Our Trip to Europe is Over! Greece to Canada travel vlog

well good morning world we're gonna domore together trip it's coming to an end ten weeks across Europe with Sam'sparents it's crazy Lee I just can't believe how fast it was like that'sprobably the fastest period of travel I've ever experienced in my life thatwas like that long and yeah even our time in Santorini flew by like we hadeight nights here and at first I thought oh gosh maybe that's way too long to bespending on an island it was great it was great we literally had something newto do almost every single day yeah and it was just fantastic to kind of end thetrip off in a relaxing manner like on an island not in a big city and that wasfantastic so yeah this is basically the start of our travel vlog all the way toCanada we have a ferry to catch the Athens we're gonna stay overnight thereand then of course we have to fly back to Toronto and that's going to be viaIstanbul so it's gonna be a long travel vlog we're kind of ishwe're gonna show the whole experience let's do this okay so before we checkout of this hotel Joe just studios we're gonna give you a little tour yeah sothis is cool this was actually our first hotel yeah it kind on this whole tripyeah but this has had more of a little bit of an apartment fire yeah I'll showyou why so little desk or like a vanity what do you call these things for yourmakeup yeah primping cloth which is great the fridge little freezer which weactually utilized we had all over Hannah's here more or less a little bitin Greek you know we didn't actually cook here on that electron snow thisyeah remain your self coffee and tea here for a little place yeah yeah weshould do that before we check out yeah we had lots of please we were havingwine and another thing and this was also okay you actually show you the bathroomfirst okay I'll show you my favorite featureOh Alan over here so many things so what god it's the bedroom yes such a calmpeople bed really comfortable pillows I think we can honestly both say that wehad fun Masek sleeps here the best sleep of thetrip I might add I don't remember waking up once in the middle of night yeah whenwe were doing a lot of exercise and so I was tired every night I went to bedcoming here and I'll show you the shower room this was one of the nicest showerswe've had in Europe they can be just really good water pressure tons ofringing Morris yes yeah shower I like the tile yep and then myfavorite feature of this place was great up here the balcony cover we were kindof hand-washing our stuff and we had really nice views we we saw some straycats and we were feeding them from here down here we also this is this is afterI had like my morning runs in the morning my morning puns in the morningafter I went for a jog in the morning I would come up here and have a coffee andthere was a couple times removin had a glass of wine and beer so it's justreally comfortable really nice place to stay and the fact that we had eightnights here was just fantastic because our trip was a little bit go go go go goyeah and it was really nice to slow down the pace and have those extra nightshere in Santorini relaxing on an island yeah basically the last thing we'redoing here on the island is feeding cats and dogs because we have left over a catand dog food that we bought a few days ago and this one this this is a localcat that hangs out around this very particular spot a couple days now it'snice and friendly oh I can hear it burning from over here you hungry secondChristmas yeah we saw it getting fed by someone else this morning secondbreakfast I saw it getting milk one day that'sawesome such a sweet kitty boy boy that's a good boy over here there's agood boy give it to the one place hungry boys a hungry boys yes one hasdiscerning taste I think the brown one but little Onialone'd it'll only certain dog business is you know all the other ones recalledI'm real 20 legs but the other ones gobbled them up so we have a little bitof an update with the view over here but it's coming folks coming it's way wayoff in the distance guys the waters been choppy toots windy – yeah it is reallywindy I'm gonna zoom in really slowly yeah when we came in the first time Ihave a feeling this time it's not gonna be smooth it off in fact the weaves havebeen crashing in that's exactly what I just went in filmed and you can't reallysee it yet but trust us guys it is coming you feeling over there tell us what'sgoing on what's going on if taking I grovelyeah and we're over at goodies and we're getting some really greasy food andhopefully you're just gonna call Co it's very windy very rough out therethe boats just kind of like walking back and forth and yeah a little food andmaybe a little rest will do us some good you call this place good easy goodygoody gumdrops it's greasy it's predictably greasygreasy this is gonna help you huh well have your cheesy bacon fry which isactually not really bacon it's more lazy no nooh it's because hard between two islands right now you're gonna miss it there yougo so it's it's getting a little smootherfor you just for you we're leaving that Island pinethis is very free very shortly sure to reprieve and we've also got a burgerwon't you just unwrap it for us show us what so what we got well I think it'ssupposed to be deluxe cheese with country saw oh sorry bite of it comeanyway look okay maybe this'll redeem goodies this will be the burger is thatokay Safdie he's better than what you expected huh would you say that it is officially beer o'clock on thisferry Cheers getting down to the final stroke yeah final stretch it's been amuch rougher ride this time I got a hound dogyeah was like smooth like peanut butter over and like crunchy like crunchypeanut butter yeah so did you like Center any of though Santorini had hadway more job for them what I even imaginedyeah we have done a pretty good yeah let's know when it went way past wellyeah we all felt that way like I don't know our first day we visited yeah andwe thought oh man maybe this place isn't gonna be so good like we it was just soso but what what we all really loved yeah we loved walking there from Firaand as soon as we started doing more like outdoors type of things like goingto visit the volcano and going for some hikes and stuff like that I think thatis boring yeah yeah I think that's where we really found her groove and so yeahit ended up being good like we thought I don't know if we had enough things to doin a week but ended up being plenty yeah and we still left yeah we did there'smore things to do what's the update we're here I thinkwe're about an hour late past midnight we're all really tired we all fellasleep near the end and we're just waiting for that door to open Open Sesame alright guys I made it to her hotel forthe night lilia hotel it was cheap by the port yeah what in the morning zombie mode so you see time for anupdate what are we up to today what are we up to first we're trying to throw onmy sunglasses which is a little bit crooked yeah yeah so we had breakfast alate breakfast we forgot to film it because we need some friends or thetable of Americans yeah obviously yeah we were just chit-chatting so we'regetting a bit of a later start to the dayit's like 11:00 in the morning and we're just planning to walk along the marinaand really just the seashore yeah and if this area is called Piraeus right yeahand is it technically part of Athens or is its own distinct area I think thatit's maybe considered the great like kind of a greater part of Athens but Ithink it has its own distinction as well maybe it's this own separate city yeahso basically we have a full day here before we have to go to the airport andcatch our flight so it's just gonna be pretty chill getting lots of exerciseeating well and yeah there's some there's there's beautiful areas withyachts there's there's beaches as people are playing soccer those people arejogging it's just a very very scenic part of this this particular area andwe're just gonna explore it and we found a little community of cats over herejust chilling out in the Sun chilly out in the Sun I'm gonna say don't be hitting people inthe comments I know we're not having Greek food but we've been in Greece overtwo weeks now yes over two weeks we've had lots of souvlaki lots of gyros soSam and I were walking by and we saw a place called noodle bar and they have asheet and we were like yeah oh yeah it's happening it's happening yeah and thisplace we haven't got the food yet but this place has these views guys it'spretty darn spectacular oh I shouldn't say we haven't got food yet we weregiven a complimentary starter what is that prawn prawncrackers well the crackers looks like dessert looks like a seat sauce is allabout oh it's like crackling music he seems like a sweet and sour sauce Ohyummy I was gonna guess that that wasn't your your in chocolate yes but in herethe mic no I can't hear that – sounds like rice krispies oh yeah okay andthat's complimentary so we're just waiting for our means we've orderedPhiladelphia rules basically salmon cream ramen noodles you got ramennoodles and I've got like a chocolate peanut butter roll coming up we've gotsome pretty good stuff coming our way Lutz here food is here so I got myselfthe ramen bowl with vegetables and we went all out with a sushi saw they hadat the Philadelphia Cream Cheese in salmon combo yeah so yeah we've got tworows of that lock the sushi if you can't eat any ofit I'm sorry if you can't just off of it I'm sure I can healthy up I'm planningto eat my portion okay okay why don't you try the noodles tellus how to take my pork super spicy it comes with broccoli carrots redpepper taysteeI'm ginger who's in Xenia middle of the dingyand then we go for sushi I've been craving sushi for months neverhad any on this trip so and we didn't have any in Europe Boxer either normalmember home and brampton at Fredericton so I've been at sushi I'm probably like5 or 6 months if memory serves me correct so this is just amazing reallygood oh my gosh big thick slices of salmon lots of Philadelphia Cream Cheeseoh yeah let's enjoy oh yeah all right Sam tellus what did you get for your dessert dessert has arrived I think thesebasically are peanut butter and chocolate they they look like deep-friedspring also I can't tell our dissect it oh wow look at it it's popping out usingout from the side pane for some reason we have a very deep rightI thought I was gonna be like rice rolls with chocolate can't that's why I waslike that's all the peanut butter oh my goshbut these are friends so that means you can sway there how's that that's good everything youexpected and more there's a little like a deep-fried chocolate bar in some waysis that good Wow hold that melted chocolate peanut butter goodnessI see sugar on top lady crosstalk I'm not being healthy about it but puretotally delicious good morning guys travel day Iong back to Canada at longlast yesterday was super chill and we hardly filmed we just walked around allday and we ate yeah and we slept then we slept and we just got a call from my momtelling us there is a time change no idea no idea instead of waking up atwhat we thought was 510 it would have been for ten but now it's 5:10 so yeahyeah so we had less sleep than even we had thought we were gonna get yeah yeahso we're just kind of like and trying to get ready so that we can leave on timewe have a shuttle bus to catch at 6:00 yeah let's go let's goread it made it to the airport and you got to catch this wonderful fun rise onthe driver yeah it was just remarkable yeah and it was an hour in ten minutesyes X 96 yes what's the x86 and we paid 6euros per person to come from preyas to the airport yeah and the nice thing isif you do get on at Piraeus that's before a lot of other people get on soyou should be able to find a seat and we had lots of room to put it through ourluggage down it's great we're here nice and early so it means we can check inprobably grab some Canada and grab some brekkie so we were just trying to figureout when's the last time we'd at McDonald's that we remember it was lastyear when we traveled in Nuremberg yeah but now that you mention it there'sanother time that I remember know which one it was in Ukraine okay we're at thetrain station going from Kiev to the beef okayI don't but either way oh yeah I do now you remember yeah it's been a while it'sbeen months so Mickey Donna Wieden I'll be going home what have you ordered fromMickey Donna well basically just the classic you know egg McMuffin with baconcheese then we go last breakfast in Greecehow's that predictably okay we made itflight one of two done as in a short flight Athens Athens to assemble as theshortest flight it's like that's Ron oh that's gonna be that it's not sure quitelike 10 something hours oh yeah it's gonna be a long one so two things I'dlike to point out about this Airport this is one of the most consistentlycrowded airports anytime we've arrived here and we've been here at all hours ofthe day it's always totally busy and point number two it's never never turnon the air conditioning so it's always a bit of a sweat fest our annual ourtradition every time we're in Istanbul sampling Turkish Delight we're actuallygonna buy some though as a present yep that is a work of art I've been going totown on the Turkish Delight I've had about maybe almost ten pieces that'skind of crazy no I haven't had that many I've had morelike five or six about three they've all been so good this one it's 13 euros yeahwe're boxes different flavors perfect not absolutely easy to carry to some ofthe other boxes are massive so that is a wrap Sam ten weeks traveling with thefam 10 weeks traveling prepare there was another awesome trip this is theirfourth really big trip with them yeah really appreciate this is kind ofspecial awkward to me at this point in our life to travel ISM like justeveryone's help me we have the time it's just been so cool designs for picturesof them now Southeast Asia the first time and a South America last year isIndia this year is Europe so different destinations every time and with that inmind it's time to attach reflectors temprano the time in this airport alwaysgo so fast so much to do it's also look at can you say the city's name like atrue tour until en Toronto Toronto okay well we've made it we have made it howdo you feel ten hours later I feel yeah drop ten hours on a plane well that'sjust the long one and then the other flight and all the waiting and thenwaking up early thank you but we're here yeah we're gonna finish off the clip ofDogo because as we always do let's see who is happy to have us home boo who ishappy to help us home boo what are you doing there mr.

catlover we're just having you that that's all having a nap yeaha warm welcome home isn't that free Togo it is a warm welcome home and thanks forwatching our journey all the way back to Canada uh-huh.

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