My First Vlogs – THAILAND Travel Vlog 2018 – BANGKOK & PATTAYA

7:00 am I went to Tan Son Nhat airport to check in and fly to Thailand I already have the plane ticket :)) Let's board the plane! Sandals – cute? : (( Sawadi! There are so many flights today so the airport is very funny hihihi Thai There is a fly daring to fly here.

Do you see that? The weather today is beautiful ! This is a branch of the Mekong River that flows through Cambodia! Asia airline gives me a piece of egg rice and Thai curry meat stock, very easy to eat.

Mum mum :)) Entry card – Departure card Sit down and finally come to Thailand I am at Don Muang International Airport – Thailand Huy goes to change money here kakakaka Holding money naturally feels more handsome than usual hihihi After having the money, the first thing is to buy 1 sim 5GB for 3 days You should buy True Sim to use because it has very strong LTE! After that, book grab on hotel, Thai grab like Vietnamese Grab so I am also very comfortable book! Thai people are good at traveling, so even if you just say a few simple English sentences, they will understand what you need, I like Thai people at this point, they are very sharp! Finally coming to my hotel, its name is Ónajak Hotel and is located in PhyaThai Area – Bangkok.

A peaceful small alley! Koi aquarium in the hotel.

After checking in, I moved to Siam and to visit, eat and shop.

Hi everybody ! I'm going to have dinner! In the MBK center there is a delicious Thai food court.

I just ordered Pad Thai.

After 5 minutes of waiting, there is also mumum food :: ((( Let's fly over to Thai tea hahaha Thai beer is about to buy and try to be drunk :)) It is 22:00 PM and .





I'm putting on a mask and go to sleep – beauty to go take pictures of that beauty 🙂 I just closed my eyes until morning, kakaka Bathroom is very nice :)) I'm also pretty 😛 Breakfast at the hotel with full nutrition to prepare for a long day exploring Bangkok Merge clips 😂 Hello! I'm at Arun Wat! 5 Bath / 1 entrance ticket.

Coconut here is very good and the price is also very good is 60 bath / 1 left.

AAAWWWW !!!! It is refreshing! Because I had very little time, so I took the car to Pattaya to play for it Pattaya I'm here! That's the Apartment I rented to stay here.

The way to this apartment feels both scary and exciting 😀 This is a room I rented, with enough furniture to use.

Room is cheap but high up, so there is a nice view to live virtual :)) Then I walked to the mall to find food.

I love the feeling of watching the sunset in Pattaya but that tree covering the sun always hurts! People go okay, it is their turn to take the escalator, it is always an unconscion escalator.

The sea here is not very beautiful so stand to watch, but no one takes a kakaka Go to the bathroom to prepare to eat, eat, eat and rest.

Do you know what the baby calls? Tell Huy! This is a night market in Pattaya that doesn't sell very well :)) I am walking to the red light district.

Along the way there are 3 Starbucks.

Missed filming these girls should be beaten kakaka Along this street, many things are sold such as clothes, electronics, toys, souvenirs, .



The police are guarding this neighborhood! The weather was very hot, so I ran into a 7 eleven to buy some water and stood in here for 5 minutes to cool the kakaka Walk on the beach in the evening They are fishing the Squid It is now 10pm and I have to go back to my bedroom to fly back to Vietnam tomorrow morning 6am the next morning I am going to ride to Don Muang airport and back to Vietnam.

I have good memories in Pattaya and Bangkok – a short but interesting trip! Miss u Thailand :)) Goodbye Thailand and see you soon!.

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