One day in Chiang Mai | Feed Your (Pretty!) Friend episode 01 | Thailand Travel Vlog

Hello everyone! My name is Niki, and thisyear I'm traveling around on a budget.

On a very tight budget.

I'm staying inChiang Mai at the moment, and every day I spend about eight dollars for everything.

I want to show you my average day and how it looks like.

Let's start it! I'm staying at Mapping hostel today, let me show you around.

That's quite simple place, here I eat, there I sleep, and there I shower.

I stay at a dorm room now, but before I tried to sleep here outdoors.

The hidden gem of this place isa riverfront garden I love spending time here with my bookand a computer, luckily power sockets are everywhere around.

I really like this hostel, and I pay only 99 baht per night here.

That's the kitchenof the hostel I'm staying at and these are my mangoes.

A couple of days ago I got a lotof mangoes.

A lot a lot of mangoes! Only for 40 baht, a bit more than one US dollar andit's really quite a lot.

I'm gonna make one smoothie with that, and go to have a lunch.

That's a soft one, really nice It's ready and it costs less than fivebaht for me.

Wonderful! Just finished the mango smoothie, and got outside of my hostel.

And now going to have lunch.

I am walking to a local market, a simple place, locals go there foreigners not really.

The food is quitesimple and delicious, and very cheap there.

I'm going to get something likenoodles or rice, maybe Thai salad.

Fine something delicious.

And after that I'm going to meet a new friend of mine somewhere in the old town, after one hour.

Not in a hurry but I also don't want to be late.

So walking quickly.

Thailand is a very friendly destination for travelers whatever money you have, you can findsomething interesting to do, something delicious to eat and somewhere to live.

It's my fourth time visiting Thailand, and every time I have different budget.

Sometimes it was $20 a day, sometimes it was $50 a day and this time it's much lower.

Last month I spent about $8 a day andI'll show you why.

Sawaidee krap! May I have fried rice? Forty? Okay Kob kun krap! So we have here a fried egg, some friedrice with vegetables, and everything for only 40 baht.

Looks so good! Must be delicious.

Kob kun krap, bye-bye! 40 baht for a fried egg, alot of rice, vegetables and chicken.

Such a good deal here and most importantly that was delicious! I finished it all and I feel that it wasactually quite a lot for me.

I have 20 minutes to get to the old town I'm walking there and definitely getting late.

Go faster.

My name is Anna Maria, I'm from UK.

How long you gonna stay here in Chiang Mai? I am not sure yet.

Maybe 5 or 6 days.

Sorry about the traffic noise.

Maybe I will stay here one month, maybe more.

Who knows.



Just gonna go with the flow.

It's nice, it keeps things open.

Because you always meet people on the way, someone tells you about somewhere else.



How much do you spend every day? Every day.



so I am on a very tight budget as well.

I'd say.



from around 150 to 200 baht.

sometimes more, depends on if I am going somewhere nice or if I want to spend a bit more that's something that I really like.

But I don't pay for accommodation right now, because I'm painting instead.

What do you mean? So in the hostelthat I'm staying and I get to paint on the walls in exchange for staying there.

Which is the best deal I could really ask for! Very happy about that.

Lu, are you hungry? A little bit, and you? Wrong answer, you're Chinese and your answer is “I'm always hungry! Always ready to eat!” No, that's a stereotype! Okay, I am trying to find some food for Niki, And I have no idea.



The supermarket is big, and I have to stick to 50 baht everything seems to be over 50 baht, maybe I'm looking in the wrong place.

So, get some food for Lu, no more than 50 baht.

I'll try to find something delicious, or something strange.

Oh, that onigiri! I really liked thatbefore.

It's 35 baht which is okay, can take some onigiri and a bit of fruit.

I think I found it! For 35 bucks and itlooks very nice, and has a lot of veggies inside and also some kind of.



somethinglike rice.

Take it and I still have 15 baht to go! Picked up some reducedbread and some pastry, but now he needs to eat something with the bread, so let's seewhat we can find.

It thought it was all for 10 baht, but it turns out that it's only 10 baht discount.

So we're over budget right now.

Lucky I left this bread and it was tenbaht before, but they just discounted more by 20! This bread is only5 baht! Some yogurts can be 15.

Yogurt jelly for 15, that will work! French village roll for 10.

That's good Minus 50.



20 baht for such kind of bread! Focaccia with black olives for 12 baht after discount.

That is the one! Coconut drinks, cool! And it's only 15, 20 or 20.

So I think I'll take this one.

So together I have foccacia for 12 anddrink for 15, which makes it 27.

Tomatoes, some pickled fruit.

I'm sure this one is a bit less than 50.

Let's go buy it! It's kinda awkward to do self-intro.

Nice to meet you Supermarket is there and we aregoing to have dinner right next to the river, there's a nice bench and niceplace to seat.

So, a piece of bread for five baht, salad for 35.

That's exactly 50 baht! Wow, AM! Good job! And it's all mine! Lu, that's your dinner, look!Here is a big foccacia for 12 baht.

Then coconut water for 15 baht, some pickled vegetables for 10 baht, have some cherry tomatoes for 15 baht All together comes 52.

Lu, it's yours.

I can be better next time.

It's 22 But this one.



it's 5! And this one is 12 baht.

Now we are going toentertain ourselves, there's a language exchange meetup not far from here.

Happens every week in Chiang Mai, and right tonight too.

So going there, it's completely freeif you don't get any drinks.

And I'm not sure if I'm getting any.

Nice to see you again! Your first time here? I will give you a flag that represents the language you can speak.

So the native goes on top, So what's your native language? English English, and you? Chinese, okay.

English, right? Anything else? Japanese That is me Okay Subscribed That's how I get subscribers.

Do same thing! Yeah, number 50! He was faster to find me, but he didn't sign up for Youtube I think I'm subscribed now.

Subscribed? Okay, good job! Wow, man! My cheeks hurt, smiling so much! Mine too Bye!.

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