One Tool To Make Your Website a Sales and Marketing Machine

– [Neil] Do you want toturn your website into an automated machine thathelps you close more sales, manage your leads, automate your daily work and interactions with customers and prospects and also handles the transactional side of your business as well? Well, there's one tool thatI've been using for years that does this plus much more.

Hey everyone, I'm Neil Patel, and today I'm going to break down the one tool that can make your website a sales and marketing machine.

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One of the main challengesof online business owners is having to connect theirsales and marketing solution.

Just stop.

There are way too manyseparate technical solutions out there, too manyintegrations and web hosts.

Like it's just so complicated, yet then the poweringdevelopers, which sucks.

Who wants to pay for landing pages, design hosting, then email marketing, then automation, thensome appointment setting, and quoting and sales pipeline management, invoicing, web forms, reporting, and much more? It's a nightmare.

So much so that it's justtoo expensive to deal with, you would have to end uphiring too many people.

And this problem existswhether you're selling products or services.

If you're selling products, you need amazing landingpages for your paid ads.

You need great email sequences to increase the lifetime value of your customer and take advantage of things like seasonal marketing opportunities or upsells and down sales.

You can need automation to track behavior so you can send differentcustomers different things depending on where theyare in your funnel.

And you need good reporting so you can see what's working and what's not working.

And if you're selling services, you would need amazingpipeline management.

CRM in other words, so that way you can keeptrack of your sales effort.

You can automate your interactions with potential customers.

That way you don't have to keep hiring more and more people.

You need appointment setting, because the last thing you want to do is have tons of peoplecalling and scheduling calls for you.

I used to do that.

So inefficient.

Until we started using this software.

And then of course you needweb forms and landing pages to manage everything, from enrollment email sequences to campaigns to getting them back to doing promotions, doing even invoicing and billings.

All this stuff is a pain to deal with.

But what if there was onesolution that can do it all? Funny enough, I've beenusing this software for years and it solveda lot of my problems.

It's called Keap Pro.

And Keap Pro is broughtto you by my friends at Keap, which you know, I've known them for years.

Funny enough, I've alsogotten training from them as well on how to use it.

And in other words, this one software solution has helped grow my business tremendously.

And at the very end, I'll actually tell youthe biggest thing I do with this software that's really helped.

That will help you withall the privacy changes that are happening as well.

So in other words, it can do all the tasks.

So let me give you a quick break down of how I use Keap Pro.

First off, it gives youthe ability to create landing pages and web forms.

It automatically, thisis the beautiful part, it automatically triggers email sequences based on what thatperson took as an action.

Based on the pages theyvisited on my website.

So if someone visited, let's say an e-book page and then my consulting page, I know they're much morequalified as a customer.

I'm going to send them something different than someone who just readthe beginners guide to SEO.

And based on if theyalso open up my emails and clicked on a link.

If someone opened up my email and clicked on a linkand went to that page that pitches them, I'm not going to keepsending them the same email that keeps pitching them the same thing over and over again toclick on that link as well.

Instead, I'll change upwhat I'm sending them and that's how you maximize your revenue.

And I learned this from a copywriter named Frank Kern.

It's not about hey, having the best copy, because we're not all amazing copywriters.

It's having great sequencesso you're sending people the right emails at the right time.

And it also helps you keep your sales team and processes in check by offering a CRM and salepipeline manager platform.

So what I use this for, is I see hey, are my sales guys actually following upwith their prospects? Are they closing deals? And remember I said thatI'll tell you about one little secret that I useKeap Pro that I love? I use it for SMS.

So by continually connectingdirectly through SMS, I'm able to get more people on the phone and that helps my call ratio.

And here's the script that we exactly use at our company.

So let's say you're name is Robert.

We'll text you, Robert, question mark.

And the person willprobably respond back with “Who's this?” And it responds with “Hey, I'mso and so from Neil's team, I saw you filled out x, y, and z.

Just want to follow up with you to see if you'reinterested in our services.

Let me know if you wantto get on the phone.

” Works super well.

And we send different text processes or text messages based on where they are in the sales process.

So let's say we're settingup a call with them they're already scheduled.

I'll set them a textreminder to come to the call.

On the flip side, if I've already had a pitchand presentation to them but they haven't closed, I'll send them a text reminder being like, “Hey, Robert, it was great talking to you last week.

Just wanted to follow up with you to see what you saw on the presentation.

” It's an easy way to automaticallyfollow up with people, so that way my sales guys don't have to continually reach out and call.

It helps the closing ratio and allows my sales guys to deal with more prospects, more pitches without me having to hire more people.

And what you can even do, and this is one of my favorite features, you can even have yourprospects and clients schedule appointmentsdirectly through your website and it will fit directlyin your Google account.

So when you schedule a callwith the Neil Patel team, you'll notice that there's a calendar, you pick an option andit goes into a calendar.

My guys aren't calling you saying, “Hey, when are you free to talk?” It automatically gives you the option right then and there.

And heck, Keap even sends out invoices and bills people directly, so that way, my accountingteam doesn't have to spend too much team time on it, able to run it really lean, and they just have todo their book keeping, versus having to following up with every single person out there.

Another cool thing is, it will offer you one of the most advanced marketingautomation systems out there.

You can create automation based on several kinds of triggers angles.

You'll be able to send out the most relevant messages basedon the interaction.

See, if someone visits your website five or six times andthey keep coming back, you wouldn't want to send a repeat visitor the same message for a new visitor.

You see when someone comes to my website, it will be once and I have their info and they don't come back within 30 days, I have to send theminformation that educates them and builds their trust.

Well, when someone comes to your site five times, you'vealready built their trust.

You want to send thememails that sell them versus just focusing on building trust.

And this applies whether you're e-commerce or if you're service based or you're a consultant or a coach, doesn't really matter, you want to use these concepts and you want to use automation like Keap with all this because it will help you maximize your ROI.

And last but not least, it will provide you with areporting system you need.

Look, I don't care howgood you think you are at marketing or emails or copywriting.

Even me, if I'm notgetting good open rates, click rates, conversion rates, it doesn't matter.

So, the beautiful partwith the reporting is, it helps me figure out what's working and causing revenue, versus what's just gettingopened but no sales and then I'll be able to trash the emails that aren't producing sales and do more of the onesthat are driving conversion.

And best of all with the reporting, you can see projectionson what revenue numbers you're going to hit, basedon where you're currently are at for the month.

This is really important forsmall and medium businesses like me or even you, because the last thing you want to do is make expenses when youdon't have that income.

So knowing roughly whereyou're going to be at, at the end of the monthis super important.

So that way you have like, you have how much you canspend to grow your business versus how much you should.

Now if you need help gettingyour Keap account set up, because I know, sometimesit can be a little bit hard, just leave a comment below, I'll tell you what I doand answer your questions.

And of course, if you enjoyed this video, like it, comment, share, tell other people about it.

Thank you for watching.


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