Pick up the self sufficient Sapa travel experience from A to Z ( 2020 ) SAPA – VIETNAM

pick up the self-sufficient save the travel experience from A to Z 2019 saifa is the meeting place between heaven and earth with the most majestic natural scenery in the north this is also a convergence of ethnic minorities living for many generations have you come to admire and experience this exciting land yet if not now let me enter in the most self-sufficient safer travel experiences from A to Z through the following article experienced self-sufficient saifa tourism 2018 I introduction to save the saifa is a town in Lao Cai province vietnam this is a famous tourist destination from the early 20th century to the present nature's creator bestowed on safe at a landscape picture that is both romantic and majestic with ridiculous ranges of clouds waiting for the wind terraced fields to see watching the standing pine trees silently witnessing stories from Indochina in the heart of the town the climate of Safa is cool all year round with unique indigenous imprints including the culture of the two ethnic minorities in saifa belong and the Gayo combined with the European architectural space European classic all of the above factors have created a special attraction for travelers who want to explore this land and book the hotel in sapin III tourism safe a beautiful season coming to say that each season has its own interesting experiences of this beautiful island land the appropriate time to travel to say but is from September to November or from March to make at this time Saeko weather is stable sunny days cold nights April to make is the season of water the terraced fields feel like running to the horizon September October is the season of rye price been saifa is like wearing a shiny sparkling yellowed shirt you should go in the middle or the end of September because many fields have been harvested in October December to February is very cold may appear ice and occasionally snow this is also the bloom season of peach blossom azaleas III rotation to saifa SI pas tout is only 38 kilometers from Lao Cai city and 376 kilometers from Hanoi you can choose to travel by passenger car or train one arrived in safe and by car if you go to bed the price ranges from 230 K 280k flashed person / way vehicles depart from mic Lagaan yen or lowland bus station pan noi to say be only 8 9 hours traveling by passenger car has the advantage of saving time but in the rainy season can be hindered by many bumpy passes from lousy AR to safe you can contact some garage as-safa Express Queen cafe hung than Soviet to arrive in safe if I train the train has many types of chairs such as soft chairs hard chairs air conditioned beds the train runs at 9 a.


or 10:00 p.


in Hanoi until the next morning to save the tourist destination for the type of seat there are 2 types of hard seats about 150 K flashed person and soft seat about 280 K flash person for bed type bed of six people cost about 480 K flashed person bed of four people cost about 560 K flashed person and beds of senior people cost about three 200 K flashed person all comes from Hanoi sample chorist destination is a place that attracts a lot of tourists both domestically and abroad so the train agents and travel companies often hug all the beautiful seats especially on weekends for high seasons points so to get a satisfactory seat on the train you need special intermediaries for a fee usually eight- 10% and it is very important not to bring expensive computers or belongings when taking the train because the situation of pickpockets happens a lot when the cabin turns off the lights you should keep the camera the phone carefully with people three to visit places in safer for convenient transportation you can choose the hotels near safe a bus station there are four ways to visit say petrest destinations option one arrived in safer rent ammo by about 120 k slash cars slash day excluding petrol you can drive yourself around the tourist destinations in safer option to hire a motorbike taxi driver for transporting a few famous tourist destinations only B&B 100k four four five say petrest destinations close to each other option three you can book the tour of safest service providers in sapin or if you do not know you can ask the hotel or local people to know more about this service option for you can experience the feeling of self-discovery by the form of trekking walking famous tourist destinations in say path IV which hotel should choose in safety some of the following safe at hotels are favored by being trip B and customers you can refer to the accommodation when traveling to say echo palms house echo palms house is really an ideal place for those who want to enjoy a peaceful trip away from the fast noisy and dusty pace of urban life echo palms house is located in Lao chai village with views of wandering Sun mountain range and picturesque new jong-ho valley some rooms feature the terrace or balcony all rooms come with a private bathroom with slippers and free toiletries for guests comfort Santo clay house hotel located on table and village safer clay house is a wonderful resort bamboo rooms warm play and closeness skilled families for cozy and comfortable atmosphere with views overlooking the terrace two terraces majestic one green Sun mountain range and beautiful myeonghwa Valley from this resort guests can move to si pockets Eagle si Haws square si Pollock the hotel also provides motorbike and car rental service Seiko capsule hotel located right at a prime location on soap and street the center of safe a town overlooking mount fansipan just a few minutes walk from the stone church the hotel is designed with a model of special garden view umber woven design with natural flowers absolute seclusion and quiet will give visitors in airy and comfortable space the hotel has all 48 rooms including single and double rooms overnight here depends on the direction of the cocoon room ranging from 220 thousand VND to 400 thousand VND save a stunning viewed hotel the hotel is located about 500 m from the stone church shopping center and restaurant the location is quite convenient to the Italian Blin home Lao chai haven ban ho quite quiet and especially airy and cool overlooking fancy bang mountain cable car mu Tong ho Valley the hotel has 19 rooms each room is fully equipped with modern equipment to serve the needs of visitors in a very good way that safest stunning viewed hotel guests can request a bicycle / car rental service to explore the surrounding areas the what to eat when traveling to safe besides admiring the lyrical natural scenery of sapin do not forget to try to unique local dishes to this town the intrepid V and would like to introduce you to some safest specialties below that you should try it once salmon fresh sturgeon salmon and sturgeon dad hung Julian restaurant 300 diet food are popular with both tourists and locals different from imported salmon sturgeon Coldwater fish raised in safe that often have firmed me hunting fiber and no fat how to prepare salmon flesh sturgeon can be sliced to mix salad or grilled what is in the cold air dove sapin you enjoy hotpot of salmon flesh sturgeon hotpot to eat with fresh vegetables fresh cold vegetables saifa is the land of typical temperate vegetables such as cauliflower broccoli bread tubers chayote etc sample vegetables have a special delicious sweet and attractive taste the most famous vegetable dishes sets a petrest destination boiled chocolatey with sesame salt stir-fried coriander algae pigs feel armpits armpits are a special dish of nong people pig is waiting only for 5 kilograms are cleaned marinated and left to roast for roast meat stealing armpits sip with 2 to 3 cups of apple cider cat safer drinking overnight is not boring the special barbecue dishes in safe it according to the travel experience because of the cold climate in safest any dish will be brought to grill from chicken eggs duck eggs skewered meat vegetables wrapped in meat all our human dishes sample people devised in the evening at the stone church area barbecue restaurants are very attractive to trysts because the warm space and delicious dishes are suitable for the cool weather of the mountain town when unique food went listening to the winning specialties many visitors will be surprised and surprised with this única name with the ethnic people wing trying to cook with buffalo meat beef pork Bank tries to require 27 different spices such as cinnamon star anise aromatic leaves and raw forest vegetables the second most important item of a winning dish grilled stream fish and distinctive shiitake safest stream fish has many types and it is worth mentioning that there is no fishy taste stream fish just grilled over charcoal and eat immediately along with that unique stream fish dish the mushroom safe at specialty also attracts many visitors when coming here only at 50 k / 0.

5 kilograms you can buy as gifts for family and relatives dried mushrooms soaked in water will expand but still retain the scent of Mountain soil the taste of forest trees the most attractive tourist destinations in saifa are not can ignore ignore fansipan peak Indochina roof what could be better than standing at 3143 m stretching and breathing in the air above enjoying the feeling of touching the clouds and looking down at the panorama of sapin below you can get that high altitude experience with the world's longest street wire cable car system cable car ticket 600 k / round-trip fansipan cable card has realized the dream of conquering the roof of Indochina for everyone with that desire ham wrong mountain ham wrong mountain is located right in the center of town with a ticket price of 70 thousand VND / person you can stay at the hotel near ham wrong tourist area to have a panoramic view of say P mu dong ho Valley Toph and hidden in the smoke on the way to the mountain you will encounter many kinds of colorful flowers racing to bloom the waterfall of love long waterfall is about 12 kilometers from the center of town on the way to the top of o QE ho path visiting one of the most beautiful waterfalls in saifa you will not only feel refreshed when taking advantage of the cool steam but also listen to the legend of the love waterfall on the way through love waterfall don't forget to visit the silver Falls to stone Church sample chorist destination attracts visitors safest stone church was built in 1895 this is considered an ancient building imprinted with intact French architecture in safest experiencing so many ups and downs the regime but the church still stands there as a symbol of safe it in front of the church is the square the place for the weekend performance on the sidewalk where Begay oh and among women sit and sell brocade you can find yourself renting hotels near the ancient stone church for sightseeing and tourism beaucoup e ho pass one of the things you should do it coming to say but is to immerse yourself in the majesty and magnificence and oqe ho at sunset you should come here at 1730 to watch the sunset behind the mountains right there are restaurants you can sit there watching the Sun enjoy blue rice pork roasted cabbage and drink hot and sweet tea at the restaurant top fin village of the red dao tov in is an interesting place you should not miss when traveling to safe this is where the red Khao people live the red Khao people in tough in are famous for cigarettes remedies for joint and bone takes only after a few days after giving birth did the red gay Oh women bathe in traditional tobacco leaves bread gay Oh children are also bathed with tobacco after birth two experiences not to be missed when coming to Tov in our visiting the dilapidated Hospital and betting the day o people that the service safe at hotel for the homestay in tough in ancient safer Rock Beach ancient stone beach is located in the table an area to the temple village with more than 150 large stones carved with strange patterns and shapes scientists have yet to explain what the carved figures mean many people talk about the mystery of an ancient civilization others talk about the future prophecy currently the pattern on the stone has faded a lot but this is still an interesting place you can combine when visiting Lao tribe table an lao chai table and lao chai table and is home to ethnic minorities located about seven kilometers from the center of safe a town from the tentative safe a town you go along khmer street then turn to myeong whole street to reach the peaceful place the residence of the hmong koe de take indigenous people the village is full of modern amenities with hotels near the centre of safe a town but the indigenous people still retain the traditional culture and routine it is also attractive to domestic and foreign tourists cat cat village from the centre of safe a town follow the road towards Fang Catherine mountain about two kilometres visitors will come to cat cat village San Shi commune ese pod district Lao Cai province located at the foot of the Wan Ling Sun mountain range amidst thousands of mountain clouds cat cat is an ideal eco tourist destination for travelers who want to learn and explore the cultural life of the northwestern island people VIII by what special gifts went travelling safe it according to the intrepid V&S safer travel experience on Saturday evenings there is usually a luck market of the day o people in the yard of the old stone church at that time here you can buy unique brocade items of ethnic minorities such as brocade towels brocade handbags brocade dresses or go to bak ha cowboy and CJ o Sun markets you can also see thousands of typical SATA items from bundles of forest vegetables – silver and copper jewelry you can also go to souvenir shops at safe at hotel to buy but go to the love market to enjoy the festive atmosphere here you can buy safe and gifts such as Sutter corn wine as gifts for you your father or your boyfriend there are also brocade jewelry gifts and specialties like mushrooms dried meat vegetables for Grandma mother or girlfriend special note do not buy silver here because the silver here is all fake silver imported from China even if you go to the gold shop to buy silver here you will not be assured of the quality above are all the most complete and detailed safe travel experiences that bein trip be and has summarized hope all of these experiences will help you have a trip to say that with lots of fun and great experiences you.

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