No. 1 Train Trip, Vietnam| FAMILY TRAVEL VLOG

[Music] day 18 and we're finally finished here in place we're heading to the train station to catch our train to Hoi An we will have a connection in turning traffic transfer the girls are pretty excited I've heard this train trip is meant to be spectacular so we are all pretty excited so we've just made it to the train station we made up with about half an hour to spare we we decided we'd walk today to the 205 case from the air B&B to the train station saves us about a hundred thousand dong which is an ice-cream for all of us so we decided to walk the girls went very impressed so I I convinced them because Katy actually was able to get the parcel that we can approach yesterday posted this morning so me and the girls and Chiara left earlier and we convinced them that if we beat Katie and Luke to the train station that they would receive a reward but if Katie and Luke beat them that they want it so that managed to get them into gear and they because they needed player vibes yeah 2 meters no no it counted to them and it got us here with about half an hour to spare so now we're waiting for the train we're catching the s19 so we haven't been on the 19 before it's also not on the list of new trains so we're not exactly sure what to extol B but we are in a soft seat air-conditioned car so and we did the train because we decided the view is meant to be spectacular between here and a name so we decided the train was the better option to get the view because if we were to do the bus it just took the highway the whole way and you missed the whole mountain range so so hopefully we're going to have some awesome montage of the Train views montage here [Music] jiya kernels on seeing their my slaves [Music] okay guys so we've just arrived in the poi head we received oh we got a transfer through our homestay from Danang train station through 2 a.


that cost us three hundred and twenty thousand for the six of us so that's about twenty dollars twenty two dollars something like that twenty-one something we've decided we're just going to go in out and grab some lunch so we're having a little bit of a look around we're not staying right in the old quarter we're staying out of the old quarter a little but it's only a one and a half K walk to the old quarter so we'll head in that direction and see what we can find [Music] [Music] we've just walked all the way into old town and we've found a nice little restaurant along the river that we're gonna sit and have lunch Wow watch all of the tourists go past and the boats go past and it's a really nice scenery [Music] day 19 in poi in okay so we're currently following Luke who knows where he is taking us but you know he's the one that is our I call him my Google Maps so he's taking us into the old quarter to have well we've been spending the whole morning working and it's now three o'clock and I've had nothing to eat since breakfast so in much need of dinner luna llena am i going for Luna because we had lunch slash Tina sorry that's our plan for this afternoon and then we're going to move on to the night market gonna take you guys to the night market we've read lots about it you don't really know what to expect I'm not sure if its food or shopping anyway I'm pretty sure that's gonna make us happy I have read that you can get whole frogs on a stick so yeah [Music] since I've been here in Vietnam we've seen some crazy roads but this bridge actually seems to take the cake with very little space for us to walk and several lanes of bikes and at least one of a car every single time we've been across it now which means we have to look back across the skinny pop rock bridge to the other side I do not know just when way sigh quite it sounds like boy in so you show us what what it sounds like Chiara hi Mike wait agrees with him please let us know because right now we think he's be crazy Thiago likes to pick on the Aussie accent at every opportunity he an apparently way and playin in the Aussie accent sounds the same similar [Music] so we've been doing some research based on where we should go to eat and where came across this post last night from travel of path about a restaurant called nice to live so we're going to go and have a bead come with us and check it out [Music] [Music] [Music] we are currently on day 20 of our world trip and walking in time to go to the night market because we were down and we came across what is called the food camp Chinese progression assembly hall and normally you have to pay to get in here but today it seems as if they're offering free entry for the 20th anniversary of the world cultural heritage recognition for for you and change of taxes so we're going to take advantage of this opportunity to get in for free [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] how is it going [Music] [Music] no scarcity sister Bianca now if they should sell Joey yeah [Music] so what's going on sighs you better say you're the same size really no Millie still taller [Music] [Music] special trait primal a no a skill it's his language okay Noah scarcity seems clear Veronica now [Applause] [Music].

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