lot of these likeright now because I plan on in the summer time I want to do a whole bit onthe training like that the the people out here that most of them leave an MLMthey work their way up in the ghetto and they do well for a little bit and thenthey're like I'm gonna go create an MLM that teaches people how to run MLM andthey do a training um so I've been actually looking into a lot of thesetraining businesses um like Layton's nine universities there there's a 500million for it works that I've been looking into even the Beachbody coachingmm-hmm the business coaching ones and I've been looking at there's so manyrandom like there are probably a bazillion of these companies right nowthere are even as more companies teaching you how to be an MLM then thereare MLM companies at this point well you know not letting a problem I have likeokay I'm watching this one person and I'll admit it yeah I fell for hisaffiliate market paid affiliate marketing thing but now he has somethingwhere you can start your own online schooland what I and I really should I should do a video sometime just looking at thesubject lines of what he's sending out an email that's what I was gonna say Iwant you to do that I mean I just have enough of that experience and you wouldknow and like I I can even tell it's crap but it would be really interestingto hear you like break down one of their lessons and like actually talk about thewhole thing because I find that a lot of the information in them like when I'mlooking at it because I I figured out how to get some of the the lesson plansfor them and it it's nothing it's nothing you know what I'm like I didn'tlike it's literally just the MLM tree yeah that you pay for now yeah they saythey know social media like one of my favorite people and I have to do a videoon him soon because we had have gone into like an actual argument so now I'mjust out to get you Johnny junkman but yeah Johnny Jumpman is a it works malerobot that used to do a lot of like the the trainings for social media for itworks but he would always come out and talk all of this like I have a guy onthe inside that works on Facebook in YouTube at all of the places and hetells me all the inside information of how the algorithm works and if you knowanything about social media you will know that there is nobody out here thatactually understands how the algorithms work well is it called behind or way people will see you but there's noinside yeah there's no inside person that knows all of the algorithms of allthe social medias that Johnny jump in is connected to these nobodies with anyoneso it's like and I know social media and off because I've been doing social mediaout here even with Lake advocacy for domestic violence andand stuff before work MLM and before anti MLM and so like I'm sitting herelike okay but I I already know all this right like I I did I learned all this onmy own in my living room couple months didn't take me long thisis the basics you're teaching me the basicsyeah I'm paying for it what why am I here thought you were giving me insideinformation maybe we need to get Johnny jumping back because apparently he knowssomebody I don't know but if that's that's what it's like it's basic basicinformation you could probably google it and it would pop up free so you knowwhen I looks okay the Darrin and Mike's I was able to get into their full theirtraining until you got to the part where you had to actually you know spend fivethousand dollars to join a magic but because it didn't unlock everything youget you spend 149 dollars to get their course but you don't get the full courseuntil you buy five thousand dollars machine that's a water filtrationmachine that's that's their scam yeah I am not kidding and there's a bazillionof them doing the same kind of thing a mess oh and they can find ants of waterfiltration I think yeah you can't get water gang illustrations hang in thewater yes oh it's it's bad it's bad morepeople need to look into what these people think I'm going to somebodymentioned that to me recently too they're like you ever looked into thewater filtration thing and I was like now that you mention it I will probablylook into it because I do know that we did have a water MLM for a little bit Idon't know if they're still around but I just remember in the anti MLM subredditit's nice the same one it's really little while they had posted up the lakethey were selling pure water and they also had an air one they also had an airone so you got a canister of pure air to breathe in and then you know justwhenever you want some pure air and well looking look at my playlist on themagic because I have all the stuff there you know cuz um yeah and they that's howI got my first cease and desist from was from Darren and Mike and I also hadrecently somebody made a privacy claim on my ace initiative one which what Idid now was I just took it down but I've already redone and I just have itreloaded and because there was a privacy and so now I have things popping upoh I'm blurring the Matthew because of privacy you know district privacy likethat's the funny thing about me is that I've had like copyright strikes and I'vehad like drama and whatnot but my stuff never has anything to do with huns Imade the mistake of being critical of Chris Hansen and his scams so it justinvolves all those people yeah I have a bunch of their people like came after meand now I mean in this video that I put out on a SAN dish – that was put outlike in October and we're in what March and you're coming up right nowoh yeah I put out a video about Scentsy like ages ago it was before Christmasand people are like really just starting to comment it on under it now gettingreally mad at me about it I'm like you're a few months late butokay yeah well I think that these people think that oh she took it down to workoh we can we got her to do that but I don't think they realize oh yeah no I'vegot another one I just haven't had time to make a new thumbnail and upload thatsucker I mean it's going out you know but go ahead and feel confident that youknow you've made a difference that you really didn't know thing is that even ifthey copies regular like I had I got a copyright strike for a bow nice younghim so oh crap really yeah and he actually like he picked apart thevideo and like picked out all different little pieces that I had to take out ofit so I had like tape so I was like fine whateveroh nice I don't care I'll just take it out okayI'm not doing this with you brother just I'll just take it out so I do and I putit back on and you know a little while later itdoesn't make sense anymore the video doesn't make much sense right cries Iput it back on and then I'm watching it and there's all these cuts cuz I'vetaken out a whole bunch of things he wanted me to take out and then I'm likeokay this just isn't making sense like I'm just gonna take it down and then ithad a bunch of people because in my video I had mentioned like I didn't wantI didn't believe in the FBI MSU Christian said whatever then I had awhole bunch of people coming at me after that and they were like oh see you tookthe video down did you realize you were wrong and I was like no like oh nice yoand just coffee struck and I didn't want to deal with them what do you mean Ohlike I will see that's the whole thing well I think that goes back into theydrank the kool-aid that this person was serving up and then they'll say ohanother cop and so now they think all of this stuff they're like oh well wereally got her look at this because I know she didn't and it's like but noyou're really you were just kind of inconvenient you know and so I here'sthe thing though out here out here usually if you copy strike someone justbecause they critiqued you you're actually the baby no yeah to take downthere you might want to let them know that that doesn't fly like we just wentthrough a situation with a few friends of mine where we had some crazy ladythat's saying that since a friend of mine did a video on her he was she wasgonna go flag down all his videos like you can't do that you can't you can'tjust get that someone makes a video on you and coffee striker flag them that'snot how this works you know because technically I think we're kind ofcommentary in a way out here like we yeah men take on the Hunsso it's like the same thing we do like in Emily Leo and she does a video on afund bought and she blurs out her face and she's talking about what she doesyou know like that hun can't then comin flag down this is such a wussy though that's why Ibill like if something makes like that you like that privacy claim there like aprivacy claim oh uh it's like but I didn't they're a public figure it's apublic figure yes well I deal with that was Tom Brooks cuz I had a bunch ofpeople the 90-day fiance community come to me in like October November they werelike I really like your content I want you to look into Tom Brooks cuz I thinkhe's in an MLM and I was like oh Lord so I went and looked and he's doing thatOrgano Gold mushroom and coffee so I do a video on itand um do a video on it post the video on my Instagram and Tom himself shows upright and he's all you gotta take this video down I don't like this videoyou're just you know he like thought I wanted him or something so I did thevideo I don't know what was going on but I was like I just don't like you andyou're organelle called like just stops selling the MLM to your thousands offollowers you had this like one fan that was really really into himyou actually like gave her a lap dance and got her to sign up for the companyreally like some really creepy stuff and I was like Tom I'm just you know doingthese videos so that you learned not to act like this it's your 90-day fiancedude and you have a big social media now and you're getting your social mediafollowers to sign up for this MLM under you I'm just checking it man I'm justchecking you you'll be okay like it's not gonna ruin your life and he was likeI am going to sue you and I was like oh okay well I mean what are you suing mefor he was like I'm gonna see you for slander you're slandering me with thisvideo and I was like I'm not saying anything wrong I mean I poked out youlittle bit in it but I mean all I said about you is your socialinfluencer correct you're a 90-day fiance correctnow you're doing this MLM correct you're signing up your fansI got an example of one a really creepy situation to about nobody like sothere's nothing you can take me to court for and I'm still waiting but I'm saferword tom if the whole slap lawsuit you know it'sthat whole threat of to be able to take yeah but it's a credit he actuallythought I was gonna be like oh my god Tom Rose is gonna sue me I better gotake down that video and it was like that's not gonna happen like I'll seeyou in court Tom a live stream that whole thing what are you right rightwell that's why I'm gonna pop this sucker back up cuz I mean I'm surethey're thinking oh you know yeah we're good now if I oh no baby doll you know Imean it's going back guys and that's what happened when I got my first ceaseand desist from Darren and Mike because they you know I just YouTube just tookthe video down and then they sent me a cease and desist but then again I alsoknow Doug so Doug was able to respond to their lawyer you know I'm like and Iguess I thought like oh that's done well then that's why I have a whole playlistnow on an adjective as I was able to dig even more into it it's like you knowyeah you're like you know what you trying to shut me upyeah why why are you trying to I am going to find out what it is that you'retrying to hide because it's obviously something if you're trying to shut me up you should definitely look into that andthen we can do a little you know thing talking about like you know your take oneverything because I do think this happens to be one that needs to bespoken about a lot more because it sounds really huge it is it is it isit's like like in more ways than one like it sounds like it's a big companythere's a lot of people involved and then also the product is a big productand it's really expensive there there are so many dirty thingswrong with it Oh back when the Samoa measles thatoutbreak was going on there was someone that was using the kangen water sprayingit on people saying it was going to cure them oh that's like Chris Hansen rightnow oh he has bananas in nano vapor the nano vapor and and if you get it fromhim and his doctor buddies that just created the company this month then youput it on all your surfaces you can apparently even put it on your own handsit's the same stuff that to clean out jets like the stuff they used to cleanit up in airplanes they want you to put it on your skin I don't think so do thatand yeah it's supposed to protect you from kovat if that's what it's supposedto do and he is actually promoting this on this channel right now go check itout oh I think I will I'll have to check it out I have a few friends and of mineand I that has just been like like wigging out over here when I did theamboy thing I found a couple of people I think they were from India and they werebasically saying my products could protect people from it and I'm like arghyou kidding me I mean I died there's essential oils yesat a beach body we got the actually did a whole video on that recently I did awhole video on all of the like I literally for a whole week straightafter this came out when I was looking for hon Bob post like I went and toldone of my friends I said I don't even feel like I'm hunting for hun BOTS rightnow I feel like I'm hunting for Kovac like most right now is like are you athome and you can't work because of Kovan or it's I got this product that willprotect you from covet it's like what is this yeah buddy and all of that goesback into they've been indoctrinated into the fantasy world of MLM and theybelieve all of that person and sticker the sales yesthrilled so that's like in normal people they don't always look for anopportunity to make money right even if you're in sales you might not always dothat everywhere but it's like they've been so indoctrinated with that so yeahthey see they see bad experience even with their friends and they're like oh Iwonder if I can make money off of this with my product but I don't even thinkthere's a way like they I think they print like how can I help them theunderlying thing is how can I make money from them but I don't think in theirmind their thing and how I can make money they're thinking like oh I havethings that can help I'm a help in Halle I'm just gonna help people and it's likebut you're actually destroying yourself the more you're trying to help andthat's the funny thing about it is that that's the problem with them is you getinto this like weight of that right you think you're trying to help people butyou're just destroying everything and it's almost like this big cycle thatjust goes around and around around with everything that you're doing witheverything else you get deeper and deeper but then getting deeper is whatmakes you go deeper and it's like yes rabbit hole that rabbit hole that rabbithole does deeper and deeper and deeper and then there's more rabbits in therewith you so you think you're doing the right thing because some of thoserabbits are apparently doctors or something like our ends and stuff thenyou're like no we're good we got professionals here yeah yeah they havespecial titles too you know I mean it's just it is just really disgusting I meanI just I have a lot of choice words but I'm just going to you know refrain fromusing some of those choice words all that people just wonder but it's it'sjust such a I think they know I'm sure they doit's so terrifying of because you know and I think you'd probably fall alongthe same lines of this is because I've done so much intuitive that it's MLM iscult I mean it just follows by just I just did the bike model yeah yeah itdoesn't matter which I have a series it's calledmanipulation of a hunt ball and that's what I look into I have an episode thatlooks at the American Dream and how that plays a role in the calculation languageand I've done that to option I also have one on that exact thing so I just did atwo part on it of the bite model in comparison to MLM and it hits almostevery single point every single one of them I did one that was on beers lanesto feeling yeah there's like there's like two that it might not hit and moreof them or like the sexual ones like yeah bad doesn't like have more sexualthing that's it though and even then I was like but you know if Pure Romancekeeps up right and then you have Nick see em yeah Nick yeah yeah so I was butthen technically we have done so no like we have literally hit every single onelook all of it all of it yeah I did one video it was on the business activitytracker for Beachbody and when I started breaking it down and I didn't realize itwhen I was doing like holy crap I'm hitting like everything of the fightmodel it's like all here for that daily activity of this is what you're supposedto do no wonder you get into this over andover because you are constantly exposed to itand yes a little repetition will manipulate yeah it will it will andthat's literally when you're in an MLM that's all you are doing all day isconstant repetition it's over you're posting over and over again you'reasking people to buy off you over and over again even the the team calls andjetties are very like repetitive um every everything's just on repeat allthe time all of it all of it then I think you can almost cannot becausehere's the thing I've talked to a lot of people after they've left especiallystay-at-home moms and I asked I said what is the one thing that you kindmyths like is there anything when you left the MLM that you were like oh youknow like cuz we all know about the friendships right I'm like of course youmissed the friendships we all lose the friendships that set but is thereanything else like other than that and the consensus from everyone I've talkedto seems to be they missed having something to do so consistentlythroughout the day and in their lives so then you almost get into doing that likeand it's fun you repetitiveness can be fun you would have a choice especiallyif you're like a stand home mom maybe you you know you don't have that muchgoing on I know I started YouTube because my husband went back to work andI was like now I need something to do since the little ones in school you knowhope it's that same sort of thing so then they go oh well now I havesomething to do with my days every day I can do these posts and I can do this soa lot of them stay and I know I felt this too like after you leave you missthat you're kind of like you're used to waking up every day and being like oh Ihave to do this post and I have to do this call and have to do this and thenthey're like you know and then I left the MLM and I woke up the next day andit was like oh I don't have anything to do today what am I gonna do with my timeand they were like you know like I enjoyed it I was I was relieved but atthe same time I did miss that like not having something to do with the MLM yeahno that makes absolute sense because young you have your routine you had yourplan you it basically schedules out for day foryou you know of what yeah exactly and for a lot of us like if youknow we don't maybe we don't have a schedule that crave like I know forexample be a stay-at-home mom you might not have the best schedule you're notreally scheduled in your day other than around your children right so it's likeyou want your own kind of thing to do that's that schedule yeah it's for youthat you know you can kind of concentrate on thatextra thing and that's kind of what the MLM gives that gives you that in thatway to feel like you got a turd that you're you are contributing even ifthere it is I'm just doing these same things every single day and I'm notmaking any money but you tell yourself like oh but I'm still working mybusiness everything about but I'm still working my biz as long as I'm stillworking don't get anything for working it but just keep working keep going justkeep going you know I can remember being told oh when we were at in New Orleansfor the Beachbody convention my husband went with me where he worksour sister restaurant is in New Orleans and so he's in the square whatever it'scalled where all the bars and all the crap is I don't know what it's calledbecause I don't like the hub or something so whatever this place isanyway he was in I don't remember which place that he was at but he could writehe recognized somebody as being with Beachbody and apparently she was youknow high up and so he told him like my wife is here blah blah blah blah blahand this is what she's doing he's like oh yeahshe's going on the right way just just keep going just keep going takes aboutfive years just keep going five years of what getting nothing from it and so thenI'm going to be so indoctrinated into it now I'm stepping on everybody so I canmaking it a little bit of scratch that just sounds terribledoes this sound so weird like it's such a weird thing when you leave too latelook back and think about that because it's like nowhere else in the worldwould I ever work for free for five years yeah where I start making moneylike if you hired me from a job you best be giving me a paycheck in a few weeksright like why did I think but I think it'sbecause they promise you this huge reward this huge reward at the endbecause it's not only about the making money in being successful for a lot ofus a lot of us also already have influence in our background of being aninfluencer doing advocacy doing something in the spotlightso for a lot of us and I know I was one of these people I was like they're gonnahelp me be an influencer I'm gonna also get like the attention the followingthat I need yeah and I'm gonna be alright with that right and so I thinkfor a lot of us it's also that it's like but I also want that attention I want tobe that hon that gets brought up on stage yeah and congratulated and andcelebrated and she tells her story and it looks so fun to do I want to do thatyou know that's what I wanted to do I wanted to walk across the stage I wantedto be a five star diamond I thought that was the bee's knees that you know Iwould make it I mean it's like but then I think about it was having that mindsetit was like I downplayed everything else I had achieved in my entire life yeah Iknow it's like what all of this other stuff means nothing which is complete BS that was the way that was the way it didnot with me that I was so badly burned from corporate America how I was treatedwhen I dealt with cancer and everything and and they depend on that they justthey're going for the people that don't want that's the line that they alwaysuse is you don't want to work in 9:00 to 5:00 yeah I'm work for us instead soit's like they're depending on reaching out to the people that and you know it'sso funny I want to do that it's that okay when I went through the wholecancer thing and I was laid off then I was like interviewing and I can rememberthis one interview cuz I was still going to my cancer doctors and I was sayinglike hey do you have you know flexibility to be able to work from homeon occasion because I mean literally it would have been like four or five hoursbetween me like going to where I needed to go to my doctor seeing my doctorbefore I would be able to drive that to the office opposite yeah okayso it made no sense to me like that just sounds stupid so you know I work fromhome that day when I went to the doctor they didn't have that and so I ended theI ended the interview right there because I'm like okay that's just stupidand now with what's going on in the world guess what everybody is workingremotely that can and that's thing I was looking for is like I justwant to be able to be in my own yeah but maybe this will fix the problem maybe wewill just all start working remotely and then we won't have these awful companiesout here promising people that they can have flexible hours from home becausewe'll just all be working remotely one that would be wonderfulwhen we can really shut these things down I really do think that the way thatwe work will be forever transformed well I think there will be people are goingto be more open to remote work for it so it's like I was telling you that companyI work for that's putting together all these things of how to get people up andrunning working from home you know to clay and it's all these trained lot ofcompanies are now or how would I have to like even social services like when Iwas working in them they were starting to do it to get allthe computers and stuff so that US workers because we worked out in thecommunity yeah wouldn't even have to go back to the office we could just carryaround a laptop to our case notes on the laptop you'll see the next client do thecase notes on the laptop go home for lunch if we want you to write up reportsso like I feel like we might yeah we might be heading that way anyway and ifwe do that will help this problem because that is legit what these MLMspromise people that they're not getting out of corporate america so if corporateamerica would just come around a little bit and you know do the remote thing alittle bit more start making paying attention to the fact that you knowpeople will do won't want to spend more time with their families and be able towork a little bit rider smarter or whatever then we don't need thesecompanies these companies would eventually window oh because you're notmaking money with them but you're able to get all the same benefits yeah rightso eventually that's the only benefit that they have over anything else isthat you get you convince yourself that you're working what is it worksnot harder than they always say yeah but you have this flexibility yeah and theflexibility and you can be at home around your kids and blow that'sliterally the only thing that they have one up on normal employment and noweverybody's home with their kids figuring out how to be you know help dohomeschooling and work from home and all of that you know I'm just over here like that's my whole thing too is because youknow MLMs are gonna swoop in whenever there's a crisis you know that peopleare gonna have oh yeah already happening there are do and I'm list the thingsthat I worry about are the people especially like I guess people in theservice industry like you know my husband isn't but you people in theservice industry with all the restaurants and hotels and everything'simpact you know they don't have anything to do you know and so there might besome that are like well this sounds good because I need to make money now butmeanwhile but then there's also this problem too is that because so manypeople were out of work guess what they don't have money for your MLM productyeah see but that's kind of like the funny little like catch-22 that happensthough right is like you need but you don't know which way it's gonna go likeit's like you know that they're gonna use this to try to get more people tosign up and it's like it might work I just hope more people are broke okay Ijust pulling back what they're spending money on and maybe being a reflectingand be like yeah I've talked about this I think last week when I interviewedNicole something that I really hope and I've talked to my husband about this tooas I hope people's lives will become simpler because I think that we havegotten we've been so over scheduled especially like with kids and like justwith everything and it's like you know I mean I know growing up I used to havelike dinner at home and you know it was you know much more quote traditional ifyou will but I like weird thing in society whereeverything is go go go go go all the time like when I was growing up I onlyhave like one or two activities a week these kids nowadays have like one everysingle night – every night it's like oh I need to be in all those activitieswhen did they do their homework when then they arrest yeah so that isessentially a really big problem with it as well and what can you do when you area mom and you're running all over the place and bla bla bla to make money youcan do an MLM oh but don't also now I think it's a great thing is that peopleare it's forcing people to cook at home or I mean and if you can't afford to goand support your local restaurants please do so get takeout do that but Imean I think that having this where we are like in our own little bubble thenyou also have to entertain yourself so I'm going okay well can kids now startusing their imagination again we're not just like tethered to everything maybepeople just go in the backyard and dig in the dirt you know and just see likethat's the thing my daughter she doesn't have a tablet she's five we just got herone and she hardly ever does it she usually has like TV playing in thebackground but she grows up like a 90s kid I don't do the whole electronicssitting on the couch thing we don't know and we yeah we play outside things likethat because yeah I just some of these kids today they're just on the tabletall day and then they're watching TV and then they're watching it like mydaughter's already watching you – yeah cuz I do it well I am just hoping thatwe'll get like a simpler life out of all of this one of the things that gets tome and we should probably wrap this up soon cuz I mean I could sit here and yakall day with you is you know I think about like the beauty community and I doI love you know all the products but it's like how many pounds does anybodyflippin need you don't need like 500 of them I feel like we've been justconsuming things to consume and I'm hoping now with this nowa lot of people they don't have that disposable income maybe they'll be likedo I really need all those things but I thought that I needed maybe I don'treally need no you really don't need all of those things you don't we can all dowith less and we can do more with less if that makes sensemm-hmm yes yeah for sure well it's because then what happens is youactually start concentrating on the more important things and spending your moneyon the real more important thing instead of all the fluff it's basically whathappens right I know now with my husband home I mean and I'm gonna I'm gonna telleverybody a little secret on him I mean I love him to pieces and he's such lovebut he makes lists of things he has a list of every movie he's ever seen andhe like rates it he has his wine list that he does too but then he has aboutbaseball I mean he has all these different lists that's what he's doingoh his music list that's another one he is making he's refining his list duringthis time like I've never had the time to concentrate on this stuff oh my goddude you got it now yeah I mean knock yourself barely but we break up his daybecause since I work from home and it's not MLM I always fuck I have to say thateven though I know you guys know I don't work for an MLM we take a day sosomebody in the comments is gonna be like you said you work from home not MLMlet me make that killer hashtag not MLM but we'll walk the dog so chalupa tamaleand my husband and I there we go and you know and did we do longer walks and it'slike maybe I'll drop some of the weight that I gained from all the stress I'vebeen under so there's that you know I see a lot of people out walking to andriding bikes it's like maybe we'll go back to doing some of those simplethings and maybe when society is able to come back together maybe we'll do thingslike go over to each other's homes and like play Monopoly or something and justreally I know men are so much easier than all of the hecticness that we'vebeen doing for so long yeah you know and unplugs unplug people are fun part ofmore and I'm like yay for gardening I wish Ihad a little garden right here but I'm like you meanall of those things that we can do we I just said we can do better overall Ithink we can do better with how we take care of the earth how we take care ofeach other we can just do better just with littlethings okay I'm getting off my soapbox I'm up on that box world and stay upthere and preach but I'll just climb on down okay I am going to stop this andthen we can you know kind of like wrap up together how's that sound all right Ihope you enjoyed my conversation with Beth make sure you do check out herYouTube channel and her social media handles as well I am so glad that peoplelike Beth are telling their stories about their time in multi-levelmarketing and also kind of diving into what I call the darkness of MLMs whichis more of the psychology because it's really all of that it's all of thisunderlying things that's going on which you have no idea at the time that it isbecause you just get sucked in and I find it so amazing that Beth just likeme all of the research we typically do when it comes to MLM truth that all wentjust right on out the window if we want there to be a change in the world and wewant to shine a light on things that we see is damaging to other people and aswell to the world at large it's really up to us to speak out and start talkingabout it and remember change starts now.

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