Nurse Says It's 'Heartbreaking' To Be Coronavirus Patients' 'Everything' | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC

New York two weeks ago had only 300 cases New York today has 30, 000 the cities around America with 300 cases should realize the only difference between them in New York is two weeks a doctor at one of the largest public hospitals in New York City with a stark warning to others on the front line across this country prepare now before it is too late and some cities and states who have been dubbed the next hotspots seem to be listening and taking whatever action they can as they see the number of cases in their respective states spike Michigan now has the third highest death toll in the country and more than 9, 000 reported cases and in Illinois the number of confirmed cases is nearing 7, 000 joining me now to absolute heroes to people who are on those frontlines in both of those states Maureen biddinger greasiest she's a nurse at Beaumont Hospital in Farmington Hills Michigan and dr.

kalila gates she's a pulmonary specialist and a critical care specialist at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago whirring first I want to just say thank you but please take us inside Wow I think the last two weeks have felt like the last they have lasted two years the number of critical patients that we are seeing right now is mind-boggling I've talked to nurses who have been doing this for decades and and no one has seen anything like what we're experiencing right now you have the most incredible team and just the people that I work with they they blow me away every day you have nurses who are learning how to take care of critical intensive care patients in real-time people are being pulled from departments physicians are being pulled off of their norm services everybody is learning how to do new things every day to meet the growing demands that we are facing the anxiety the stress level it's really high right now but the amount of love that we are sharing together and feeling from our community is also really it's just really intense and overwhelming how urgent is it for you to provide that comfort to all of those patients help us understand the restrictions hospitals are having to put in place for these patients and that they have to be cut off from their own loved ones who cannot come and visit I think that is the most heartbreaking thing is to know that these patients are so sick there's a growing number of them who aren't going to make it and they are absolutely alone the only people that they have are the healthcare professionals the physicians the nurses the nursing assistants and techs who are at their bedside you know and even that we're geared up and in full PPE you have you know two eyes looking at you and it's heartbreaking as a nurse to know that you are that person's everything and sometimes in their last moments the weight of trying to fill the shoes of the people who can't be there is really heavy I think that we have been really creative all of my colleagues have been trying to figure out ways that we can get families to be able to connect with their loved ones inside the hospital and and every single nurse I know goes over and above and beyond to try to make sure that we can help families connect and we're trying to take those phone calls and give people updates that it's we're overwhelmed we're so busy it's just heartbreaking it's well you're doing it you are taking on that weight and you are lifting up and carrying our country right now those people who are in the hospital I know you were saying so many are getting worse and worse tell us about who's getting better are people getting discharged every day are people going home we are always looking for those numbers we're always asking you know how many people have been taken off like report how many people are going home those are the numbers that we are clinging to and we are seeing people who are going home right now we're hoping in the next couple weeks to be able to see more people going home we're hanging on with everything we've got right now I think that we are really early on in this and I'm hoping I'm I'm hoping that over the next week we'll start to see a larger number of people getting better and leaving the hospital ha how many hours are you working how much have you worked in the last week what kind of toll is this taking on you we're all working a lot I think that it's really challenging to try to balance work and home right now you know I have three children at home and no kids are out of school and we're trying to home-school also but every time I'm at home I feel this guilt and this pull to go back and do more and at the end of every day it feels like did I do enough did I work enough hours did I help my team enough that I care for the patients well enough am i doing enough no you try to go in as often as you can and pick up extra shifts there are nurses who are working five six seven days a week I think it's a struggle right now trying to figure out the balance there's only so many days you can work and there's only so much emotionally physically mentally that we can all handle right now so the balance is definitely a struggle well I'm gonna answer that question for you you are doing enough you are doing so much and we are so grateful before we go tell me do you feel safe do you feel protected do you have all of the equipment you need to keep yourself safe and when you go home at night to those three kids PPE is such a hot topic I think that every day there's so much anxiety you know did I touch my face did I you know touch something that I shouldn't have did I wipe down everything did I take that PPE off appropriately am I putting it on appropriately there's a lot of anxiety that circles that continuously I think that we have the very best advocates at the hospital where I am and they are constantly fighting to get more PPE to us every day every time of shipment comes in it feels like Christmas and in the hospital right now and we all get so excited to see you know new boxes of things coming in I think the community response has been absolutely overwhelming we've had people making masks we've had people raising funds and you know the companies in the area that are producing things as fast as they can you know we feel bad and all of those shipments they are making it to us even if it's you know moment to moment shipment to shipment I think that we have tons of things in place to make sure that we have everything that we need we're just know I mean it's our family's there I know you said your kids are home I know I know you said your your kids are home and they're homeschooling right now I hope they have the opportunity to watch this I hope they know what an incredible hero their mom is thanks I am Nursing is a calling and so is being a mom and everyday I just might wake up and I try to remember what I'm grateful for and even though every day at the end of the day these days I end up in tears they just say hold on to that gratitude and I hold on to that love and hold on to my teammates and you just keep pushing it forward well I'm really grateful for you Maureen thank you so much for joining me thank you for everything that you're doing hey there I'm Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on youtube if you want to keep up to date with the videos we're putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos.

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