Outdoors Finland: Adventures Exploring Finland by Kayaking, Biking, Boating, Hiking & Horse Riding

Surprise, surprise, surprise! We are back in Finland almost one year tothe day that we left.

This is awesome.

This is one of my favorite countries in allof Europe.

Most people when they arrive sometimes theygo and freshen up.

They might splash a little water on theirfaces or maybe go to the washroom after a long nine hour flight.

But no.

What is the first thing that I do – get mySalmiakki candy.

I've been craving this for over a year andI've already ate half of the bag and I'm having even more now.

So good! What we're about to show you is called dinnerin the sky.

You are going to see some people sitting upon a table, just hanging from a crane.

Look for yourself! The port area or market square appears tobe even bigger and busier than last time year.

It is just bustling with activity and thereis a Ferris Wheel right over there.

A bit hot and tired are we? Oh my gosh, so sweaty and tired.

I need a shower and a bed.

And you know what – this is easily the hottestday we've ever experienced in Finland.


It is over thirty.

We're back in jail.

We stayed here last year.

We did.

Let's check out the room.

Come on in.

This room here used to be a jail cell whichexplains why the windows are so high up, so the prisoners couldn't escape.

Also, they have really thick curtains herein Finland and that is because during the summer the sun just stays up a really longtime.

You wouldn't be able to sleep otherwise.

We're back in Finland on an eight day adventureand we plan on shooting a daily vlog.

Basically what we want to do is just showyou exactly what we're doing and what it is like to be in Finland in the summer – bothin the city and outside in the countryside doing more adventure types of activities.

We just arrived at Lonna Island.

This used to be a former military island andit has just opened to the public this summer, so we're going to check it out.

It was a really cool meal.

We had grilled fish and potatoes.

And that is just like the quintessential Finnishsummer meal.

It's our first full day in Finland and itis finally breakfast time.

We actually woke up at two thirty in the morningbecause we were jet lagged and then the sun slowly started coming up at like four thirtyin the morning.

We've been waiting for this for a long time.

Someone is hungry.


That was a really filling breakfast.

I think we're both just stuffed.

We're going to go on a very small walk aroundjail hotel and show you the sites.

They have a really cool little garden whereit appears they're growing their own vegetables.

It is a beautiful day to be outdoors todayand we are all geared up to go on a bike ride.

We are going to be taking a tour of Helsinki.

How is it going so far? Oh, I'm getting a workout here.

You look really silly with your ball cap andhelmet on top.

Come on, I'm starting a new fashion trendover here.

This is what is considered cool these days.

Oh really? No, definitely not.

But what is cool is that just getting outsideof Helsinki, a few kilometers, you're out right in the woods.

This is amazing.

Let's do a 360.

We just finished our four hour long bike ridearound Helsinki and next up we're going kayaking.

Right now it is nine PM.

It is still bright out and I think we're supposedto be back at midnight, so let's go.

Normally I like to do a single kayak becauseI don't really trust Sam on the water but I've been talked into this double kayak fornewlywed couples.


Except, I'm the only one paddling becauseyou're sitting back there filming.

Yep, that's about right.

Enjoy a few beers in the back of the doublekayak.

Yep, I'll just have the beers, sit back andlet her do all of the work.

Right, Audrey? Oh, hush.


Paddle faster.


No, don't make it wobble.

I'm going to tip it over.

Wobble, wobble, wobble, wobble.

Sam! That is not.

Okay, stop it.

It is eleven thirty now and we are paddlingback home in the dark with nothing but the moon and our lights to guide us.

It is day three in Finland and today we aregoing for a walk in the woods.

We're here at Nuuksio National Park.

On today's outing we learned about Every Man'sRight in Finland.

This is a traditional Finnish concept thatallows people to camp out freely, to pick berries and mushrooms in the wild, to fishwith a rod and line, and to walk, cycle, or ski anywhere on the land.

To sum it up, Every Man's Right means thateveryone is free to enjoy the land.

Where are you right now? Right now I'm in a woodshed and what is reallycool is that the Finnish government provides wood for all of the National Parks.

You can go out and make a fire here.

Har! Har! Except, you don't have any firewood.

After hiking for a while, we cooked some sausagesand enjoyed some sandwiches by the lake.

It was a great way to spend a summer afternoonin Finland.

And we're kayaking again today.

It is eight o'clock right now.

It is calm.

It is peaceful outside.

It is still very light and we have the goldenrays of the sun shining down on the water.

Today is day four of our Finnish adventureand we are going to be going horseback riding.

Now let's go meet our Icelandic horses.

What makes Icelandic horses different is thatthey have very gentle characters.

Also, while they may be smaller in stature, they are actually very strong horses.

We're making our first stop of the morning.

We're visiting a local flea market.

In here it is a mix of antiques, dishwareand clothes.

That was a lot of fun.

My horse, Farri, turned out to be a reallyhungry boy.

He just kept stopping for grass and for flowersalong the way but we got to see the countryside and I really enjoyed it.

A cool fact that we've learned while in Finlandis that there is thirteen thousand trees for every Finn.

That is a lot of trees.

Finland's archipelago is made up of thousandsof little islands, so one of the best ways to get around is by boat.

Our guide took us out to visit a former militaryisland which is now home to little summer cottages.

We had a cute German pointer join us, keepingus entertained.

We are now on an island called Bolax and thisused to be a former military island.

Now we have a special guide with us and heis going to take us inside an old canon.

Let's go climb in.

Along the way we got to see sailboat racesand a nesting ospreys.

Okay, Sam what are you having today? Salmiakki! Salmiakki! I'm going to down it.

One shot.

One shot.

Oh, that is awesome.

What does it taste like Sam? Just like Salmiakki.


This is shot number three.

This is shot number three and it is goingdown in one blast.

Watch this.

Oh, so yummy.

Is there a forth one? That is amazing.

That is so good.

There you go.

Are you serious? Is it better than the sweets? Why not? Sam, is it better than the sweets? My liver just flipped.

Another bottle for Sam? I've got to go to the washroom.

Day five in Finland.

This morning we're taking a speed boat fromKasnas to Hanko.

Ready for some adventure guys? Yeah! Yes! Finland's archipelago region, which is partof the Baltic Sea, is home to thousands of small islands.

The rib boat was a fun way to experience thenatural scenery of this area.

Plus it got us to the port town of Hanko inrecord time.

Woo! We just arrived here in Hanko and we've pickedup our Sun Fun bikes and we're going to go on a little tour of the city.

Hanko is a small town that sits on the shoresof the Baltic Sea, and it also happens to be the southernmost point in all of Finland.

This is a popular summer destination, whereFinns rent villas by the sea.

Everything about the town felt laid-back andrelaxed.

Our afternoon in Hanko was spent doing a littlebit of hiking and plenty of biking past ponds, through forests, and along the beach.

So you just made some new friends! Bah bah! I'm just hanging out with my new friends herethe sheep.

We're visiting a farm and I guess what we'regoing to be doing here is selecting some ingredients – some vegetables and different things – andwe're going to be cooking our own meal tonight.

Oh, yes! So neither of us realized this is actuallyan electric fence and we both just got zapped.

That's an electric fence.

We just finished our bike ride where we gotto visit a few local farms and now we're going to be cooking a meal with all of those localingredients.

Let's go to the kitchen.

Peeling time.

I'm in charge of potatoes.

Don't eat all of my whip cream.

I said one bite because you want to be inthe video.

Mmmm, one more.

One more.

That's so mean.

Alright, so this is day six in Finland andthis morning we are going to try stand up paddle boarding.

Apparently, this is a sport that has beenaround since the 60's but it has only become really popular in the last three years.

I've never done this before so I hope my balanceis really good.

And if there is one person that is most likelyto fall in it is definitely me.

I would agree.

Fingers crossed.

Our guide attempted teaching us to paddleboth the Hawaiian and the Tahitian way, but most of us were concerned about not fallingin to the waters of the chilly Baltic Sea.

Okay, Mr.

Wobble Wobble are you ready? I bet I'm going to be the only one who actuallyfalls in.

Like a cat on the water.

Worse than a cat on the water.

Okay, Sam is going to attempt standing up.

Let's see how this goes.

Oh, it looks like he's got it.

Our first time stand up paddle boarding turnedout to be a lot of fun, and we were lucky to have calm waters to practice.

Audrey was a natural.

I on the other hand, had a little troubledismounting.

Hahaha! Oh my gosh.

Did you get it on film? That is not the best way.

Dock fail.

When in Finland you absolutely have to experiencea sauna.

Apparently, there are five million Finns andthree million saunas.

We're going to go in and try one.

I absolutely love the sauna.

When I lived in Korea I used to go almostweekly, so this is going to be a lot of fun.

Okay, let's go in.

Finnish sauna is typically enjoyed naked withfriends and family, but we kept it PG13 for you guys.

You're welcome!.

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