Off-Road Adventures Baja California: Traveling With Family in Mexico (Travel Vlog) Ep.11

hi I'm Matt and I'm Amie and this is our dogJagger We left our beautiful home in Maui, and built ourselves a home onwheels and now we would like to invite you to join us as we drive fromCalifornia to Panama Previously on The Traveling TogetherJournal.

We make our way out to Scorpion Bay for a few days of camping andsurfing fun before meeting up with my brother Scott, his wife Marissa, and theirfriends Dustin and Fabien.

Then we all pack up to head south planning to meetup with my parents at Punta Conejo So what are you doing Matt? Marissa let me knowthere at the Lay and then going to Conejo.

So, I updated her that we are at the Layalong with the rest to their friends We are at the Autozone I mean we are at the Autozone with therest of their friends and then we're going to go to the lay, and then we'regoing to go to Conejo.

And what do you got in your hands? what's up for let's for? This is for My Dad's truck.

He has an issue with his power steering high pressure line.

I don't know what it is, because I haven't actually seen it yet.

So we've got 0-rings, powersteering fluid, and epoxy.

And why your friends here? One has an issue with his exhaust, and the others having issues with his fuel injection.

Its gringo hour at the Autozone.

For my brother and his friends a big part of a Baja trip is driving fast through the desert.

So while we were hanging out at Punta Conejo they decide to get rid of some of their extra gear and go play in thedesert.

I hopped in my brother's race truck to go for a ride.

Alright it's day 15, and we are leavingConejo.

The rest of the crew is already left.

Dustin, one of the crew membersthey went out yesterday to play in the sand with their trucks and his clutchwent out.

So, Matt's Dad is towing Dustin down the dirt road to La Paz, andthey're hoping to put Dustin's truck into a shop and hopefully have it backout tomorrow and we're all going to head to Todos Santos, Pescadero area to campfor the night and then they'll go back and get Dustin's truck if it is ready.

Oh and Jagger's eye is doing pretty good.

He's looking very normal.

He's still cone dog though.

This place seems legit, right? Yeah.

It's the end of day 15, and we are at Pescadero Surf Camp and just outside ofTodos Santos.

We got here a few hours ago and we all decided to get a room andtake some showers and hang out in the pool.

Are you video tapping right now? Just mellow stuff.

Yep, don't video tape my legs.

Don't video tape your sunburn? Good morning it's day 17 and we are still at Pescadero Surf Camp.

The guys are at San Pedrito surfing and i'm here making myself some coffee.

And after we're all packed up Matt and I are going to go to Los Cerritos to go surfing.

After a couple of hours of playingaround at Playa Cerrito it was time to move on to the East Cape.

Where Scott and Marissa had rented a house for the week, and had invited us to join them as they live thecushy life.

What are you making? Strawberry margaritas.


Aw Cheers.

Alright it's day 21 and we are just leaving the house that Scott and Marissarented for all of us to stay in for almost a week and Matt's Dad Bruce hasbeen having some transmission issues and has taken it to the mechanic twice nowbut today was day to ship out of the nice house that we were all staying at.

Sothe rest of Matt's family all took off to head home and took Matt's parents intoCabo San Jose and we are on our way to go meet them.

So yeah that's what we'redoing we're going to probably spend the night in Cabo San Jose to wait for his parents truck to be finished and fixed.

We're not going to leave until they are ready to leave and have a good truck.

Next time on TheTraveling Together Journal We say goodbye to Matt's family and set off on our own to see what else Southern Baja has to offer.

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