Online Coaching Business Marketing Tip Of The Week [Ep #3]

– Hey, what's going on? It's Lucas, and I'm comin' atcha with the online coaching businessmarketing tip of the week.

Number three.

These videos are short, they're snappy, they're quick, they're not fancy.

A lot of other training videos, and videos on YouTube, you know, have PowerPoints, andslides, and the iPad, and all this advanced stuff.

This is meant to just be quick.

You can apply it.

You can take one thing from the video, apply it that very day, andweek after week, progress.

So, if you've missed all the other tips, start at tip one, andif you're up to speed, then let's get into it.

I also asked you, in the comments below, if you do come up with an answer, or if you come up with an idea, hold yourself accountable, and leave it in the comments.

And today's, or this week'stip, is all about the guarantee.

If you offer a service, if you offer a program, if you offer a course, a guarantee is basicallymandatory these days.

But, a lot of the stuffyou're going to read online says things like, “Offera 30-day guarantee.

” “Lifetime satisfaction, a trial period.

” And all of that stuff is great, but if we can understand the basic concept of when everyone is doing one thing, it no longer becomes effective.

We need to find a fresh new way of communicating somethingthat really stands out.

And so, just having a guarantee, like a generic guarantee, is not enough anymore.

Everybody has one.

And everyone expects to havesome form of a guarantee.

So when you post aguarantee on your website, or on your sales page, orbefore your coaching program, whatever that is, or onyour course, and it's like, “Hey, we offer a 30-daymoney back guarantee.

” It doesn't wow anyone, andeveryone else is doing it.

So it's really not effective.

So, we gotta go a layer deeper.

Then everyone was like, “Well, lifetime satisfaction.

” “If you're not happy at any point, just ask for your money back.

” Let's say on a course or something.

That no longer is that effective because a lot of people are offering that.

Even the results-based guarantee.

“If you don't get results bythis day, we can reverse it.

” And everybody, or a lot ofpeople, are offering that, so it's not as effective as it used to be.

And what I have found, isinstead of calling it guarantee, a satisfaction guarantee, 100% money back guarantee, again that, because everyone's doing it, it's not that effective.

We want to go deeper, and making it fun, making it exciting, andmaking it “on brand”, using your own language, your own words, having some fun with it, making it unique, what can you do? You know, we have a lot offun with the triple guarantee.

It's now a quadruple guarantee.

We just stack all of the stuff.

So, for instance, what we do is, we'll work with youuntil you make $10, 000.

So anyone who's joining theuniversity is guaranteed.

They will get support, they will get help, until they make $10, 000 in sales.

A pretty cool guarantee, notmany people are doing it.

Maybe in five years everyone will copy me, and it'll no longer be effective.

Right, some others are just like, some people have a conditional guarantee.

“Hey, try my program for 14days, and if you don't like it, you've got to submit all your course work, show that you've done it, and we'll reverse it.

” First thing a client thinksis, “That is a headache!” We do a seven day, for whateverreason, it's one email, you don't like it, we reversepayments, you're on your way.

We don't hold you to it.

We've had nobody ever take us up on it, because they are shockedwith the value we get.

And that is what, that'sthe point of it all! Is these guarantees literally just add, show your confidence in what it is you do.

I'm 100% confident that this is for you! If it's not, here you go.

It literally, you can ooze confidence, and it makes the purchase decision.

It makes that final stepbefore clicking to buy now, or signing up for your coaching program, that much more effective, but if you just use a generic money back 7-day, 14-day, 30-day, it loses its weight.

And so, with that said, I ask you, what are two or three creative ways that you can word, or injectexcitement or your own story, or make it unique so it stands out.

Even name your guaranteesomething completely different.

Come up with a name, a unique name.

Have fun with it, but what are three ways that you can create a unique guarantee, and then apply it onto yourpages, onto your website, as of by the end of this day.

I'm gonna hold you to that.

By the end of this day, change your guarantee, or add your guarantee, andmake it very unique and fun, and with that said, I'll let you go.

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(drum beat music) So, I don't know when this whole get a job, nine to five, play it safe, think small, and hopefully some dayretire with enough time to maybe chase my dreams, became okay, But for people like you and me, it's not.

I'm Lucas Rubix, and welcometo The Coaching Channel, where I continue my missionof setting human beings free.


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