My favourite Thailand island: Koh Lanta (Part 1)

Good morning guys welcome to Love LiveDiscover channel right now we are in Koh Lanta and we're going to go explore allaround the island today Welcome to Love Live Discover Thailandseries I have traveled all over Thailand for 12 months and in this ThailandTravel Guide series we will feed monkeys swim with sharks and of course we willget to know the elephants enjoy the beaches hike mountains we will also jointhe biggest water fight in the world if you want to see all these and more makesure you subscribe now and ring the bell to discover all about Thailand's forfree guys we just wake up we walk in to get some breakfast as you can see around me it's really beautiful nature here it'snot as developed as like Phuket or Phi Phi which is a good thing so we're gonnahave quick breakfast and then find a place so we can rent a scooter and startexploring the first attraction that we're going to go is kayak in mangrovewhich I'm really excited about I'm looking forward to it but beforeeverything else let's have a breakfast morning coffee my love the way Jessica's doin sweet milk issold separately with egg by the way should be thank you so we finished the breakfastyeah I'll to rent the scooter and start exploring maybe color coffee one more coffee morning can we rent a scooter can I trythe scooter first how much can I trywhich ones do like it that one Jeju like so he'strailing new one yes babe for you think for one day I'm goodnow hopefully it's gonna breed um it looks like it is what we tried to ratethe scooter scooters wasn't that good anyway and then they give us literallyempty tongue and they tell me you know no problem you can bring me empty tankbang and I'm like how I'm gonna adjust it to be empty tank back you give me afull and bring you back full like no no you take it like this and then you bringme whatever is the gas inside left so I decided not to raise it there and we'regonna walk around to check for the next place yeah and the scooter wasn't niceeither so we're gonna try to find out of the place came to the second placeprices st.

so I'll just check this guitar well this one looks nice it'ssame as we can have and forgive yeah same although it looks like sense thoughhey let's go the brakes are okay went to make suchsound it's okay you just come next door and the screwthis condition is much better at least the tongue is helpful so I don't I canjust get up and it was a little bit much is come from yeah as guys trying tohelmet safe let's go later look Mary's monkeys the track ofour parents did you find monkey guys and GPS will put petrol station wecome across from Pericles type in oil which doesn't look really trustful sogood try to find a petrol station in this island here's my yes while in Syria we could invite a proper petrol stationbut I was up on this side of the road a 40 buffer 1 liter fill up the tank andnow we're going to mangrove forest the reason why we driving there is becauseif you book it for travel agents it's 1, 000 baht so we decided to go and checkto rent the kayaks over there I fingers around 300 par all day that's what we'regonna drive there straightaway to check it out instead of booking with agent left mangrove and the right sideto the sea me as we have a mural when you want to lead effectivelyokay fine ready my love yes very hot so guys instead of getting a tour we justcome here dry by ourselves and paid 300 per person and that give us unlimitedtime I'm just gonna get the kayaks there would be no guide we can drive itanywhere we want and hopefully we're not gonna get lost but we'll find out aboutthat putting our cakes at the water right nowso we're gonna change the camera to action camera now this camera will comewith me so if there's anything special I will record it with this but generallyit will be action camera so if you call it to go a little bit sorry and I willnot be able to speak as well because actually come on but in these specialmoments I will try to use this camera for you guys so I can cherish you aswell guys as we were kayaking through themain river we find this tiny everybody going for insights we're just gonna goinside explore a little bit not too far because we don't want to get lost just alittle bit and then we'll go back to the main rivers to continue exploring driver take me back to the main riverplease just make sure I don't hit the trees best character in the world there yeah the actor like we didn't comecloser it wasn't there but guys look at the route Oh to the truth trees here itlooks so good so interesting and why are some of them are spiky it's like I thinkit would be really hard to walk here all the roots are in each other and allright now we come back to the main rule rule continue exploring and if you findout other sights river will also get in to check that out guys we just come to this section wherethe Ruhr separates into two different parts before we rent this before we rentthis card we ask them like how we go to the manga ruin they said there'll bejunction where the river device – if you choose the right one we go to mangroveand if we choose the left one we go to the sea we're gonna go to my guru sitebut it's just for you to let you know in case you comes here to do the kayakingso you know we just drive until the rivers device' – JJ said on the rice isvery ver but as you can see on the right is 50 so we're gonna turn left to getolder to continue exploring the river I just you are in the main river you finda little side ruin so we're just gonna go inside this tight cutoff and thencheck it out as we were kayaking there is lots ofdifferent monkeys waiting on the side of the river and as we passing by they'reso calm they're watching us as if they're waiting us for us to go close sothey can come to the boat even one of them jump into the river to swim to usbut we drive fast because there are cameras and everything with us and wedon't want them to get on the boat they will think that it's a it's a food andthey might try to get our bags and we got cameras and everything that's whywe're not getting too close even now I can see one on this side of the Sun aswe drive a bus properly he's gonna watch to get a close distance I will record itfor you guys I'll show you two Oh jellyfish people look it's amazingguys we just found amazing jellyfish I will show you the footage it looks coolyes this looks amazing and the water is so clear and it's so close to surfacethey'll be recorded and it looks really good we tried to record some more shotsfor you guys there's one more jellyfish it looks you it's been quite a while that we are onthe Rue memory and they were really good time we see monkeys jellyfish all thiscool read-throughs but now it's too hot it's getting close to 12 o clock so nowwe decided to go to the c-section and stop in the sea to swim because riverdoesn't look that nice to swim then look back clean and we don't know what'sunderneath so that's why we're going to go to the c-section to swim and thencontinue they come to the c-section hoping that we'll be able to swimpaddling but the water is so shallow I think it's too far off to the deepsection that's why we decide to just give up go back and leave the kayaks andcontinue our date what's up there now Louise.

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