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Hello everyone! Toda we continue to explore the north-western part of Phuket, the north-west coast.

The last time we were on the beach Naithon.

Now we drove north.

And today we are on the beach which is called Nai Yang.

We are now near the entrance.

There is a small village There trade trays, cafes and snack bars You can buy some food and snacks.

There is clear access to the coast, on the beach.

Come on let's see.

We were the first on this beach.

Now we'll take a look and share your impressions! Because we do not know anything about this beach.

Let's go there.

I'll tell you something As Naithon, Nai Yang is also included in the National Park and Reserve Sirinath.

At the entrance is a pointer on which is written “Sirinath National Park”.

There are few tourists.

While I did not see Russian tourists I saw the Chinese and Europeans.

The beach is small, 2 km long See how steep trees.

Their trunks are expanding to the bottom Surin have the same trees.

I'm not sure.

Write to me, what kind of tree, if you know.

Then roll shells from fish I'll try to write in the descriptionvideo title to these marine reptiles.

They remind me of the “Alien” It is their shells.

Someone had cooked and eaten It looks disgusting.

As far as I know, this is one of the most ancient inhabitants of our planet, in which we live.

And they look awful.

I think it's being from the future.

Not from the past.

Let's not talk about the bad.

We go to the beach.

Nai Yang beach is very popular among Thais.

They do not rest on the sea usual.

But on this beach, in the northern part, they come for the weekend, relaxing with family You can see the kids playing here on the meadow.

We have found a way to the beach.

It was easy On the coastal area there are many cafe, restaurants.

I thought that Nai Yang is a wild place.

But over the southern part of the beach is wild.

And the northern and central part of the popular.

There are a lot of sunbeds.

We'll see several boats and yachts The view is stunning! I say this in every video, guys.

But it's true Phuket is difficult to go wrong with the choice of the beach.

Just choose, a pastime what you want.

Rave or quiet.

Each beach has its advantages and little shortcomings.

In the northern part of the Nai Yang smoothly into the next beach, which we describe in the next issue.

Mai Khao Beach.

I will not reveal the secrets now.

You'll see it next week.

Now we return to the southern part of the beach Few boats is there.

I don't see sunbeds Wild wilderness There is a great view of the mountains, there you can see a small island And the yacht, yachts, yacht! I want a yacht!I just want to swim in the Andaman Sea here and there .



While I did not throw up Log into the water nice.

Mai Khao Beach can be divided conventionally into 3 parts: the northern, central and southern.

South wildest Thais like North and Central, where we are now, here sunbeds, various entertainment, massage parlors, food courts.

A lot of tourists in Europe.

The young and the elderly.

A lot of kids playing here Now the sea is calm.

Maybe because the high season.

Entry into the water is very shallow I want to go to sea.

I finished shooting the video and go for a swim.

And you are sure to come to Thailandand look at all the beaches.

I read somewhere that this beach is quite wild, deserted.

We came here and I see that there are many people This is not the standard of a wild beach where there are no one Sunbeds are not as many as in Patong, in 4 rows But a lot of sun beds, nearly all of them are occupied.

If we talk about accommodation nearly beach Nai Yang, there are bungalows, small houses, I'm sure there are hotels If you want to learn more about a house on every beach I recommend checking out the options on booking.


I'll leave a link in the description below the video.

Look at the price of what housing options have I did not check, because I'm not interested.

I do not live in hotels or rent a bungalow If you have questions like these, it is best to find the answer in the internet.

What can I say about Nai Yang yet?I can not say anything.

I think the picture speaks for me.

This is an amazing place.

I sincerely advise you to 3 beaches, Naithon, Nai Yang and Mai Khao which are included in reserve Sirinath.

Visit these beaches necessarilybecause they are very beautiful and I think they are differentof the more popular southern beaches as Patong, Karon, Kata.

I think I'll finish the story about the wonderful beach of Nai Yang.

I recommend you to come and see swim, relax, sunbathe.

Subscribe to channel, leave your comments, ask questions, Likes and let wanderwith me around Nai Yang Beach.

All the while! I love the waves, jump on them I hope you hear the sound, the sound of waves it's the sound of the sea.

I love that sound.

On the shore of Naithon located expensive hotels, hotel complexes, There are budget guesthouses.


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