Our Flight Was Canceled! Lima, Peru to Toronto, Canada travel vlog

well you've got some luggage over your shoulder that can only mean one thing it's time to pack up and go so good evening good evening guys greetings from Lima Peru yep these are our final few hours here in Lima it is very easy to think that 25 days

have gone by this fast like when we first arrived we thought wow we have so much time here and that was something we were leaving yeah I mean that's I think that's always a sign of a really good State yes I mean to me Lima is one of

like I almost considered Lima to be a home base now whenever I come here I just settled into routines like a half shopping routines we have favorite restaurants we like to go to I have like a favorite exercise rode along the coast like it just it kind of

feels like home to me plus family to visit yeah it's been great getting to know your family more and just I love this city like I love coming here eating here I love exercising so that I can eat more it's a sight call it is a cycle it's

a bit of a vicious cycle and in a good way I say yeah so we've been staying in your grandma's fair apartment yeah it's just been really awesome it's nice and big so we thought we'd give you a quick tour of that yeah it's also an air B&B

so are we starting in the kitchen yells or anything whoa it's bright in here oh yes let's give the camera a second to adjust to this neon there we go there we go so we had a little or essent I mean nice big kitchen I should say washer

and dryer was awesome the washing air yeah yeah I don't need a dryer sometimes a limit because it's quite humid mm-hmm if you need something to be dry quickly you do actually need to use a dryer yeah otherwise it could take a little tea collection me we amassed

here we were drinking a lot of lime tea because we both kind of had this earth yes especially you and cinnamon and what's this one I always forget what does it say it says Manzanilla oh that's the sleepy time what's it called time a mile okay anyways enough

about the tea collection this is the kitchen this is the kitchen come on up here into the living room this is my favorite parts down huge living rooms like look at all the different coaches one two one two three three four four and obviously we've been spending like

a lot of time traveling and and with family like like living with family – it's supposed to have an apartment this big just felt so nice like just the two of us here for a while so much base and like we just really appreciated that I got to

show you guys the views this is incredible yeah I'm take a look at here first thing you'll notice is there are tennis court is courts this is a tennis court a football field as well and like they're used literally all day long almost like as soon as we

so as I wake up in the morning I see people playing tennis yeah and the ocean is just behind that bridge I feel like we should have thought it's during the day because these are amazing ice clips beautiful sunsets here yeah really nice light and just over that

bridge is that's where I start my jog so it's like moving along the coast oh my gosh the Pacific Ocean that's familiar for me because I name-dropping BC so if you come into here this is a tiny bathroom and we need ask is it too much I mean

shower the mean the mean bathroom that we ended up using oh it's your point oh dining area girls users workstation / office exactly here iam bathroom is really cool especially like the big shower walk-in shower a little the big shower after being in your for a while oh

man with those tiny little showers that I barely fit into okay this was another spare room the spare bedroom and we didn't really sleep here know what we ended up we ended up using it as kind of an extra a napping room and your afternoon nap exam room

for me this was our main bed and then we had lots of storage space over here to put all of our stuff so yeah just really nice apartment would love this location like if we were ever to come to Lima even if like this wasn't a relative's apartment

it's exactly where I'd want to be yeah it's a good neighborhood meet after not any neighborhood here anyways we need to get ready because we're going to the airport yes and this time we're going to be taking a new surface I guess there's a new bus service like

oh yeah there's a bus to the airport now yeah in the past we've done taxis which are actually really affordable but we thought we would try something new instead of asking my relatives to drive us like an hour each way in traffic it's a long way so yeah

it'll be interesting to take it and we'll let you know the price and hopefully film some of the journeys yes let's go let's go made it and you're coughing you know what I slept probably 80% of the way I woke up just five minutes before we arrived I

was nodding off the whole time you were crewed up like you can't I certainly think I'm blessed so I grabbed my pillow and just like it so really called this hilarious but we're here in terms of price it was 25 so less per person and except between 79

US Dollars and I should also mention that the ride took just over an hour and that when it comes to Lima traffic you always have to give yourself a lot of time because yeah at least an hour to the airport probably more and yeah we're all disheveled and

let's just get in there and check it so we decided to stop at one of Sam's favorite Peruvian restaurants buy a stone just enter Jason at the airport as we mentioned in a previous video so yeah we're finishing off strong and have a nice meal it'll certainly beat

the Air Canada Rouge selection on get on that flight in cocoa oh one last class unless blocks a one last glass of chicha Morada get some orange juice guess who got another glass cheers to that that Lee's gonna miss this stuff gonna miss a lot of things from

Lima to be honest you know what I'm not gonna miss is the air I don't know if it's the pollution or the fog but every time I come to Lima my throat just suffer you know like I need to be jogging with me in the mornings that's the

issue through those lungs clear that oh my gosh I I've been really healthy when I come here I look like I've ever I never get sick to be honest yeah lucky me lucky me what the hell the food's here I went for soup and I have to say

it looks fabulous I got the agua dito which is a chicken and rice soup with lime and cilantro and it looks like we've also got green peppers and carrots and this just smells like Roma yes I thought it was gonna be a light broth kind of like chicken

noodle soup yeah but this is way better better well I kind of I kind of thought it would be a pretty good soup because it's about roughly about the same price as you me that's right good what I like that you would like that well they don't let

you tries the width of you though for classic over here getting the pop all along can you know this is a potato with that nice cheese sauce and it looks like I have one that has been a he sauce over here like a spicier one it's interesting because

red peppers on top so I wonder if that's a clear mmm that one is spicier yes try this one not someone I like though yeah my absolute favorite yellow yeah and you still have more things I'm not touching any of the any of their please no way all

right and you guys know that I couldn't just order one thing so I've got chicken empanadas empanadas de toyou before I even begin to dissect it let's get some lime on top of that creamy filling and then a lime visit a nice bit of zest tasty dessert well

I struggled to finish my main but you have no trouble having to vote I got a spoon for you change your mind okay so going for my basically might wanna maybe absolute favorite Peruvian desserts to spear all of mania mania yeah oops you can turning that one entire

black seed in I'm tired look at the merengue on top it's like a good marine and then the mat heart Blanca love the bottom oh yeah oh yeah this is because how I'm finishing things off here in Peru couldn't answer anything better oh yeah such good stuff we'll

let you have your moment please do the airplane how many hours now yeah over to and our flight have just been canceled up flipping out – issued at the aircraft so they're going to be sending which is like but Hotel guys here we go and we have to

go through the immigration again Wow I'm like in a zombie mode – I'm too tired to even care but a month rolled about it I'm excited Hotel events because I was thinking like oh my gosh take the bus back from your yeah like bring on my family's door

are at the Sheraton Hotel this is actually a really nice hotel yeah I was expecting like some budget de Hotel you know I think Adele but they brought us to downtown but you might like one historical yeah yeah checked in it's like six I don't know there's an

enormous line we're lucky that we checked in near the front people are getting really cranky temper like big-time like yeah it's true well we're gonna sleep and apparently we've got our meals provided for us too so that's nice we're having a lights camera action moment it is it's

9:30 no not even more like two and a half yeah we've had three hours of sleep with a baby and we decided let's have for breakfast before it's completely gone yeah it's only 9:30 and it finishes that like 10:00 something you think yeah so we purposely set the

alarm we probably gonna stuff longer we will sleep longer a little bit more but in the meantime omelette sausage different potatoes yeah we got a Buffy going on so I think we're gonna eat well today apparently our lunch and dinners also provided here yeah the hotel Oh time

for an update Audrey are you doing it what a food yeah it's been wonderful actually you know the more I think about it they've just taken really good care of us here and we've turned this into a work date like we've been editing videos and we've been catching

up on sleep we've been eating well and it's been nice like I'll show you my plate here I've been craving greens I haven't been as much of like I've been having wonderful food in Lima but I haven't been getting a lot of greens so they had a lot

of salad a lot of steamed vegetables I'm going for a kind of healthy and light but they do have a nice dessert section so I might break that near the end the desserts just look absolutely amazing Audrey ended up getting one right over here the arroz con leche

rice pudding I've shown some restraint by only having one bite I'm yeah trying to lose a little weight so this is a decision with my willpower being tested to the max I will say well well it's time for attempt number two to get back to Toronto yeah we're

gonna be heading downstairs in about 20 minutes to catch the bus to the airport and try again so we thought we'd give you a room tour because this was really nice yeah oh so nice we just saw great into it like yeah I I've had one of the

best naps of my life on here yeah like I'm not even kidding like I was just see I'm by the time we got to the room right I don't even remember falling asleep I'm still tired I was I feel like I was dragging Sam around because once we

got off the plane he just kept falling yeah I had a horrible sleep the night before like I was up at 2:30 in the morning and I didn't I didn't take a nap so I was like by around 9:00 or 10:00 at night I was just falling asleep

yeah and I included the plane that included waiting for our passports that I included on the bus but I think we're both feeling well rested after sleeping in and have a little not this afternoon Yeah right the tour this is a bud yeah he had a really big

desk Sam somewhere I claimed that for my own who has my own what uh uh just that's it it's a really small room but just show you the bathroom yeah we both showered and my gosh it was just so nice to get to feel kind of refreshed to

have some nice healthy food to catch up on some sleep and yeah Toronto take two where are we Penta passenger until I sing Arthur let's go in for around Toronto take two hopefully hopefully we get out we'll see I'll believe it when were in this guy we're back

well we're back thoughts I'm tired tired but I slept quite a bit but uh like when I get home I'm gonna sleep some more probably terms of the flight it was a little bit turbulent but but mildly mildly yeah deal with it and we slept we slept most

of the way which was awesome and made like it was a seven half-hour flight but because we slept I don't think we were probably up for less than two or three hours but we did we did yeah and it's funny like that that flight cancellation seems like a

thing of the past now that we're here it was a nice day really was we had nice food we we rested and all that so and I think we're gonna qualify for some discounts and maybe even compensation yeah so yeah now we're waiting for our bags and I

think I see a familiar one and we're back with Togo he's super excited to see us and so that will conclude our video coming home it's nice to be back isn't it Audrey yeah so thanks for watching guys we're gonna unpack and play with the dog ciao for


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