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I'm presenting you the most interestingregion I've traveled to in this year and that is beautiful Western Sumatra.

It yetremains rather remote, which makes it to a perfect place for people who like goingon adventure in this first of two episodes I will introduce you to thebest things that you can do in this region and presenting to you thebeautiful town PADANG – Indonesia hi guys welcome back to my channelDjemoHraphic as you may know Indonesia's one of the most popular countries fortravelers here in Southeast Asia most of you may immediately think of going toValley or Java which are really amazing places in this video I'm presenting youa rather unknown place located on Western Sumatra called PADANGthere are a lot of amazing things you can do around there and what's the bestabout it you will rarely bump into any tourists for those who are new to mychannel if you like anything about traveling and cultures and make sure youhit the subscribe button now and also don't forget to activate thenotification belts you get informed with every new offer one of the first thingsthat you should definitely go for is for the island hopping tour in order to dothat you will have to get a personal driverso only paid 550'000.

– Indonesian Rupiah I think that translates into about 42 USDollars which was very cheap for a whole day if you're starting off from Padangcity it will only take you about one to one-and-a-half hours to reach thevillage called strong IP some from there you will have to take the boat to go forthe island tour normally the drivers will take you to SUNGAI TALANG, which isthe place for starting a boat tour however it is not the best startingpoint if you want to go to Peru to son and ahsoka on islandbeing aware of the great loss in time to do the big loop to go to soon apiece onmy friend of me we still decided to go for it to visit PAMUTUSAN and PASUMPAHANisland.

On the ride there I quickly realized it was quite a good thing to dothe Grand Tour because there were a lot of amazing lookouts my friend and meHanafi were also very lucky to bump into a horde of water buffaloes smallinformation for those who yet are not familiar with the culture of the Minangkabau people water buffaloes are very central to them the horns are the reasonwhy Dominion cabal people built their traditional homes with this uniquecurved roof finally after a very long drive we arrived at this beautiful towncalled SUNGAI PISANG.

It is a typical traditional Indonesian fishing villagewhich I happened to visit on the exact right day the moment I reached the beachI got to see this magnificent and colorful fishing boat it was exactly theday when the fishermen were doing their repair and repainting works on theirboats while watching them being busy with their maintenance work I quicklyrealized they're actually doing this with a lot of passion from the groundeverything looked pretty interesting but the moment has started my drone thewhole scene looked a lot more impressive one day every month all the fishermenfrom the village star coming together to repaint and repair their boats abeautiful tradition that has been carried on for years his practice ofmonthly gathering to me seemed to be like a ritual honestly I really reallyfeel grateful to have arrived here exactly on the day to watch thisbeautiful tradition another important reason why should start a boat trip fromsooner pisang is due to the fact that a boat ride only costs four hundredthousand rupiah this currently translates into twenty eight US dollar areally really cheap price taking the boat from SUNGAI PISANG itonly takes about 40 minutes to reach this beautiful island called PULAU PAMUTUSAN.

The island is pretty calm there is not much going on herewhat's so really amazing about this place you will have this beautiful stripof white sand beige pretty much all for itself or swimming the island is quite okay butthere will be a lot of jellyfish around therefore you really should watch outbecause their stings are quite painful I suggest to spend here about 30 minutesand after that we should proceed to PASUMAHAN ISLAND.

After enjoying is a rather remote placeat the chest we move on to the next Island called pull out pass oompah ineither of the case if you take the boat from PULAU PAMUTUSAN or from SUNGAI PISANGit will only take you 20 minutes to arrive at this beautiful paradise although you will meet more people inhere you will quickly realize that this island is actually a lot more serenethan pulao public design it's much nicer to swim in here you won't have all theseannoying rocks which you saw in pull out a little Sun and neither will you haveany jellyfish I'm here on PASUMPAHAN island it'svery very beautiful just before I was on Pamutusan Islandwhere I got stung by a jellyfish I was very painful but yeah here it'smuch better I haven't seen any jellyfish yet also I think the arm here is muchbetter managed not that the other one is bad but I think this year since we weneed the hot spot for the locals and yeah I think was quite nice surroundinghere what was also really beautiful where these two swings something that isgetting very common in Indonesia the fact that I didn't even have to queue upto go on this swing really underlines why this place is still a hidden gem after enjoying a great swim at PULAU PASUMPAHAN, I suggest you go back to SUNGAI PISANG if you're returning therein the later afternoon you will experience this village in a verybeautiful atmosphere once you're reaching soon happy son you will see allthe fishermen boats are back in the bay as the sunset is getting near you willsee all of them getting lit up I'm passing the houses and the hutsI honestly felt like cruising somewhere of the Mekong in Cambodia it was areally beautiful truly nostalgic and Southeast Asian experience honestly Imiss this place very much definitely I will be back here anytime soon I'vementioned this a few times already, the MINANGKABAU are very famous for theirunique houses with their curved roofs so if we go to Padang you can actuallyvisit a mosque is exactly built like one of them I'm here in front of the MASJID RAYA SUMATERA BARAT, which in english means the Grand Mosque of West Sumatra what isreally unique about the design you can see it follows the traditionalarchitecture of the Minangkabau houses with their curved edges these shouldactually symbolize the horns of their water buffalo I do have to say I saw alot of beautiful mosques here in West Sumatra they really have unique nativedesigns and I'm really grateful to see finally a modern adaption of theminangkabau houses it actually doesn't really matter when you decide to come tovisit this place myself I decided to come here twice once during the day andafterwards in the evening to see this most bingley if you really wish to go to see theinterior I think it's best if you come here during the morning because there'squite a large time spawn between the two prayers or become during the night after8 p.


another really amazing thing you shouldvisit during a trip to Padang are the rice fields when driving around outsideof Padang city once in a while you get to see some beautiful rice fields mycase on the way to Bukittinggi, I decided to do a photo stop here atPADANG PARIAMAN.

This location you can find in the descriptions below when you arrivehere in the later afternoon you will experience this place in a very sereneatmosphere for all of you who are from SoutheastAsia I'm sure most of you have heard about this delicious dish called nasipadang so it's actually exactly from this region western sumatra so I'm here in this restaurant calledRUMAH MAKAN LAMUN OMBAK and again i'm having not super done for the third timeit's just in two days well it seems here in West Sumatra is somehow cannot escapeNasi Padang because I was originally ordering me goring special honestly thisrestaurant here it feels a little bit like Japanese sushi experience becauseas you can see I'm sitting on the floor it's very common here in Indonesia asyou can see there is a very large variety of foodsyeah fear like chicken fried fish beef vegetables what is very typical here inPadang they really like to marinate everything in Sambal Balado it's like achili paste it's very hot not everyone can take it as things but very deliciousso all in all it's a great experience to come to this restaurant it's veryauthentic Indonesian especially with sitting on the floor you shoulddefinitely come here and try it out what I'm having here is TEH LELUR; it'sspecialty from this region it's basically tea with duck egg insideand it's like fold up I would say the most close to it would be zabaione awhich is the dessert in Italian cuisine so how do you drink it take the linehere you squeeze it out can you receive it very very good actually I would say thisis one of my new favorite drinks there in Southeast Asia we've reached the endof this video I hope you've enjoyed watching italso want to take this opportunity to say thank you to my friend Knapp dope hedesigned this shirt for me demographic it's really awesome thank you very muchwe're going to see each other very soon in the next video.

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