In the far north of Thailand on the Mai HongSong loop is a town that has been a backpacker favourite for decades.

Good morning welcometo Pai! But where there was once a chilled out mountain paradise is now something elseall together.

Pai today is an overly crowded overly westernised party town.

Where mostof the traditional Thai street food has been replaced by pizza and burgers.

In my opinionthe town has lost it's original appeal.

So in this guide I want to show you all of thebest things to see away from the centre focussing on the natural sights of the countryside.

My name is Ryan and this is Emma.

This beer is bigger than my face.

And welcome back tothe One Shot Adventures channel.

With most of the main sights being outside of town themost popular way of getting around Pai is by scooter.

But if its your first time ridingone I don't recommend doing that in Thailand.

We got ours from a shop called VesPai whoseowner is probably the most responsible man in town.

Instead of just throwing you on abike and sending you on your way he actually takes the time to make sure you're comfortablewith the bike and how it works and if you're feeling a little bit rusty he even offerssome little lessons too.

Our life is in Emma's hands now.

Dont say that! My Mum will killme! So first up we're going to a place called the Land Split and the near there's a waterfallas well.

I've gotta say you're a very good driver.

It's a lot easier without your lankyass on the back.

We're just stopping at a place called Coffee In Love which is a littlecoffee shop that has an amazing view over the countryside.

When you drive around you'llsee plenty of places like this which are great to stop at to take a few photos.

As the namesuggests the Land Split is a a split in the land.

The land is owned by a farmer who hasopened it up to the public and you can get in here for free.

It was caused by an earthquakeback in 2008 and then since then there has been a few more earthquakes that have madeit a bit wider and longer.

I'll be honest it's not exactly the Grand Canyon and itsnot even the best canyon in Pai but its still a very nice walk around the farmland.

I'dsay the main reason to come here is not just the Land Split.

The farmer sells some freshproduce that they grow on the farm here and it's all donation based so you can give asmuch as you feel it's worth.

And they bring you out all of this really nice fresh foodand it's great for a lunch or a snack.

So we're just heading a little bit further ohh–We're just heading a little bit further down the road from the Land Split to Pam Bok Waterfall.

The falls are only a short hike from the road and it's a great place for a quick swim.

Thewater is freezing cold so it will be quick.

Very cool waterfall.

We're going to head tosome hot springs next which is something that I've definitely never done in Thailand.

Onour way to the hot springs we made a quick stop at the World War 2 memorial bridge.

Builtby the Japanese army as a route to the Burmese border which was a British colony at the time.

It's 300 baht for a ticket into the hot springs.

I can smell that eggy sulphur! I honestlyhad no idea that Thailand had anything like this.

Learning things everyday! There areseveral different pools at various temperatures.

We spent a few hours here soaking in the waterand it's a really great place to relax.

So Emma do you want to tell everyone what thiswas like two years ago when you came to visit.

It was very dry.

So one tip would be to makesure that you check the time of year that you come because there are certain times certainmonths where there is absolutely no water in these hot springs and when Emma came theystill charged her for entry so do your research! Looks like there's a storm on the way.

GoEmma go! The rain got us.

It's a beautiful morning here in Pai and we're going to headout of town to Lod Cave which is one of the most popular attractions around.

Instead ofgoing on the moped we're going to share a taxi which should only be 200 baht each soits a pretty good deal.

Check this out there's an abandoned bus on the side of the road.

I love stuff like this.

Makes for amazing b-roll.

Lod Cave is over 1600 meters long with a fresh water stream running right through it.

Youhave to go through with a guide who takes you through the different cave systems bygas lantern pointing out all of the interesting rock formations.

You can only get throughsome of the cave by bamboo raft which is quite a cool experience.

Unfortunately when we visitedhalf of the cave was closed due to bad weather and flooding so we didn't even get to seethe most impressive caverns.

We booked accommodation in a quiet area across the river from themain town and our little cabin was a really nice place to escape to.

The owners we werereally nice and friendly and they cooked us breakfast every morning which we enjoyed withriver views.

They also have a very smiley dog.

I love walking over this bridge everymorning it's like dancing with death.

We're heading west of Pai to a Chinese village whereabout 200 families from Yunnan Province have immigrated and made a mini China.

During ourChinese series we spent quite a lot of time in Yunnan province so it will be interestingto see what this is like.

So here we are it only took about 15 minutes from the centreof Pai.

This is very strange.

Little bit surreal.

They've even got a mini Great Wall of China.

I dont think that's even in Yunnan.

Ignore the facts, it's fine.

If you want to raiseyour Insta game to the next level you can rent a traditional Chinese costume for 100baht.

That's gonna get you the likes.

One very steep hill later and we're up at theYun Lai Viewpoint.

It costs 20 baht to get into the viewpoint.

Amazing views.

And youcan pay another 20 baht to get a nice pot of Oolong tea.

It's just passed 5 o'clockwe're going to head up to the big White Buddha on the hill and hopefully we'll get a nicesunset from there.

You can see the White Buddha from town and walking up the many many stepsgives you some amazing views from the top.

Unfortunately it was a little bit cloudy thatnight so the sunset wasn't the best.

So Pai does have another place that is very famousfor watching the sunset which we are going to check out now and fingers crossed we'll get a good one tonight because last night really wasn't good at all.

So welcome to PaiCanyon.

This place is awesome.

Pai Canyon is free to enter and if you ask me it hasthe best views in the area.

At sunset it does get very busy near the main entrance but itsvery easy to venture out on your own and find a quiet spot.

Overall we really loved our4 days of riding around the countryside.

Outside of the town Pai is still a piece ofparadise.

Amazing sunset at the canyon such a good spot for it and that's the end of ourtime here in Pai.

In the next episode we're heading over to Ko Chang one of Thailand'slesser known islands.


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