Our Visit Finland Outdoors Adventure (2014): Finland Travel Guide & Finnish Cuisine

Welcome to Helsinki! This week we're in the Finnish capital andwe are going to be showing you some of the top attractions you should check out in thesummertime.

With its long days and short nights, summertimeis a great time to be in Helsinki.

This was our second visit to the Finnish capital, and we were excited as ever to experience it for a couple of days.

With summer in full swing, we enjoyed dinnersal fresco, boat trips to nearby islands, and lots of walking around town.

Here's a look at how we spent our time inHelsinki: One of our favorite things about being inHelsinki were all the street performances taking place.

Esplanade Park hosted several concerts, whichwere free to the public.

Right now we're going to be visiting one ofthe most famous landmarks in all of Helsinki.

This is Helsinki Cathedral and what is reallycool about this church is that it is very different from other churches across Europe.

Most European churches are very elaborate.

They have a lot of paintings inside; however, once we go inside this church you are going to see that it is very simple, very white, very clean and it is just looks like a blank canvas.

Helsinki Cathedral overlooks Senate Square, so after you visit the church, you can sit down on the steps and watch people go by.

This is a very exciting moment for me herein Helsinki.

I'm an enormous Salmiakki fan, which is blacksalty licorice.

It is extremely salty and this particularkiosk here is famous because it sells over 91 different varieties of Salmiakki products.

Okay, so what did you order from the kiosk? I've got my favorite kind of Salmiakki product- Salmiakki ice cream.

It is like the best of both worlds.

It is very salty, it has a very strong licoricetaste and it is of course ice cream.

Who doesn't like ice cream? And the coolest part here is that it is actuallyshaped like a Salmiakki candy.

It has that exact shape.


That is so good.

What we're about to show you is called dinnerin the sky.

And you're going to see some people sittingup on a table just hanging from a crane.

Look for yourself.

Market square is a great place to pick upfresh vegetables and berries, and you can also try a number of traditional Finnish dishesranging from grilled salmon to reindeer meatballs.

We frequented the market almost daily, andat 10 Euros a meal, we thought it was a budget-friendly option for travelers.

So it is now time for lunch and we've stoppedoff at Market Square – one of my favorite places to grab a really tasty and cheap meal.

Today we are having grilled salmon, potatoesand vegetables.

And yeah, let's go enjoy this before it getstoo cold.

Alright, hungry boy.

Ready for the first bite? It is time for some salmon.

I never get tired of eating salmon.

If I lived here I'd probably be eating thisdaily.

So now that we're finished eating we're goingto show you the more crafty side of Market Square.

This is a great place to pickup some traditionalFinnish products and souvenirs to take back home.

Helsinki has a thriving design district andI really enjoyed visiting various shops which showcased the best of Scandinavian design.

My favourite was, of course, Marimekko whichis renowned for its bold patterns and bright colours.

Right now I'm in the Marimekko store, whichis one of the most famous design stores in all of Finland.

Finland has a unique tradition where peoplecome and wash their carpets on floating docks by the sea.

The carpets are then left to dry overnightwithout fear of anyone stealing them.

After washing your carpets it is a great areawhere you can just go and grab a drink and relax.

Up next we're visiting the Kamppi Chapel ofsilence.

This chapel is located in one of the busiestareas of Helsinki and it is supposed to be a place where anyone can drop by and justenjoy a moment of silence.

No services are held in this church but theydo have clergy and social workers on hand if anyone needs to speak with them.



So Sam, do you think one day you'll be ableto grow an impressive beard like Santa's? Never.

It looks like peachy fuzz.

That I glued onto my face.

Helsinki has a number of unique landmarksand attractions.

One of them being this church carved out ofa rock.

And what is really cool about it is that thischurch has amazing acoustics so it is actually a very popular concert hall.

The roof consists of a copper dome surroundedby a skylight, which allows natural light to stream into the building.

During one of our afternoons in Helsinki, we hopped aboard the Helsinki Sightseeing cruise.

The trip was an hour and a half in length, and we got to see the various islands that make up the city's archipelago.

It was a beautiful sunny day with blue skies, and we saw a lot of sailboats out on the water.

It is a beautiful day to be outdoors todayand we are all geared up to go on a bike ride.

We are going to be taking a tour of Helsinki.

How is it going so far? I'm getting a workout here.

You look really silly with your ball cap anda helmet on.

Come on, I'm starting a new fashion trendover here.

This is what is considered cool these days.

Oh, really? No, definitely not.

But what is cool is that just getting outsideof Helsinki, a few kilometers, and you're out right in the woods.

This is amazing.

Let's do a 360.

So we just finished our four hour long bikeride around Helsinki and next up we are going kayaking.

Right now it is nine PM and it is still brightout and I think we're supposed to be back at midnight.

So let's go.

Normally, I like to do a single kayak becauseI don't really trust Sam on the water but I've been talked into this double kayak fornewlywed couples.



Except, I'm the only one paddling becauseyou're sitting back there filming.

Yep, that's about right.

Enjoy a few beers in the back of the doublekayak.

Yeah, I'll just have the beers, sit back andlet her do all of the work.

Right, Audrey? Oh, hush you.


Paddle faster.


No, don't make it wobble.

I'm going to tip it over.





Sam, that is not.


Okay, stop it.

It is eleven thirty now and we are paddlingback home in the dark.

With nothing but the moon and our lights toguide us.

This is a city that comes alive during thesummer months, and it was great enjoying all the events taking place in the city as wellas relaxing outdoors.

We loved revisiting Helsinki and we discoveredso many new places that we had completely skipped over the first time around.

Have you been to Helsinki? Let us know about your experiences in thecomments below.

We're here in Finland today and we're goingto be trying Salmiakki.

Now for those of you who are not very familiarwith this it is a salty black licorice.

We actually got to try it last year when wevisited and I hated it but Sam loved it.

I think our reactions are going to be a bitpredictable.

Now today we have six different kinds of Salmiakkiso let's get started.

The special ingredient of Salmiakki is ammoniumchloride and that is what gives it its salty and very overpowering taste.

Oh boy, this is a real treat.

This is a Salmiakki ice cream and we decidedwell we better eat this first before it actually melts.

Let's open it up and it is from Fazer.

From Fazer brand which is a really popularbrand in Finland especially for chocolate but it is also really popular for Salmiakkias well.


That is hilarious.

What is funny about this is that it is basicallyshaped like a Salmiakki candy would be.

So it has got.




It looks quite authentic here.

Let's have the first bite.

That is the best salmiakki I've ever had.

In ice cream form it is a lot sweeter andit still has got all of that overpowering salmiakki taste.

I just love this.

I'm going to eat the whole thing.

I guess now it is my turn.

I'm kind of hoping the middle is vanilla flavored.

Yummy yummy? Urgh.



It is not as bad as the candies I've had beforebut it still has a really strong Salmiakki taste and I mean the ice cream is actuallya bit salty which I don't think should be the case with ice cream.

I'm giving it the thumbs down unfortunately.

That one didn't last very long.

Next up we've got Fazer Super Salmiakki andthis of the candy variety.

Let's open this one up.

And already I can tell – I've tried otherSalmiakki candies but this one feels a lot harder, so I have a feeling it is going tobe a bit different.

It is not going to be as chewy.

Let's give this a shot.

Okay, so you can definitely taste the Salmiakkihere.

It is very strong.

As I expected, it is a hard candy and it isnot very chewy.

I think it is a really great type of Salmiakkiproduct you take with you maybe when you're driving in a car or something.

You can just pop one in your mouth and itwill last quite a while.

Just let is sit and roll around on your tongue.

I guess it is my turn to give it a go.

Oh, the excitement! How much longer do I have to taste it before? Put the whole thing in your mouth.

It is like really salty.

Saltier than the ice cream.

It tastes like horrible medicine.

There is nothing redeeming about it.


Spitting sounds.

I'm actually not entirely sure what this Salmiakkiproduct is.

These look like maybe more kind of a sugarytype of rolls.

This should be interesting.

Let's try these.

I've never had them.

Kind of neat.

They've got a brown filing.


Okay, yeah.

These are chewy and really sweet and theseare more like your type of traditional candy I guess.

You really taste the sugar along with theSalmiakki.

Which is strong but it is not nearly as strongas the harder candy.

So I'm still recovering from the last onebut since these are super sweet and covered in sugar, I figured I'd give it a go.

A little nibble.

I'm not sure what the middle part is.

It is brown.

Coffee maybe? No it isn't.


Urgh! Have it! Hahaha! You can have it! Okay, so as not to torture Audrey, she canbe exempt from these next two things that I'm going to try.

I'm just going to make her try the chocolate.

Next up we've got Salmiakki in a box and we'regoing to try a different brand here.

I believe it is called Halva.

Let's try that.


They just fell out.


I can tell right now these are really hard.

Hard salmiakki type things.

Let's have a look at them.

Can you see them there? See, that is what the ice cream cone was shapedlike.

Just like this.

So I'm going to put them both in.

Those are really hard and small.

They are similar to the ones I got from theFazer bag from the first one that I tried.

But yeah, they are really strong and againlike kind of just slowly dissolve in your mouth.

You can just kind of chew on them or justlet them roll around on your tongue.

And they are long lasting, so.

I think the best thing about them is thatthey come in this little package here, so you could just like walk around with themin your pant pocket and be like hey I feel like some Salmiakki and just whip it out andhave a bite.

Alright, next up we've got the mixed bag ofSalmiakki and this is also from Fazer.

As you can see from on the back of the packagethere is all of the different shapes and sizes.

Let's open that up.

There we go.

You know what – I'm just going to dump a wholebunch of these on here so we can kind of see what they look like.

And I'm going to just start trying one ofeach.

This is a different one.

This one is different.

Okay, so I've got four in my mouth right nowand yeah they really are different.

Some of them are little bit larger and morechewy and then the other ones are hard and they are kind of similar to the ones thatyou can get like the pocket sized ones.

They are hard and you kind of have to suckon them a bit longer but yeah this is for Salmiakki lovers.

This has got it all.

You've got all shapes and sizes here.

And last but certainly not least we've gotSalmiakki in chocolate form.

And much like the ice cream I have very highexpectations for this.

I hope it is going to be sweet and chocolate-yand just overall delicious.

Let's open this.


From the outside, as you can see, it looksjust sort of like your normal milk chocolate bar but let's break it off here and see ifwe can see if it is any different.

Okay, it still looks normal to me.


Oh, it is so good.

Like it is just amazing.

Like, chocolate is stellar.

Salmiakki is stellar.

Putting them together is just an awesome combination.

This is just as good as like chocolate andpeanut butter as far as I'm concerned.

Okay, I'm going to show this part.

And here you can see it is sort of like stuffedinside of the milk chocolate the same way a caramel milk chocolate might be like orif you had come to Canada or the US and you have like the peanut butter milk chocolate.

How it is just kind of like in the middleand it is in a bit of a creamy form.

Two thumbs up for this product.

Alright, well, I do like the Karl Fazer chocolatebars.

I have been eating them every single day sinceI've been back.

I'm not so sure about the Salmiakki.

I'll try a little corner.

Hey, that is not right.

The salmiakki is in the middle.

You have to take a bite right in the middle.

Come on.

Last bite.

It is like eating chocolate that has beenstuffed with medicine and salt.

I mean the chocolate is great and it kindof helps mask the Salmiakki taste but I'd rather have a plain chocolate bar.

Alright, to sum of all of this up.

I liked every single Salmiakki thing tried;however, there were things I liked more than others.

My top two, were of course, the ice creamand the chocolate bar because I also have a sweet tooth and combining salmiakki withmilk chocolate and ice cream.

That is just amazing.

Okay, next up I do really like these onestoo.

These like.

These candies that are a bit more sweet thanthe other ones.

So I rank those really highly.

So among the more I guess traditional hardcandies like these ones would be great to carry with you in your pocket.

Although I do prefer the ones that are a littlechewier so this is just more portable.

And amongst these two I would have to sayI'll go with the mixed bag.

So everything is awesome.

If you're in Finland you absolutely have totry this.

It is the kind of polarizing thing.

You're probably either going to love it orhate it.

And most foreigners who – especially thosewho haven't tried liquorice before – are probably not going to like it.

I love it this stuff, so if you don't finishyour bag or your chocolate bar or your ice cream you know where to send it.

Surprise, surprise, surprise! We are back in Finland almost one year tothe day that we left.

This is awesome.

This is one of my favorite countries in allof Europe.

Most people when they arrive sometimes theygo and freshen up.

They might splash a little water on theirfaces or maybe go to the washroom after a long nine hour flight.

But no.

What is the first thing that I do – get mySalmiakki candy.

I've been craving this for over a year andI've already ate half of the bag and I'm having even more now.

So good! What we're about to show you is called dinnerin the sky.

You are going to see some people sitting upon a table, just hanging from a crane.

Look for yourself! The port area or market square appears tobe even bigger and busier than last time year.

It is just bustling with activity and thereis a Ferris Wheel right over there.

A bit hot and tired are we? Oh my gosh, so sweaty and tired.

I need a shower and a bed.

And you know what – this is easily the hottestday we've ever experienced in Finland.


It is over thirty.

We're back in jail.

We stayed here last year.

We did.

Let's check out the room.

Come on in.

This room here used to be a jail cell whichexplains why the windows are so high up, so the prisoners couldn't escape.

Also, they have really thick curtains herein Finland and that is because during the summer the sun just stays up a really longtime.

You wouldn't be able to sleep otherwise.

We're back in Finland on an eight day adventureand we plan on shooting a daily vlog.

Basically what we want to do is just showyou exactly what we're doing and what it is like to be in Finland in the summer – bothin the city and outside in the countryside doing more adventure types of activities.

We just arrived at Lonna Island.

This used to be a former military island andit has just opened to the public this summer, so we're going to check it out.

It was a really cool meal.

We had grilled fish and potatoes.

And that is just like the quintessential Finnishsummer meal.

It's our first full day in Finland and itis finally breakfast time.

We actually woke up at two thirty in the morningbecause we were jet lagged and then the sun slowly started coming up at like four thirtyin the morning.

We've been waiting for this for a long time.

Someone is hungry.


That was a really filling breakfast.

I think we're both just stuffed.

We're going to go on a very small walk aroundjail hotel and show you the sites.

They have a really cool little garden whereit appears they're growing their own vegetables.

It is a beautiful day to be outdoors todayand we are all geared up to go on a bike ride.

We are going to be taking a tour of Helsinki.

How is it going so far? Oh, I'm getting a workout here.

You look really silly with your ball cap andhelmet on top.

Come on, I'm starting a new fashion trendover here.

This is what is considered cool these days.

Oh really? No, definitely not.

But what is cool is that just getting outsideof Helsinki, a few kilometers, you're out right in the woods.

This is amazing.

Let's do a 360.

We just finished our four hour long bike ridearound Helsinki and next up we're going kayaking.

Right now it is nine PM.

It is still bright out and I think we're supposedto be back at midnight, so let's go.

Normally I like to do a single kayak becauseI don't really trust Sam on the water but I've been talked into this double kayak fornewlywed couples.


Except, I'm the only one paddling becauseyou're sitting back there filming.

Yep, that's about right.

Enjoy a few beers in the back of the doublekayak.

Yep, I'll just have the beers, sit back andlet her do all of the work.

Right, Audrey? Oh, hush.


Paddle faster.


No, don't make it wobble.

I'm going to tip it over.

Wobble, wobble, wobble, wobble.

Sam! That is not.

Okay, stop it.

It is eleven thirty now and we are paddlingback home in the dark with nothing but the moon and our lights to guide us.

It is day three in Finland and today we aregoing for a walk in the woods.

We're here at Nuuksio National Park.

On today's outing we learned about Every Man'sRight in Finland.

This is a traditional Finnish concept thatallows people to camp out freely, to pick berries and mushrooms in the wild, to fishwith a rod and line, and to walk, cycle, or ski anywhere on the land.

To sum it up, Every Man's Right means thateveryone is free to enjoy the land.

Where are you right now? Right now I'm in a woodshed and what is reallycool is that the Finnish government provides wood for all of the National Parks.

You can go out and make a fire here.

Har! Har! Except, you don't have any firewood.

After hiking for a while, we cooked some sausagesand enjoyed some sandwiches by the lake.

It was a great way to spend a summer afternoonin Finland.

And we're kayaking again today.

It is eight o'clock right now.

It is calm.

It is peaceful outside.

It is still very light and we have the goldenrays of the sun shining down on the water.

Today is day four of our Finnish adventureand we are going to be going horseback riding.

Now let's go meet our Icelandic horses.

What makes Icelandic horses different is thatthey have very gentle characters.

Also, while they may be smaller in stature, they are actually very strong horses.

We're making our first stop of the morning.

We're visiting a local flea market.

In here it is a mix of antiques, dishwareand clothes.

That was a lot of fun.

My horse, Farri, turned out to be a reallyhungry boy.

He just kept stopping for grass and for flowersalong the way but we got to see the countryside and I really enjoyed it.

A cool fact that we've learned while in Finlandis that there is thirteen thousand trees for every Finn.

That is a lot of trees.

Finland's archipelago is made up of thousandsof little islands, so one of the best ways to get around is by boat.

Our guide took us out to visit a former militaryisland which is now home to little summer cottages.

We had a cute German pointer join us, keepingus entertained.

We are now on an island called Bolax and thisused to be a former military island.

Now we have a special guide with us and heis going to take us inside an old canon.

Let's go climb in.

Along the way we got to see sailboat racesand a nesting ospreys.

Okay, Sam what are you having today? Salmiakki! Salmiakki! I'm going to down it.

One shot.

One shot.

Oh, that is awesome.

What does it taste like Sam? Just like Salmiakki.


This is shot number three.

This is shot number three and it is goingdown in one blast.

Watch this.

Oh, so yummy.

Is there a forth one? That is amazing.

That is so good.

There you go.

Are you serious? Is it better than the sweets? Why not? Sam, is it better than the sweets? My liver just flipped.

Another bottle for Sam? I've got to go to the washroom.

Day five in Finland.

This morning we're taking a speed boat fromKasnas to Hanko.

Ready for some adventure guys? Yeah! Yes! Finland's archipelago region, which is partof the Baltic Sea, is home to thousands of small islands.

The rib boat was a fun way to experience thenatural scenery of this area.

Plus it got us to the port town of Hanko inrecord time.

Woo! We just arrived here in Hanko and we've pickedup our Sun Fun bikes and we're going to go on a little tour of the city.

Hanko is a small town that sits on the shoresof the Baltic Sea, and it also happens to be the southernmost point in all of Finland.

This is a popular summer destination, whereFinns rent villas by the sea.

Everything about the town felt laid-back andrelaxed.

Our afternoon in Hanko was spent doing a littlebit of hiking and plenty of biking past ponds, through forests, and along the beach.

So you just made some new friends! Bah bah! I'm just hanging out with my new friends herethe sheep.

We're visiting a farm and I guess what we'regoing to be doing here is selecting some ingredients – some vegetables and different things – andwe're going to be cooking our own meal tonight.

Oh, yes! So neither of us realized this is actuallyan electric fence and we both just got zapped.

That's an electric fence.

We just finished our bike ride where we gotto visit a few local farms and now we're going to be cooking a meal with all of those localingredients.

Let's go to the kitchen.

Peeling time.

I'm in charge of potatoes.

Don't eat all of my whip cream.

I said one bite because you want to be inthe video.

Mmmm, one more.

One more.

That's so mean.

Alright, so this is day six in Finland andthis morning we are going to try stand up paddle boarding.

Apparently, this is a sport that has beenaround since the 60's but it has only become really popular in the last three years.

I've never done this before so I hope my balanceis really good.

And if there is one person that is most likelyto fall in it is definitely me.

I would agree.

Fingers crossed.

Our guide attempted teaching us to paddleboth the Hawaiian and the Tahitian way, but most of us were concerned about not fallingin to the waters of the chilly Baltic Sea.

Okay, Mr.

Wobble Wobble are you ready? I bet I'm going to be the only one who actuallyfalls in.

Like a cat on the water.

Worse than a cat on the water.

Okay, Sam is going to attempt standing up.

Let's see how this goes.

Oh, it looks like he's got it.

Our first time stand up paddle boarding turnedout to be a lot of fun, and we were lucky to have calm waters to practice.

Audrey was a natural.

I on the other hand, had a little troubledismounting.

Hahaha! Oh my gosh.

Did you get it on film? That is not the best way.

Dock fail.

When in Finland you absolutely have to experiencea sauna.

Apparently, there are five million Finns andthree million saunas.

We're going to go in and try one.

I absolutely love the sauna.

When I lived in Korea I used to go almostweekly, so this is going to be a lot of fun.

Okay, let's go in.

Finnish sauna is typically enjoyed naked withfriends and family, but we kept it PG13 for you guys.

You're welcome! We were hoping to do a Finnish chocolatesand candy bar while we were in Finland but unfortunately we ran out of time.

So we're now back at home in Canada and we'rejust sitting in my backyard and today we are going to be taste testing all of this candy.

It should be a fun afternoon.

And we've got Max, the dog, to join us.

Max, do you want chocolate? Chocolates! He's like – where is the steak? Where is the sausage? First off we are starting with this littleJim bar.

And we've never had this one before.

No, let's see what it tastes like.

It is very small.

For a healthy snack.


Oh, it is white inside.

It has a very fruity flavor but I can't reallymake out what kinds of fruit are in here.

Banana, perhaps? It is really nice.

I like it.

Okay, so I'm a huge fan of licorice and I'vehad a lot of Salmiakki since I've been in Finland but this is something I've never tried.

This is called Lakupala and it is Tropico.

Apparently, there is dark chocolate, orange, berries and possibly pineapple.

So I have a feeling this is going to be sweetliquorice.

I have no idea.

I'm opening it up.

You can see the different colors.

So here is one that is white.

Let's guess the flavors.


So without looking at the bag, what do youthink that one is? I think that is pineapple.

And it is really sweet.

This is definitely candy kind of licoricewith a lot of sugar but I like it.

Audrey hates licorice but maybe we can finallyfind something that she likes.

Maybe this fruit flavored licorice will winher over.

Okay, I'm purposely going to choose the redberries because I like berry flavored stuff, so maybe I'll be able to enjoy this.

Did you spit it out? Uhhhh.

And no more licorice for Audrey.

That would just be cruel for me to force herto try more of it – especially the Salmiakki.

Okay, so next up for me is the Tupla bar.

Also, this is a bar we've never had as well.

So I was reading up on this chocolate barand apparently Tupla means double because you get two little bars inside of the package.

This one looks like it got a little bit crushed.

Okay, so it is milk chocolate and nuts onthe exterior.

And then I think the filling might be nougat.

It is kind of chewy and very sugary.

Yeah, I do like this one.

It is really nice.

Audrey was kind enough to share the secondone with me so I'm going to try this for the first time.

I wasn't kind enough to share – I think youstole it.

A guy has got to do what a guy has got todo.

You're right, this is a really chewy chocolatebar and very sweet.

I do like it though.


Before we became travel bloggers and startedmaking YouTube travel and food videos, we used to teach English in South Korea.

And our students were obsessed with AngryBirds.

Like they just loved that game.

Angry birds originated from Finland and theyhave a little candy bar here.

I think it might be licorice.

Let's show us the Angry bird.

It is a yellow Angry Bird.

There they are.

It looks quite angry doesn't it? Alright, let's try this Angry Bird candy.

Indeed, it is licorice and it appears to befilled with something.

Okay, yeah, it is a very sugary licorice thatI'm sure kids would love.

And yes it is pineapple flavored inside.

Kids and Sam love it.

Here I have Moomin gummy bears.

So if you're not too familiar with Moomins, they're actually characters from a Finnish fairy tale and they kind of look like Hippos, right? I think it looks like a hippo, yeah.

They're just big plump, white creatures andwhile we were in Helsinki they were celebrating the one hundredth anniversary of the creatorof the Moomins, so Moomins were all over the city.

These are gummy's.

Let's see.

Are they shaped like Moomin? Yeah, let's see.

This one looks like a Moomin.

And there is some people in there as well.

I'm not sure what the story is with theseguys but they must all be characters.

I'll try this one.


Maybe apple? Is it sweet? Yeah.

These are really good.

I think I'll be keeping these for myself sinceI don't like the licorice, I won't share these.

No Finnish taste test video would be completewithout testing Salmiakki.

This is a treat that is absolutely adoredin Finland but a lot of foreigners don't like it.

It is extremely salty.

It is made with Ammonium Chloride.

It is like a black type of licorice exceptit is so much saltier than any kind of licorice I've ever had.

I love it.

Audrey really doesn't like it, so I'm notforcing her to have any.

And I'm just going to show you what it lookslike.

Now, this is one kind of Salmiakki you canget.

These are the smaller ones and they are kindof harder candies.

So you just them in your mouth and you suckon them.


I'm in my happy place right now.

So next up we have some Jenkki spearmint gum.

So I actually have a few Finnish Canadianfriends and whenever they come back from Finland this is what they bring back.

I've actually had this several times beforein Canada.

Let's see.

But I like it, so I'm happy to try it againfor the video.

Jenkki! Let's see what it looks like.

It's gum.

It tastes like your average gum.

It's not a super overpowering flavor likesome of the Excel gums but yeah this one is nice.

Aside from Salmiakki, my next favorite Finnishfood is Karl Fazer chocolate.

And this is just amazing high quality chocolate.

I think this one we have here is just theplan milk chocolate one.

This is your standard Karl Fazer chocolatebar.

And I recommend if you're going to eat thisget the big bar.

This is just the little tiny one.

Those big massive 200 gram bars – those arethe best.

It is just so creamy and delicious and I likethat sure it is sugary but it is not too sugary.

That is a big difference between Europeanand American chocolate is that there is more creaminess and richness to European chocolatewhereas American chocolate is really sugary.

So this stuff is way better.

Here is a unique one.

While we were in the supermarket looking fordifferent chocolate bars we could try we came across Karl Fazer bar but as you can see overhere this one is Chili and Crisps.

So I've never had chocolate with chili before.

We'll what that actually tastes like.

I'm expecting to like it.

I wonder if it is spicy or not? Yeah.

It'll be interesting to see.

I hope it is not too too spicy.

Hopefully you won't spit it out like the licorice.

I mean it must be a good combination for KarlFazer to produce this.

I'm still not tasting the chili.

Are you biting into it? Um hmm.

Maybe it is just very mildly flavored.

I'm waiting for it to kick in.

There is something crunchy in there for sure.

Okay, actually when you swallow the chocolatethere is a slight burn in your throat.

I think there is a chili.

I'm going to let you try it and see what youthink.

Alright, I'm going to have two pieces hereto try and make sure we can find that chili inside.

Yeah, you're right.

It is not initially spicy.

It does have that crunch though.

I think you'll feel it when you swallow thechocolate.

Tell me how that feels.

Okay, a little bit of a burn but not much.

I mean this is very tame.

This is very tame.

I'm very excited about the licorice all sorts.

I grew up eating these in Canada, so I wonderif they taste the same or not.

Alright, and so with the all sorts it reallyis just a whole bunch of different licorice candies.

So I'm just going to hold them out in my handas you can see here.

These yellow ones tend to be sweeter.

Let's see how this tastes.


Let's try one of each in the name of research.

Yeah, that is very sweet.

What is the yellow one flavored like? They are not actually flavored like the colorsthat they are.

They're just kind of sweet.

Alright, one more.

Yeah, those are really good.

I mean they're just as good as any of theones I've tried in Canada and I can tell that these are ones are really fresh, so I likethem a lot.

The best way to describe the licorice allsorts.

Some of them are more sugary, some of themhave more of a licorice taste, some of them are more chewy, so you've just got to graba whole bunch of them, taste them one by one and see which one you like the most.

And I saved one of my favorites for last – thisis the Geisha chocolate bar which is also produced by Karl Fazer.

Let's try this.

I wish Karl Fazer would make his way overto Canada.

I know.

We really need him over here.


That is really nice.

So yeah, this one is a milk chocolate andit has a creamy hazelnut filling.


It is my favorite one, so I'm always happyto eat a Geisha bar.

So that concludes our Finnish taste test.

Let us know if you've tried any Finnish chocolates, licorice, gummy bears or Salmiakki.

We're curious to know.

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