Online Coaching Business Marketing Tip Of The Week [Ep #1]

– Hey, what's going on, it's Lucas and I'm coming at you with a brand new video series called the online coaching businessmarketing tip of the week.

These videos are going to be short, they're gonna be raw, they're gonna be nothing fancy, but they will investigate or they will dive intoone actionable idea, one actionable tip that you could take and install into yourcoaching business that day.

Literally after watching this video, you can install it, or if it's already installed or if you think you sortof have it installed, it'll be a catalyst for diving deeper and really thinking aboutways that we can add value and really grow your coaching business.

And that's really whatthis video series is about.

The videos are gonna be nolonger than five minutes, and again, they're not gonna be fancy, no crazy edits.

It'll just be me and youhaving a quick discussion and trying to find waysto grow your online coach business whetheryou're just starting and you're thinking of growing one or you grown one or you've built one, you wanna launch it, you wanna grow it, you wanna scale it.

Rest assured, these videos will help.

This video's coming from this pool here.

And every time someone sees this pool, they get creeped out.

Why? I don't know.

I think it's fairly normal.

That being said, let's get into it.

Online coaching businesstip of the week number one, and I'm really gonna start it by sharing with you a story and having you decide and really having youcome up with the answer.

Let's say you have a problem.

And this problem is reallyaffecting your life.

It's adding pain, it's causing pain, and it's starting toreally affect your life.

And maybe you're consciouslylooking for a solution or maybe you're just subconsciously, your radar is turned on, and you're looking for asolution to this problem.

And let's say that youstumble across two coaches.

They do the exact thing, they have the same language, maybe even the same position.

Like the same mission, the same vision, a lot of the same language.


Let's say one has beautiful photos, high end videos, this video is not goingthe way you think it is, by the way.

Beautiful photos, beautiful videos, obviously a really high production, really high quality, a $50, 000 website.

And this other coach has older photos, maybe a little grainy videos, maybe the videos are shot on a phone or on an old phone, and the fonts are a little outdated, the content, there's more selfiesthan professional photos, but the first coach withthe high production, high value, high end website, offers very little value up front, or maybe very general value.

And you kinda watch it and it's kinda like, okay, that's cool, it looks great.

Maybe it even gets you excited.

And then this othercoach offers real value, specific value, value that actuallymoves your life forward.

Maybe it helps solvethe problem in some way.

It betters your life, it reduces the pain.

Connecting emotionally becauseit's actually helping you.

My question to you iswhen it's time to buy, when you're ready to buy, who are you gonna buy from? I can pretty much say for certain that even coach B thathas maybe a lower quality, lower production quality of stuff can charge more and get more clients.

They're also gonna getclients better results because they're offering real value whereas this coach will not last long.

Why I'm sharing thiswith you is two reasons, A, money follows value.

If you can create very specific and very actionablevalue in the marketplace, you're going to win, you'll never struggle getting clients.

Point B is so many coaches are waiting to get all these beautiful photos and they think the videosneed better quality production and they're looking forthe next best camera and they're trying to gettheir audio quality up, and I'm all for that.

I love the tech side of the business, I love upping the productionvalue of our stuff, but it doesn't matter.

A lot of these videosare still shut on a phone because all I care aboutis delivering value to you and doing it in a way thatstirs you into taking action on it because that's whentrue value is created.

When someone takes action on something, there's an emotional connection built 'cause they're gonna get results.

They're going to keep coming back to you.

I understood this from a very early stage of the coaching business and every coaching business I've launched, every coaching business I'vebeen a part of launching, doesn't matter the niche, doesn't matter the industry, doesn't matter the vertical, as long as we are focused ondelivering real specific value, through the concept, through the videos, through the podcast and through every touchpoint of the business, every time a client or a potential client comes in contact withthe coaching business, they get value, it betters their life.

And it's the only reason we've been able to grow in an extremely competitive market without using any crazyadvanced marketing techniques or all these crazy influencer marketing.

That stuff doesn't really excite me.

I'm all about value, and if you can do that in a strategic way in your coaching business and just make sure you'redelivering real value, you are going to win the game and you are going to blow thecompetition out of the water.

They won't stand a chance with you.

That being said, you do want some formof a system to collect once you're delivering value and driving traffic and getting attention.

You want a system to collect that attention and turn it into sales, but even without that in play, you'll be leaps, you'll freaking fieldsahead of the competition when you're delivering real value, specific value, and helping people in the best way you know how every single day, and actually delivering results before they even work with you.

You'll be able to charge more, you'll get high quality clients, you'll get better clients, you'll keep them longer.

It's literally a quadruple winwin for absolutely everyone, including your customers and clients and the people who may never work with you because they're getting value from you every single day.

With that said, I'm probably just overthe five minute mark, so I'm going to sign out.

Truly hope this helped.

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If you wanna be blown away by value, the Coaches Corner Podcast, the coaching channel on YouTube, you will be blown away, and every touch point, everything I do, I practice what I preach.

It's street smarts.

We've built so many coaching business and been a part of buildingso many coaching business, this isn't theoretical knowledge or knowledge I learned from books, this is stuff.

We're in the trenches everysingle day applying this.

And so I really, really hopethat you take this to heart and you apply it intoyour coaching business.

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So I don't know when thiswhole get a job, nine to five, play it safe, think small and hopefully, some dayretire with enough time to maybe chase my dreams became okay, but for people like you and me, it's not.

I'm Lucas Rubix, and welcome to the coaching channel where I continue my missionof setting humans beings free.


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