People Share Their Most Horrifying Travel Stories

I'm gonna probably get really read during this because it's embarrassing so I was with my then boyfriend and my best friend and her husband and we traveled to Morocco together then my then-boyfriend got sick so he decided that he was just gonna chill in the room for the day and try and like get over this random bug that he had me and Christina my best friend and her husband Ben we're like okay well we're just gonna like go out and go shopping we really wanted to get one of those Moroccan wedding blankets like we'll just be like an hour – we'll be right back left him with like a little bit of water so the rooms at the riad you lost them with like an actual padlock from outside so that's like when you left for the day that's like what you did and then you could also lock him from the inside I think I thought I was like locking him in like to be safe but like I didn't think about the fact that he wouldn't be able to get out so I locked him in the room it was fine for a little cuz he was sleeping there's AC in the room so he was just like passed out but then he woke up like an hour or two later we weren't back and this was 2014 so like we had cellphones but when you traveled it wasn't like the norm to turn your data on cuz it was much more expensive and there were not phones in the room he waited for a while he like finished the water left for him and then me and Christina and Ben ended up like shopping for a lot longer than we initially planned and then we got back to the riad and there's this beautiful pool and it's hot out so we're like let's just put our feet in the pool and chill for a little and then this other couple came also to the pool of the riad and started talking to us we ended up talking with them until one o'clock in the morning I'm Chris was locked in the room and the worst part is he could hear us downstairs like laughing and talking but we couldn't hear him so he was like ready to murder me when I thought back to the Pope he didn't have food he had run out of water he was just like trapped and this foot book but apparently he was like knocking on the door and like kind of trying to yell to get our attention and we never heard us things he was texting because he had Wi-Fi in the room so like his phone worked but I would didn't have it out with me I mean he survived he was fine and then actually the next morning he was not sick anymore like it was like a 24-hour bug and so then he was fine after that so maybe being locked in the room helped cure him but he's still married to me so he forgave me five years ago I was with my boyfriend we were together for about two years and his birthday was coming up I had plans a weekend for us to go away in Canada so I saved up money for like months to do like the rental car because we were gonna drive up I remember I had gotten like a really great deal on a hotel and I was like so excited because it was saving me a lot of money we drive up and we get to the hotel and he goes to park the car and I was like all right let me go like check us in cuz I'd gotten like a bottle of champagne and stuff like that so like celebratin so I get up to the hotel and I tell them my name and I'm so excited and they're like we can't find a reservation and I was like well that's weird I was like alright maybe my last name has a space so I was like alright maybe it's the space or whatever so give them my ID still can't find the reservation so I got pissed that I started thing like what are you talking about like how can you not find the reservation I'm showing them you know these are the dates I booked it months ago like they look at the email they're like yeah you totally booked it but that was for last weekend I was like oh no so I basically had just taken hundreds of dollars and set them on fire because now the hotel wasn't gonna work with me because they were like this screaming lady we're not gonna help you and I couldn't do anything different I get a text from my boyfriend at the time saying like hey can't find a spot looking in another parking lot whatever and I'm like alright I got to figure out what I'm gonna do right now so I wound up paying full price for the right weekend and I just booked it on my credit card before my boyfriend even found out and so it wound up being like almost a thousand dollars and I don't think I ever even told him I think I just made it seem like yeah we're good this everything's fine ever since then I check everything about four different times I added into my calendar I make sure that everything lines up I keep a planner just because I'm so scared that's gonna happen again three years ago I went to Europe for the first time I went to Paris with my friends I was single at the time I really wanted to meet a French man because duh of course at accent I hopped on Grindr like one does and I found a gentleman who was willing to rendezvous with me this so happened to be in the dead of night I went to this gentleman's apartment he seemed perfectly nice that there was definitely a language barrier there I also learned when I got there that all of his roommates were home and asleep he was like we just had to stay in the living room and we have to stay completely quiet and we can't turn any lights on and I was like okay um yeah I guess that's what we're doing I guess we got to make that work kind of figuring things out in the dark it was very quick and then I was like well I guess we're done now so I'm gonna gonna leave he didn't really feel like walking me out so I went on my merry way I got down to the lobby and I was ready to push on the door to exit to the street and the door wouldn't open that's weird try again I'm like pulling it and pushing it I'm so close to being outside but I'm not able to get there and then I turned back around and I tried to get back up to the apartment through the other door of the lobby and that one's locked too so I'm trapped in the foyer I'm like oh this is how I died I'm in a foreign country my phone is like not really gonna work that well all of my friends are asleep I looked around the whole lobby I found a button on the opposite wall I was like I guess I can try this I go over there and I push the button and that's what releases the door and I'm like this is not up to fire code safety so I finally get out and then at this point it's 2:00 a.


there's like drunk French people everywhere being kind of rowdy I get home to my bed safely and I live to tell the tale I got my wish I got to rendezvous with the French man it did not go down exactly how I pictured but that's life that's just life for you [Music].

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