New Brunswick Travel Guide (Canada) | Visiting Fredericton, Saint Andrews, Fundy & Hopewell Rocks

today we're going to be taking you onour family road trip across New Brunswick after 2 days driving acrossOntario and Quebec we finally arrived at our destination Fredericton the capitalof New Brunswick and also the city that Sam's parents call home in this videowe'll be showing you some of her Fredericton highlights and then we'll betouring the charming seaside town of st.

Andrews hiking and fundy national tark'sand marveling at the hopewell rocks on the Bay of Fundy which is home to thehighest tides in the whole world we hope you'll enjoy our tour of the provinceand now let's go explore New Brunswick good morning good morning guys greetingsfrom beautiful sunny Fredericton New Brunswick it is summer it over here ohand this is where we are kicking off our road trip yes so we've got a full dayhere in Fredericton yep so we're here with my parents and with Sam's parentsand with the dog so we're gonna be exploring around on foot right now we'rewalking along waterloo road which is known for its beautiful riverside homesactually some of that and then check out more of the town yeah so basically we'regonna be exploring Fredericton we're gonna be exploring some other areas inthe province so yeah this is going to be what we what we're up to you in theprovince of New Brunswick hope you like this little guide and we are walking around there herethere is a river designed Johns River over there and what we wanted to showyou is all these colonial houses to me there is nothing nicer than this thesehouses they have such a personality they have a history and they are built theway houses used to be built in the day and we are talking about the lateseventeen hundreds a early 1800 and I don't know you look at like thismyself I feel like any minute you're gonna see George Washington coming outof the front door you know or maybe Jacques Cartier or something it's sohistoric it's amazing the way they have kept it you know each one has adifferent character is different than the other one you do not see two thatare exactly the same they are all people we've been working here for about maybea kilometer or so and they are side-by-side so if you ever come to thecity of Frederick man please take the time come here take a walk you can youknow right by whatever but do not miss this section if you like architectureand things like this because it's really really worth your time and one thing Iwanted to mention is that a lot of these mansions have been turned into bed andbreakfasts so it's a really nice option for people coming to visit Frederictonyou can stay right by the river really close to the old town and yeah you getto experience this beautiful architecture a type of construction thatyou don't even see anymore so we're gonna keep walking along Waterloo row itis a very hot day today we are melting but we want to keep showing my parentsthe homes along here because it's their first time in the province and yeah it'sjust a very different from Ontario well well Samuel here we arewhoring your parents hometown with fresh eyes I know it's we we don't play tourshere very often no I'm here to hang out it's basically more like a livingsituation whatever we're here yeah it's been nice to show your parents aroundshow them some of homes by the river and now we're gonnawalk across the pedestrian bridge and yeah absolutelyand I have to say it my dad is loving the homes here we keep stopping toadmire them was mucking about construction what do you like most isthat every single house has a unique design back yeah back when they werebuilt that's how architecture was done yeah as cookie cutter mold that you seetoday yeah I don't like the suburbs where they live in Ontario exactly soevery house has its own unique character its own unique features so it's beenreally fascinating just walking along here by the river and checking them outyep and now we are making our way over to the walking bridge we're gonna crossto the other side and I think food and drinks are on the horizon another sampler portion of years Ohsliders yeah slightly very nice dark to light so we stopped at a restaurant or if yougo to the bar you can ask for a bowl of water for your pooch isn't that righttogi my what a good boy you might need more dad so what do we got over here wehave a sampler plate from Peppa ruins raid on the waterfront of the st.

JohnRiver yeah beautiful location the strongest one I think it's kind of likea stout though that's the best bidder yeah that's the dooryard I think yeahyeah well one of them is the red red Irish – this is the red Irish that's thedooryard yeah so I'll I'll try this one here try them all just tell me what yourfavorite is my favorite you like those no thanks full body flavor yeah this onehere is a little bit higher in alcohol but mmm very good I hope my palate canreadjust for each one of these and last but not least this is the latestrecording yeah yeah cheers Cheers all right I'm gonna put you on the spotokay if you had to rank him from from last to first last apart yeah lotsdifferent last last second last second best first so they were like they'relined up for you and up like that aligned to the scope for the wind forStoke this is the winner the winner is there and now we are waiting for fishfish and chips and burgers shit yeah my parents my parents ordered burgers andthe rest of us ordered fish and chips yeah I mean we're out on the East Coastgotta eat some fish we're gonna have some fish so fish and chips arrived paddock Ibelieve no I will have one in a minute juicing I'm getting onion rings behindthe scenes here the ring guys and we've got some nice clean slot with Apple Wownice cabbage an apple tasty huh a really nice meal for a summer day yeah the fishis wonderful that's awesome we took a break after all that food anddrink and later in the afternoon we drove to Odell Park so that Tolo couldenjoy a walk in the woods well guys we have made it to hotel parktop of the day that's the lungs of Fredericton it's basically a nice littleforest lots of trails here and what's wonderful is it was 32 degrees todayhere I would say 5 or 10 degrees cooler oh we got a little light streamingthrough yeah it is so nice yet a little bit of a breeze and it's just nicehaving a reprieve from that some that beats down on your face exactly yeahit's really nice I've been here in winter with you I've been here in autumnit's awful Park any time in the winter I go snowshoeing here with my dad we breaktrail we got off of the trail so much fun but for the time being just a greatplace to walk the dog there's some huge old trees here your dad is likemarveling at them besides of that yeah yeah and my dad wassaying that some of them are between 150 to 300 years old so yeah it's quiteimpressive and yeah it's just a beautiful place to come when you're inFredericton I highly recommend it we enjoyed a nice dinner back with Sam'sparents and then called it a night because we had a busy day ahead Oh all right guys it is our final morningin Fredericton we're taking Joey for a walk and we just stopped by the oldburial ground which is a cemetery right in the city centre and this was acemetery for the loyalist her loyalist yeah so mr.

history enthusiast here yeahlet us know this the loyalists were the people that left the United States wellit was in the United States yet because he was during the the war ofindependence for the United States so as the British Army retreated mainly fromNew York City in those areas all the people that were loyal to the king onthe crown they also left with the Armed Forces so this is the place in NewBrunswick where they came and they settled there were so many of them thatthey created kind of a new province for these people to start anew you know tostart their lives all over again yep and this is the place where I thinkthat they were buried you know this is the cemetery and yeah it's nice becauseit's not like a your usual cemetery that has no room that everyone is piled upkind of great too grave and another thing is the kind of Tom stones thatthey were using in those days right yeah some of them they look like a monolithiclike you know you haven't you don't see that today anymorebut there is a lot of history here believe me it's nice and it's good thingthat they keep it like this so we stopped by here we came from thecemetery we took a couple of streets a walk and we came to what was thebarracks this is where the British garrison was stationed in the in thedays you know it's a beautiful building they have kept it almostin tact and down here all these gates as you see but I imagine in the old daysmust have been to keep the artillery and all that I mean the cannons and stuffthat the big machine right today they're used by the students because right hereyou have the college of craft and design yeah and then the students they set up ashop in each one of these and they expose their showcase their work yeahthe crafty creations in the university and they they sell it to the touristsand stuff like that right but yeah it's a beautiful building and yeah it's a lotof history over here imagine this is from the days when our Canadian provincewas created so we showed my parents a few of the citylandmarks topping a town hall of the lighthouse and the legislative buildingand then it was time to hop in the car and start this road trip all right so this is gonna be a fun roadtrip so happy that my dad can join me Pompey George yes I'm really lookingforward to it last time I went on the trip like thiswas in 1979 Wow I had worked 13 summers in a row yeah and I figured well youknow I it's time to take a summer off so we jumped inI had a 65 Chevy boat I call it a boat because it was like a drives like a boathe had to Haman you couldn't drive it anyways you guys took a big road trip ohyeah and it made it all the way there and back we went to Gatsby we went toWow all through Nova Scotia Cape Bretonthat's amazing so you know the places we're going to yeah so the question Ihave for you is the first place we're going to seeing Energy's what competewhat can we expect there cuz I've never been well it's the pearl of NewBrunswick it's a must-see place of it coming to it's like a little townlocated on the coast yeah yeah yeah it's got it's got lots of lots of charmbeautifu our next destination was st.

Andrewsabout a two-hour drive away this is a very picturesque seaside town where youcan do whale watching excursions boat tours and enjoy delicious seafood so a little update from st.

Andrews wehave arrived it took us about two hours you took the scenic route yeah it'sbeautiful going through these small little towns man during country roadsand we ended up here we right oh by the sea now three degrees cooler guys whichis very nice and you've arrived right around lunchtime so first things firstseafood seafood we found a little restaurant called Shire Town pub theyhave ordered three seafood platters they do takeout so we've got a whole bunch ofdifferent things seafood fish and chips and yeah we took the dog out for alittle walk along the pier there's people doing sailing today there's whalewatching so yeah it's just a nice tranquil little town out on the waterand we're really enjoying it so far we found some shade we're just chilling outhere so three seafood platters have arrived that's a bit of everything we'vegot fish and chips well the fish we've got shrimp scallops out to seafood printrice uh-huh I'm gonna I'm gonna try the fish they feel it which one are yougonna try dad yeah I'm gonna try the fish tooth Wowtaste of the sea mmm-hmm the fish all those seafood is not overcooked lightlybattered and not just lightly fried perfect yeah everybody that that doesseafood this is the way you're supposed to do it yeah nice and fresh yeah rightfrom the ocean from the ocean push on needs across the street right there yeahdo you guys have a favorite so far out of the shrimp select them all them allscallops are so juicy I tried one alright guys enjoy yeah because it was such a hot day we alsomade time to find a beach so that Togo could splash around and cool down he wasvery happy with that okay so we had a wonderful lunch oh mygosh it's amazing so much variety huh yes yeah so fresh it just has a theflavor of the sea you can't replicate that when you get frozen fish brought infrom somewhere else I don't know how to explain it you've got to come out hereand try the local sea looking forward to seafood still got lobster lobster rollswe've got a lot more to try but so far so goodyeah so after eating lunch we came down to the beach there's like a littlepebbly beach here in st.

Andrews and we gave Togo a little splash a little swingof it his first time into in the sea he's done a lot of leeks he's done somerivers but never he's never splish splash tanned theocean before yeah so we're just enjoying a quick little pit stop before we getback in the car and continue driving next up is cape and Ray yeah we've gotthat's where we're staying we've got about three hours to drive andhave a feeling we'll be making at least one more stop along the way to walk thedog you know and so we're just gonna plot plot a row I think there's a numberof different ways to get there and hopefully we'll take the most scenic oneoh it's a it's on it's on the weasel that's the bottom of the rock there then it was time to hop back in the carand drive to our next destination cape and rage where we had rented a cottagefor the next two nights it was about a three-hour drive to get there with a fewstops for the dog along the way we had to cross all of Fundy National Park andthat gave us a nice little taste of what we had to look forward to the next day well guys we have arrived this is homesweet home for the next two nights a little bit windy out here it is so muchcooler in temperature from Fredericton when we left this morning it was like 35degrees in Fredericton here it's 18 degrees it's so much cooler we have anice breeze we're by the ocean the dog is laughing he's just running aroundfree no need for a leash here but yeah we rented this cabin through Airbnb ithas four bedrooms it's really big inside they even left to bed for the dog whichis amazing so right now we're just unloading everything from the cars andI'm gonna take you in and give you a quick tour so you can see what it islike in here it's really cozy and rustic lots of wood so there you have it thisis gonna be your kitchen dining area for the next two nights and we have a bigliving area here but honestly I think we're gonna be spending most of our timeoutdoors we came here for the nature the scenery yeah oh I'm looking verydisabled it's windy outside so yeah there you have it the different bedroomsbut yeah it was a really beautiful Drive we can already see the tide like whenyou're driving along the coast my goodness this is the biggest tide in theworld and whoo-hoo more of that to come we were all pretty tired from a long dayof driving so we didn't do a whole lot that afternoon we mainly unpacked cookedsome dinner and played with Togo out in the yardno complaints from him the following morning we got an earlystart and made our way to fund the national park for some hiking after afew days of driving Toto was thrilled to be out in the woods leaving his packdown the trails well good morning everyone we have madeit to fund the National Park first day hereit's the windy one and the foggy one hey togi dogs on the loose and yeah we'regonna be doing some hiking in the National Park today we're at Wolf Pointand what's the name of this troop ship Haven ship Haven is the name of thetrail and that's what it was and yeah there's actually a boardwalk here whichmakes it really a nice super easy to walk just a few steps we're in the woodsbut we're also kind of following our River it seems so yeah we're gettingsome nice views it should lead to a beach I think it continues oh does it soyeah we're starting off with the shorter trail an easy one oh and it has lots ofreally nice lookout points too so what do you guys think of the trailso far it's been very nice I like that it's a boardwalk easy walk through theforest shaded great views along the way and we're now making our way down to thebeach it's low tide and dad we passed an old area where that used to be likelonger there is logging in a timber area and covered bridge yeah that was whenback way back when most of this area was that's what they used to do back thenfishing and logging you know you know logging yeah so that was been replacedby a National Forest which is pretty good you know I mean everybody gets achance to come and visit here now not just the loggers or the fishermen yeahyou know the nice part about all of these there are no people here we arethe only ones there is just another three persons I walk by here on naturefull nature and it's just pristine not even people you'll find over here sowhat a place to visit if you have the chance to come to New Brunswick andvisit this National Park you know like you'll love it a lot of main thing iswill work your whatever you do don't drive through just stop here please it'snice it's a nice province and I could not believe the amount of forest Idescribe this province as a huge forest you know like I mean it's is beauty Imean all the way good boy back in the car time for a little updateso we made it down to point Wolfe Beach it was really cool it's low tide so wegot to walk along the seabed very pebbly muddy no sea creatures to be foundTogo had lots of fun running around free wild now we're back at the picnic areawhere we left the car gonna have a little bite to eat yesso yeah just some fruit peanuts and we're gonna keep hikingthis is so beautiful though like I loved the trail having a boardwalk the viewswe got along the way nature it's just so green so lush and it's nice being out onan overcast day with like the fog rolling in it's just so MoodyToto saw another dog he's like who's thisis that a lady friend mm-hmm meanwhile everyone else is already picnicking let's go picnic after enjoying a little snack on thepicnic tables we got back in the car and drove towards herring cove to give togoa chance to play in the water i mean this really was his vacation we're just keeping an eye on Togo who'sgoing in the water splashing around but we don't want him swimming too far ordrinking salt water yeah but yeah we just wanted to stop here and show youguys these rocks covered in seaweed and algae because you can really see the sealevel during high tide low tide right now it's low tide to the water startingto come in again but like where the rock is all wet it's like a darker color likethat's how high water gets up there really high this Bay of Fundy is it'sgot the highest difference in tides in the world between low tide and high tideand yeah it's amazing but all of this eventually will be gobbled by the by theocean and it's a it's a huge difference because here we have like maybe I don'tknow what four meters at least of you know the the fluctuation in this area soand now we're starting to come in and when it starts to come in it comes inreally quick so if you visit you have to be careful when is low tide if you gowalking around not to know once it comes it comes and yeah so they have the Timesposted in the Visitor Center you can see one yeah and it fluctuates so whatshould we do it's crazy to be standing on what is seabed right now yeah yeah and this one is called herring cove beach yeah andbeautiful views of the whole coastline if you don't want to miss it on thebackground it's just pure forest it's amazing postcard perfect you see hereand I think that's where we stain that point over there apron rage that's whereit's just starting to clear now the fog look at it that's where we are stayingand this morning was all fogged in and we couldn't see nothingyeah but luckily it's just cleared and we're having a beautiful beautiful dayyeah then salmon his dad drove to Alma tograb some lunch for the group Alma is a small town located just outside the parkso they picked up some fish and chips and we enjoyed them with coastal views that afternoon we continued exploringthe rest of fundy national park and visited two different lakes againkeeping our boy togo happy the fog was starting to roll in as wedrove back to the cottage that afternoon and shortly after it started to rain wedidn't do too much except watch movies and do some reading but we were luckyenough to have a very special visitor this dear the next day was another early startbecause it was our last day in the province and we couldn't miss thehopewell rocks well a good morning guys today is ourfinal day here in New Brunswick and we've made a stop at the hopewell rocksone of the most iconic tourist destinations here and yeah we've arrivedearly in the morning it's like 8:15 now they've just opened up the park andwe're at one of the observation points one of the lookouts where you'll see thetide it's slowly making its way out I think we have about an hour and a halfor two hours until the tide is completely out but it's already likemoving away from from the shoreline it is still impressive yeah you can see therippling the water rippling out is receding huh yeah it's just amazing theamount of if you look in the background the water is right here right now andlook what is the shore I mean the the the stretch is unbelievable retreatedand also today last night was it was raining like crazy we thought that todaywas going to be a right of the day but this morning I mean it couldn't bebetter the day is such a beautiful sunny cool crispy day one of those morning'sthat you just happy to be alive you know it says one of those morning'sof WoW and they are the plus there's no one herewe're the only yawns know all this beauty and and I don't know maybe lateron it's a Sunday morning crowd so yeah we're just really enjoying it and nowwe're gonna make our way down to the flower pots because it's low tide we'regonna get to walk around the seabed but if you visit during high tide you canactually go kayaking around the flower pots which is really exactly and also itto be prepared because the soil here it seems to be all the clay so I got thefunny feeling that we're gonna get sticky down there and walking inslippering and were see we'll see what we findlet's go check it out let's check it out also his belly the belly is the worstpart I'd say well we just finished visiting the hopewell rocks and this isvery smart like when you walk around there you get really muddy that it'slike this sticky red clay we are kind of worried like what are we gonna do withthe dog because he had mud on his paws on his belly like he was dripping butessentially but once you reach the top again there's a little washing stationwith like a hose where you can like spray down the dog there's brushes whereyou can like scrub down your shoes so it's very convenient very well plannednow we've got a wet dog but at least it's a clean dog well this marks the endof the New Brunswick portion of the road trip we are now on our way towards CapeBreton so we just wanted to share final thoughts and impressions on thisbeautiful province New Brunswick what did we think I think it's extremelybeautiful I've I didn't have any idea what a we're going to find you know whatthe expectations were but they're beyond what I thought it's a you know it's aplace worth visiting here you know a lot of people drive through here withoutstopping and there is so much to see and such a beautiful wilderness if you willyou know but yeah I really loved it so recommend it 100% and what about youthis is your home province now you live here yeah I got to see a little bit moreof what I didn't see before and so that's always good find a park I got toknow quite a bit more of that that's an awesome spot now beautifulthumbs up for New Brunswick onwards to keep the big wave okay.

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