Sohit : Ayush brother, how are you feeling? Sohit : We are feeling like Dashain as well.

Sohit : Nahush brother did facial today and is sparkling bright.

Ace : My handsome brother.

Ace : bye bye.

Ace : Easy bye.

Ace : bye bye.

Ace : come come come come.




Ace : ok bye bye.

Laxmi : Smallest kid didn't fit.

Ace : Small kid, excited? Ayushree : Yes, very much.

Ace : You said you would vlog for me, right? Ayushree: NO! Ace : yes, ok fast.

Ayushree : No! Ace : come here.

Ayushree : your channel's name is Ace.

Ace : Smallest kid had said she would vlog for me.

Ayushree : NO! Ace : ok fast, hold the camera.

Ayushree : NOOOO!!! Sohit : What's up? What's poppin people? YAAHHH!!! Sohit : People are breaking the line, nepalese have no shame.

Ace : Sohina, is it tasty?Small kid, how is it? Sohit?Nahush, how is the noodles? How is it? okay I just freshened up.

A basic summary about today.

We had Tika timing of 10:35am & we had to reach airport at 11am as soon as TIka because we had to catch aflight of 1:30pm.

so today for 1 night, we are staying here at Thailand We came here, kept our luggages after keeping our luggages, we went out for dinner.

the food was really good at the place we ate at.

so it's already 11:00 pm overhere, everyone has slept already and i just freshened up we have got to catch a flight early morning tomorrow at 7:45 am means which we reach airport around 5 am.

wake up at 4:30 am approx.

so this much for today, see you tomorrow guys, bye bye.

Sohit : Welcome to ThailandWelcome Ace : this game is Ben 10? Bing (Tour Guide) : So, ladies & gentle men, 1st of all, i would like to introduce by myself, my name is BING.

Sohina : so he is Ace Shrestha himself.

Talking with our guide.

So small kid and i will be vlogging for Ace Shrestha today Brothers plus 1 sister so we are at MAY DE VILLE HOTEL Ayushree : plus another sis (me) Sohina : plus another sister there I am a sister too.

our luggage.

Ace : so for today, we have not had our lunch.

where can we go and have our lunch? Sohina : he is talkign about lunch.

YAAAYYYYY!!!! alright guys, we are finally here at our hotel.

took some time for visa at airport so we reached hotel late than we had thought Sohit bro, he has already gone gym so saying he has to show his body at the beach.

so guys, let me show you how is our room.

entry from here 3 person beds for us 3 this is the closet.












frosted glass oh my god, there is no lock.

Nos : what are you saying?Ace : Ya, there is no lock and there is a small hole in the frosted glass.

Nos : let me see.

Nos : this is tension to us.

Ace : no worries now, we have to use the toilet trusting each other.


Alright, so i am really tired.

but 1st will freshen up and then go out for food.

Sohit : do we bros wear same t-shirt today? Ace : No, lets wear that next time.

Sohit : can't wear those awesome t-shirt at beach.

Ace : we can.

Ace : Let's go.

Sohit : oh, it's a video??? Ace : so bro, you were thinking it was a photo? Sohit : again again again.

Ace : alright, so let's go.

Sohit : so today we are actually going for Puppet Show.

so you guys are welcome to Vietnam so you guys can join with us.

so when he gets.





20, 000 subscribers.

a person will get flight to Vietnam.

Ace : OHHH!!! my brother is talking nonsense 😅🤣😂 Ace : so let's go.

Sohit : you took the room's key, right?Ace : yes.

Ace : sohit bro.

Sohit : yes big bro? Ace : where are we going? Sohit : to eat.

Sohit : haven't had lunch so.

Ace : lunch snacks together because it's already late, right bro? Sohit : we are going to have combo.

Sohina : Sohina takes over.

Ace : Sohit bro, did you enjoy the show? Sohit : The show was awesome.

Everyone should go watch the show.

Sohit : those who won't go, their life will be damaged.

hey guys so we're back from puppet sopuppet saw us TK and not good not bad Kunie part was Borinquen Unipart was funso if I was slipping masala sign I enjoyed it I mean what is yeah and wecame back to hotel hotel vada mom dad Kazu by a Reuben here they wentshopping Ethan was like walking distance man andnow so much we came back to room well the frustrations are really tiredaction swimming garden picking on us which I'm not sure yetmaybe I'll take a sauna – all right let me go for it Zack you see because on theother lychee so lies to google apps come over so fully this path the Panda makesme boss the hairy your son students again really even knows we're we're offto see Steven cos today hey guys so I'm really really reallytired as ax is oh I don't know 12:33 Mila Cola and then be honest I was heposition for 33 Butera we had to catch a flight and in Avenue person andeverything really really exhausted are you swimming pool a another annexing hotmachinery sacrifice Iman that came back to hotel called us and their dinners amaneuver so we went for dinner dinner greaser capacity I would have a diagrammozzarella cheese I say where we went walking a area or day okay area thiraand one of my friend texted me on Instagram saying old quarter burn ithome a night life is the most asked someone it is so we are staying at oldquater islet and Rotel running a world water now logic was eager they were soonthis was C by X in velocity you.

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