this does not have to be expensive I'mgoing to show you how you can do this quite cheap let's go through my fullcosts of my holiday here in Thailand I'm in Pattaya let's go through how I findcheap hotels, cheap flights and how much everything costs food how muchyou're gonna need let's go search let's have a look let me show you okay so one question I always get askedis how much the my holiday cost me to Thailand Pattaya and wherever you arehow much does my holiday cost people ask me like how much will it cost me for amonth was the budget or two weeks one week whatever I'm gonna I'm gonna do atwo-week holiday example here so then if you're staying longer you can duplicateit again for four weeks three weeks whatever it is you know how long you'rehere for also you know how much more than the example I gave they're going tobe drinking eating etc but I give you the individual sums so we can work outwe can work it out together how much your holiday is going to cost the fivethings are flights hotel food drink activities that's those five thingsthat's what I'm working on so what I'm going to do first I'm going to tell youhow much my flight and hotel cost and we can do roundabout costs for those Iwon't explain to you how I found those but if you wait to the end of the videoyou can see me actually go onto sky scan on booking.

com and do what I do acomparison to of other of other airline sites and they always come out cheapestbut you can wait till the end then you can actually see me book those if youwant to see how I find those cheap but I always have other videos that are thatI'll link like here and you can you can see you can see me book those if youwant a longer video on me booking and finding flights and hotels but let'sjust talk about this talk about food activities drink and then I mentionedthe cost of those we can work out we can work out your costokay so let's um let's stop rambling on just just go for it should we let mejust get the UM map let me put this down let me let me do this let me do thisokay we're good we're good alright and if you haven't sinnedhaven't seen this trusty notebook if you haven't been watching my channel I takeit every with me it's full of full of information to remind me so let's let'sget that down let's let's do some some showy yes let's do it it'll cost rightnow number one let's let's do number one let's do flight okay so as I said I haveanother video you can go and see it and about how I use skyscape that cost me300 pounds and I put on the dollar US and Australian on screen now the marklike cost me 300 pounds or 310 or somethingreally cheap air china one-stop flights really really good so you can get themat this price but let's also say that maybe you go in a different time of yearor the air china ones aren't available you have to find Thai or Middle East anairline or something and it cost you five hundred pounds so these are mycosts for a more expensive one so we're gonna work out your cost of your holidaybased on whether you get a cheap one or a mid price one the isn't got all theway up to like over a thousand maybe flying British Airways Thai or somethingor whatever from the US you know your airlines that fly from there okay numbertwo let's just touch on that number two is hotel Hotel gonna cost what was thisone I'm staying it works out as something like ten pounds a day we'regonna we're going to go roughly with a price like around here let's go withlist there's some way you're going for two weeks anywhere for let's call it 200pounds you can go a little bit cheaper and let's do up – I know 350 we're abudget Channel some of those really good ones open toplace was less than 350 so let's do those costs you know your budget youknow your range but I show hotels like cheaper than this price I even showedthe cheapest hotel I can find and I show some kind of this on my site too you cango and see my four best hotels they're like here in Pattaya you can go andcheck that out but let's go of this cheap and mid-range and then the otherstuff we've got to go look at now is number three we have to talk about foodand then number four and five we're going to talk about drink and activitiesokay and sometimes they go into the same thing drinking easier activity or maybeyou want to do something else so talking about food I'm going to head on outlet's let's get some food let's check this outokay so I had all the intentions in the world of taking you to go and get somefood talk to you about food show you the price and work out the prices of foodhowever it didn't quite work out to plan because so I left the hotel I walk downto Beach Road I went to the Pattaya beer garden which I've been to before I'vegot another video called what not to eat inside and way spicy food and I'd do ithere it's a beautiful restaurant right on the beach however however but this iswhat I ordered I would like the rice I guess my nameyeah great way to go I'm rush and it was amazing and then also this isthe price because I like to show you the price of everything but they wereplaying music there was music play and what that means is and some YouTubevideo is like forget the monetization because they take that away it goesthrough ever produced the music but also it blocks it from a lot of countrieslike I see some songs the video can't be played in Germany or if you're using aniPhone can't be played at all so I try to avoid places that are playing musicso I had to come back to the room back to the room and go through prices withyou so here I am walking into the room and let's work out some prices now forfood drink and activities so what I got was and what I wrote down if you can seeso we got pretty much our cost so far for everything we're gonna do a 14 dayholiday 14 days food anywhere from have a look at my video on eating Street foodand you'll see you can do it for under 5 pounds a day and then I tripled that ifyou want to eat restaurants and stuff 15 pounds a day it's quite easy to stay onthis side of things but there are different ones so you're gonna timesthat by fourteen of course you have 14 days so let's say it's anywhere from 70pounds up to 210 pounds for 14 days the only thing left we have to talk about isactivities what it is you want to do so this is the hardest one to calculatebecause you're gonna know what you're here for what kind of activities werehere for mm-hm and how much things are gonna cost you so I'm gonna do an arough kind of guide and then you can just work out and stuff to yourself sowe know that drinks drinks can be anywhere like for a beer other known inthe go-go's they're like 80 but for a draught beer you've got like places likeBillabong I've shown you before that's 160 but it's bar one get one free thatworks out 80 bar for a beer too if you go to the clubs you can buy the bottlefor around for about like one 115 or so for the bottle but you're notgoing to do it every day I've been to the pool party of a video wet-and-wildPattaya very popular video getting into the pool party was 500 but they have toscrap all this because you're not going to drink every single day where you maydo be I'm sorry you're gonna get completely wasted every day because youwill be hanging so let's give ourselves a day some days you won't do anything orjust getting massaged and go to sleep ever relax one some days would drink ina bar sometimes you get to a club okay let's give you 20 pounds a day you'rehere for 14 days so 280 pounds of course that can be alot more so I've told you you know what your own thing is I've given you a quickrough idea for cost of things you know there's other things you want to spendon you work it out I'm gonna use this number right here that could easily bedouble easily be triple it depends on you let's do total here I'm gonna havecheap side on mr.

da cheap side and the mid-to more eggsBen sieve ignore my writing is terrible okay so we got flights flights so 300pounds again I'm doing this in pounds and then you convert to your own amountI'll do it at the end four dollars three hundred and let's sayfive hundred flight okay let's do Hotel hotel was two hundred or three hundredand fifty Hotel okay food at anywhere from 70 to 210 food okay and then I'mgonna do the last one is going to be drinking activities let's do that fromto 180 I'm just going to double it I'm gonna double it and say that you'regoing to do 560 if you're dubbing it you're gonna have a pretty good timedrink and active it he's okay so let's do let's do the totals for this shall weI just came to Thailand for eight hundred and thirty pounds in total fourflights hotel food and activities amazing huh pretty good okay let's goover here and doing a mid-range one and try not to mess it up okay so being 16okay everyone have a really good time 1620 pounds and I've got an even betterhotel my flutters much Ben see if I did double the activities of this holidayand that's that's the difference cheap an expensive holiday okay that'spretty good so again once again you know what you're gonna do in your activitiesif you're doing other stuff in the evening that cost a thousand bad timejust for example just put it out there then you got to add that you've got toadd that to this how much is drinking I could never come away for two weeks I'veeven done a one week holiday to Thailand before I can never come away and drinkevery single night not the extent of getting like ways that have to likedrink then I go out relax or sometimes I do something I go to the cinema I've gotlike videos where I go to the cinema here or just chill with someone whateveryou're doing like a relaxed one not spend on the drink just buy some foodyou work it out but that that's my cost that is the cost of my holiday here inPattaya I really really hope it helps also is going to be a similar cost herein Bangkok or maybe you going to Koh Samui I will do a cost of my Costa movietrip because I've been there I'm going to do that too that's slightly moreexpensive sometimes for food depending on where you eat and hotels maybe butthat's it again thank you very much for watching I really appreciate it I hopeyou like this I hope it was helpful in answer some questions for some people ifyou like that please subscribe I want to keep doing these withplease subscribe to hear the numbers up and I can keep doing it I know it'sworth my time thanks again for watching I was seeing you on the next onesee ya.

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