Overlanding Mexico and Central America: Scorpion Bay, Baja Adventure (Travel Vlog) Ep. 10

Hi I'm Matt and I'm Amie and this is our dog Jagger.

We left our beautiful home and Maui and built ourselves a home onwheels and now we would like to invite you to join us as we drive fromCalifornia to Panama.

Previously on The Traveling Together Journal.

Jagger has to have a last-minute surgery before we leave California.

He then rips hisstitches out after we enter Mexico and we have to struggle through themountains of northern Baja to get him to the nearest vet.

He gets stitched up, and we continue our trip on to San Ignacio.

Where we camp for a couple nights before heading on to Scorpion Bay.

Looking out there and knowing that we are headed to the beach is kind of a crazy idea.

Oh you shall not pass! I'm going to pretend I got this one Mom.

Oh oh, it's scard Oh, don't be jealous jags.

You're not thatcute right now.

We just stopped to stretch our legs.

The view behind us kind of reminded us of the Grand Canyon so we wanted to go look at it.

but um we ended up finding a littlebushing in an automotive store in San Ignacio.

Matt just looked at our shock.

Where the bushing was wearing out and it's completely gone.

No surprise the roadsbeen pretty rough.

So he's going to install that new bushing right now, right here.

What? Little bits of it left.

Really? What do you think is happening? Because the other ones not doing that.

No Yep, that one it's still all good.

Holy shit.

Alright day 8, and we are at ScorpionBay.

We arrived yesterday evening the around 5 and it was beautiful and glassyand there's waves everywhere.

We haven't surfed yet.

So Matt iscurrently putting on a nice base coat I'm got to wax my new longboard thatI got as well, and I think that I'm going to walk up with Matt to the like biggestpoint and watch him get in the water come back to camp kind of fuss aroundwith some things get ready for a surf and then maybe latergo out right here.

And our plan is to just stay here until Matt's family gets hereon Sunday or Monday and today is Friday so we're very happy about that, becausewe've been doing way too much driving Alright good morning it is day nine.

We'restill at Scorpion Bay and we were all set.

Matt was about to go for a surf.

Iwas about to sit down and start reading, and I looked down at Jagger's eye andhe's ripped it open again.

Not as bad as last time, but we're packing up, because we need to go and find another vet.

Still on our way to Ciudad deConstitucion and we were flagged by some workers who had run out of water to drink.

So we stopped because we have water and gave them someof our filtered water, but they didn't have very many bottles.

They had one halfgallon thing for like four guys.

They have three kilometres of barbed wirethat they're fencing on this road that's being newly built We just left the vet and went and got somemore ice and some more beer.

We got to get just a little bit more food and we'reactually go back to scorpion Bay the camping was awesome.

We're going back to hopefully get some waves there although the swell is dying so we may not getanything, but the camping should be nice and relaxing and Matt is going to go getus another bushing.

We're here at Autozone.

Lots of big name stores here and the BigCiudad.

So after as many times as we have been to a vet.

We asked her like how can we keep him from scratching, because he's forcinghis face into things to scratch at his eye.

So she gave us this bandage.

I'm notreally so sure this thing is gonna still be on his face in the morning, but lookspretty silly right now.

He's feeling shy.

We are back here at Scorpion Bay andthere's a little bit more swell in the water than I think we anticipated whichis nice hopefully it stays that way and it feelsgood.

We set up camp, um kind of late is was still daylight.

Had some dinner and just went to sleep.

Jaguars eyes looking good.

So we'refeeling good to be here when we're just gonna sit here untill Matt's familyarrives whether there's swell or not.

We've got books to read and videos toedit.

Lots of things to just keep ourselves busy.

Matt's brother Scott anda couple of his friends Dustin and Fabian are have joined us, last nightthey had some major truck issues in the desert and were stuck out there forthree hours.

So they made it in pretty late last night we did start to getworried about them.

Fabian's truck had some Had dirty fuel injectors but they didn'tknow what was going on while they were out in the desert so they figured out once they got to camp.

Yeah, so he kind of tore it apart and cleaned it this morning and and nowwe're all off.

We actually left just a few minutes before them they like todrive really fast and we like to drive pretty moderately.

So we're going tostock up and hopefully make it to Punta Conejo to meet up with Matt'sparents.

So, what are you doing Matt? Marissa let me know they're at the Layand then going to Conejo.

So I updated here that we are at the Layalong with the rest of their friends.

We're at the Autozone.

I mean we are at the Auto Zone withthe rest of their friends and then we're going to go to the Lay and then we'regoing to go Conejo.

And what do you got in your hands what's that for? This is for my dad's truck.

He has an issue with his power steering Hi pressureline.

I don't know what it is, because I'm actually seen it yet.

So we've got o-rings, power steering fluid, and epoxy.

And why your friends here? One has an issue with his exhaust and the others having issues withfuel injection.

It it's gringo hour at Autozone.

Auga Fresca.

In parque Super Lay.

Next time on The Traveling TogetherJournal.

We meet up with the rest of my family and we go real fast through thedesert in my brothers race truck.


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