Prince Edward Island Travel Guide | Visiting PEI Canada

today we're going to be taking youaround Prince Edward Island one of Canada's three Maritime Provinces andthe final destination of our road trip we had four days to explore the islandand during that time we visited small fishing villages that walked along thefamous red sand beaches toward the home of

Anne of Green Gables sampled ourfirst lobster roll and enjoyed a delicious seafood feast prepared bySam's uncle who's a chef on the island it was a really fun visit so all of thatand more coming up in this video so we thought it would be a really goodidea to go

for a sunset stroll Suns going down in beautiful fields and weare now being eaten alive by mosquitoes we seem especially attracted to darkcolor so my dad's jacket is covered defense my friends grab the branchminion flyswatter again alive we quickly retreated back to the farmhouse we hadrented and despite

the mosquitos attacking we did get to enjoy a nicesunset on her sprint back the following morning we got a brightand early ready to explore the island our first stop a beach for Togo tosplash in so our first stop of the day today isGordon Cote beach we thought we

would bring the dog for a swim here in theocean yesterday he had a long day in the carcooped up it was a five-hour drive from Cape Breton to Peibut yeah this is a lovely beach it's public dogs are allowed it's a red sandbeach and we're the only ones

here there's someone else out maybe it's abit too early for a swim yeah but it's really nice so he's splashing aroundchasing sticks another thing to mention here is that we have great views of theconfederation bridge that's the bridge we crossed yesterday from New Brunswickto Prince Edward Island and

this is actually the longest bridge in the worldthat crosses over waters that frees fun factit's twelve point nine kilometres and it's free when you cross onto the islandbut once we leave that's when we pair at all which is around 50 bucks so what arewe up to you for

the few days that we're here what's some of the things we wantto do well local rules yeah yeah especially we're looking for placeswhere the Togo can be on the loose I don't have to use the leash and maybewe're gonna link up with a famous chef from the island

here he teaches at theculinary school I'm looking forward to the interaction between Daniel and Hansit's gonna be gonna be special after our visit to the beach we hop backin the car and drove up to Cavendish where the main attraction is GreenGables heritage place whether you've read the books

seeing the movies orwatched the TV series setting foot here will transport you to the late 19thcentury where you can relive and adventures on three we're gonna make a wishone two three so we just finished visiting the home of Anne of GreenGables and we are now walking through the

Haunted wood honestly it's been awhile since I read the books so I don't remember the significance of this butit's a very nice trail through the woods nice and shaded we just finishedvisiting the house of Anne of Green Gables my dad had to stay outsidebecause of the dog he's

allowed on the grounds not in the home which is fairyeah but I I saw the house from outside and it's one of those farmhousescolonial type of construction it's a beautiful placethe whole area is amazing it's it's like coming out of a book of our fairy talesyou know yeah

beautiful gardens and nothing is seems to be out of place youknow everything seems to be like picture-perfect here and the house wellyou know for people that don't know about the story here and of Green Gablesyou can try to find the yeah there's a brand new show on Netflix

is called Annewith Annie yeah and we watch both seasons yeah it's great and now we'reoff to lunch we're going in search of lobster 11:30 half an hour drive isgonna be lunchtime so the lobster roll if we can he's ready for lunch – huh what time is it it's

time for can youguess what that is it's a lobster roll well guys we're already digging into ourlobster roll mine's half gone because it's notdelicious but we came to the lobster barn or Airbnb host recommended thisplace she said the food here is amazing and it is and yeah we

got here and theplace is packed inside hmm we've got togi so we can't go inside therestaurant or the patio but we did do takeoutToby's being a good boy right here yeah how would you guys describe the rawlobster roll for those it's a it's a unique item to here

yeah it's like thelobster meat like the best of the lobster man looked like a sweet mayo ontop no it's also a bit of lettuce in there just a really nice packed bondthat's a lobster it's a must try if you come to see I it lobster is thespecialty of

this of this province in particular Jerry would have been a badidea sure everyone has their own Howard the lobster rolls guys good dad what doyou think well guys that was Victoria by the seabeautiful beautiful I mean first let's talk about lunch that was incredibleWow first-ever lobster roll I

loved it the texture of the lobster is just sosoft it's kind of buttery and oh so good I could have had two of those sandwichesyeah I mean they're not cheap I would have had to drop over 30 bucks oh Idon't think we mentioned the price so if you

get it as takeout it's $14 for thelobster roll yeah and it's 18 if you're having it in the restaurant but it comeswith fries yeah it's pretty cool you can get fries or you could substitute themfor sweet potato fries and then just beside there you have a lighthouse toexplore

you also have a pier to walk around you have a little beach yeah andwe notice a lot of people also kayaking so great either chilling getting in someexercise or just stuffing your Beach I notice they had clam digging tourskayaking tours yeah and what sunset tour – oh yeah

– running boat and I alsowanted to say like the town is really small it's just two blocks by two blocksyou can covered it's ridiculously cute though yeah it's definitely worth a spotand yeah that pretty much Park anywhere and highly highly recommended yeah thefollowing morning we woke up to

a rather grey and rainy day but that wasn't goingto keep us from exploring the island we hopped in a car and drove to GreenwichBeach which had been recommended to us by a local good morning from Pei it'sanother morning it's another day it's a windy one and a rainy

one we drove toGreenwich to visit Prince Edward Island National Parkswe're really excited about taking the dog to the beach but it turns out he'snot allowed from like April to October is it so he's not happythe dog is throwing loudly in the form of whimpering whimpering crying yeahhe's just

not a happy camper he's not allowed on the boardwalkso he stayed behind with my parents while we walk over to the beach toexplore it should be beautiful red sand beaches it's too bad he can't swimmaybe there was a birds nesting or something and that's why he's notallowed who

knows oh yeah we're gonna share those of use with you we broughtsome umbrellas so we can still get out and you know enjoy the scenery even ifit's a bit of a wet day and yeah Sam's pointing me so we made it to GreenwichBeach the place my dad wanted

to see with those iconic long empty desolatebeaches that you see on the TV commercial it's just like that actuallywe're the only ones at the beach right now yeah there is not one soul to be hadyou know it's all it's all power cells but the only sad part is

that we werecoming with the dog with all go he was ready to go swimming and we see thatthere are signs here that says the dogs are not allowed at the beach yeah duringcertain times of year yeah nesting bird some nesting bird along here I don't seeany bird but

supposed to be nesting birds so yeah that one being worked outwell the dog had to stay in the car screaming and barking because we cameover here and stayed with my wife in there andyeah beautiful beautiful beach as far as the eye can seeyou got beach and this gives

you another idea how how big this country is and howfew people there are here a day like today okay it's cloudy but it's a niceday to you know to come to the beach it's nice and fresh and there is no onehere says the two lifeguards and us mosquitos

are we are giving blood inevery province I mean summertime in Canada if you come prepare yourselfbecause mosquitoes are everywhere all right we're gonna continue and try tofind ya okay we drove to a nearby town where togathought to enjoy some playtime on the beach and after he had his

fill ofsplashing around and fetching the stick we got back in the car at this point therain was really starting to pick up so we returned back to the farmhouse busyday and it was rainy and gray so we didn't really feel like going out againso someone decided maple sounds

like a great idea ah so yeah for those forthose who haven't seen maple syrup in Canada check out this guy's check outhow big that is totally oh no 500 milliliters no the recipe calls for aquarter cup and Sam poured a full mug no I think I think my

dad was the oneadvocating for more like it's gonna be like oh what else is in there mustardmustard salt and pepper to taste also butter that kind of sort of yeah okay so who the weather is turning badand we are in a hurry here okay tonight we're having a

salman wewrapped it up in aluminum foil because we don't want it to stick to the grillright you know the fish when you put it on the grill the usually sticks and itstarts breaking down and you know it's a it's a mess sometimes now we're gonnaleave it here it's

gonna start cooking before it starts to rain and that'sgoing to be that's gonna be dinner tonight we're gonna close the lid yeahlet it get going and this is gonna take no time these are the project managersyeah we have a new guest here that appeared out of nowhere and

they say isa neighbor's dog but she's ready for the barbecue to us yeah a smart country dogthat they know when people come to rent a house they show up and they knowthey're gonna get something something good out of it in return so yeah this isgoing now we're going

to go on inside I'm going to start frying the scallopsokay so now we are frying the scallops with the bacon wrapped around it andyeah this one is just a matter of waiting for the bacon to really getcrispy these are scallops and the scallops they cook extremely fast soit's

just a matter of getting the bacon to to be nice and crispy and that's itand tonight we're gonna have a gonna be a light dinner said the salmon and thisand a salad that we made because tomorrow night we're going to have adinner that is going to make history

yeah okay just stay tuned and you'll seewhat's coming for tomorrow night it's a surprise fine look at his salmon look atthis look at this beauty oh okay oh okay now look at the caramelized maple syrupokay perfect and the the scallops did not last what fiveminutes I whispered and

they were gone another delicacy okay those scallopsright rubbed with the bacon try them anymoregood stuff I'm Dan okay the Dracula's blood is almost gone it was so good wewent for the Argentinian one is called desk you see a door what's thetranslation in English I don't know just kiss

the others when someone loses hismind yeah basically crazy and its mouth back from 2016 we come from the top ingato in Mendoza Argentina really good wine too so both of them were reallygood amazingly that one from Romania it was Jorge it was excellent was thethe one from Romania

was was a Quentin so was the one from Argentina wellthey're all back yeah and we actually got the idea to do maple salmon from arecipe my mom makes yes I have it Evan probably once every three weeks athome oh nice lucky guy yeah very good and I want

toaccentuate how quickly those bacon-wrapped scallops went yeah withthe shortest-lived aperitif on earth we were swatting each other in this familyif you don't grab it quickly tough luck that's what well good morning from Prince EdwardIsland how are you doing dad I'm gonna make breakfast this morningwe're gonna have bacon

yep and my patented flapjacks with a query ofblueberries and and banana yep no matter what you say yes sir excuse the slurrythere's a slurry is the bacon there's the bacon so what stage are we at rightnow well we got the bacon done and this isgoing to be more

slurry than pancake I've never had quite quite a slurry onebut it's it's gonna be really good for you I'll tell you that banana blueberryflapjack Jorge's fruity flapjack with banana berry okaythat's nice and fluffy that'll be nice with maple syrup flapjack all the fruityflapjack all right enjoy we have

this morning the next morning we drove to nearbyboard and Carlton a town located right at the foot of the confederation bridgeevery tourist who drives to PEI passes through here plus the town has a fewattractions like a lighthouse a boxcar and some fun photo ops and have Imentioned that

you also get the best views of the confederation bridgebecause you do that evening we had a very special guestSam's uncle Hans Andre is a Swiss chef who lives on the island and teaches atthe Culinary Institute of Canada he kindly prepared a seafood feastfeaturing oysters scallops fish and lobsterit

was mouth-wateringly delicious give me a nice one I like lime I likelemon juice lemon juice yeah just a little drop in it okayI'm thank just one shot no it goes it goes down straight so we've got a masterchef here sorry and we're gonna be trying boosters and a

whole bunch ofother different things we're doing block yeah we have scallops as well scallopssalmon just advice it's gonna it's gonna be amazing and for those who don't knowyou're you're an instructor at instructor here at Victrola nice to dowith Canada yeah in Charlotte um yeah and been there for

30 years therestaurant prior to that okay twelve years yeah if you're gonna come forseafood Pei it's the spot he can at best from all picori stirs Oh best oystersminute best on all in metal really oh the saltiness is so Wow alright I'mlooking forward to seeing you try the

fam okay here we goany any tips for eating yeah just make sure it's loose right make sure it'sloose it's loose okay it already does lime just put it and down it goes andyou swallow oh I love it I mean I it's not my first time to try wasters

butit's your second time no I've had it a few times okaythese are the saltiest by far all right Alysha so nice and salty you know whatyou you you guys have got to try it too I'm gonna do a little one just for itnow right so you're having he

Pei or Easter's one go saltinessbeautiful that good I think so yeah yeah rapido rapido rapido a little hungry I'mcooking on the other side of the stove okay I'm dressed as a cook but far fromit you know I'm on the other side of the stove right there's a lot

of trafficover there so what are we doing today we're doing again we're doing thescallops wrapped around the rub with the bacon Canadian bacon and we have a saucemade out of maple syrup yeah mustard butter salt and pepper and after we'regonna add up a little bit of these okay

I'm humming my little fix here to bringout the inspiration I can cook if I don't have a little bit of big idea guysare drinking a little bit of here I'm allergic to it so I cannot have it butthe good part of it I'm not allergic to wine okay

so are you happyI made a puree with parsnips and cauliflower chicken stock and just alittle bit of cream in it milk in it and the scallops are just seared nicely saltpepper a little bit of herbs in it and also put some herbs in a pure air like alittle

bit of cilantro dill and some thyme and then the salted some searedsome zucchini with some hoops on the top as well and enjoy many courses oh my itsmells wonderful I wish we had smell-o-vision to transmit the aroma soit's the scallops with a little bit of parsnipand cauliflower some

herbs from your garden yeah from the garden and heblended it all together slightly you seared the discs all accounts this is adish to be savored slowly yes indeed how is it how is it everyone no work no ityou cannot put it into words that's why they are chefs

and we arejust beginners amateurs we're gonna a salute you home yeah cheers to us okayso what we have here is a seared salmon nicely seasoned salt pepper all thefresh fruits and then olive oil and then we'll have a butter sauce yeah just acream in it to make it

a bit thicker and then lots of herbs in it lots of dilland chives and also a little bit of lemon balm Wowthank you here we go next course wonderful presentation as usual as usual that's right moving on to the nextcourse we've got lobster and potatoes we havenew potato

rate from tribal just wieners door right next locally sourced locallysourced of butter sauce look at that we're just gonna pour that over thelobster nope drink it Audrey pour it in your wine it's really goodwell guys since it's our last day we thought we would give you a tour

of thefarmhouse mansion where we've been staying for the past few days we foundthis place on Airbnb n– and honestly there are only like a handful of petfriendly properties on the island so it was an easy decision and this place ishuge it actually fits up to 16 guests areonly

five but we do resource space three floors like what and we're on a workingfarm yes so yeah when we saw photos of the place we're like okay let's bookthis one it's on Airbnb done so we thought we'd go in and show you aroundbecause it's pretty cool it's not

every day that we stay in a mintand we'll also show you the working farm area we're going to come on the tourhere so you come in and this is the main foyer area we take your shoes take offyour coats I'm not gonna take you upstairs the act first

this is ourdining room turned off this wherever Sam and I go you always open up your laptopsget to it so we haven't actually eaten here we have them work there here wehave our breakfast nook where we've actually been eating every single mealbreakfast lunch and dinner it's just a

nice cozy spot bay windows it's verybright we also have a huge kitchen the biggest kitchen I've ever seen you canactually get kind of lost in here when you're looking for plates and cutleryand pots and pans I feel like I've just memorized it and now I'm leavingtomorrow it's inside

yeah and we have a huge island yep with this really coolgas stove and also a grill so yeah if you're into cooking you can have somefun here so what's the living room toko just came back from his walkie-talkieyeah yeah good walk you have a nice walk I bet

he did he's panting like so yeahlots of big couches here leather couches where everyone can hang out as a groupas a family fireplace which I have turned on twice you know it's summerbecause it could be kind of chilly here on the island and then we also have onebedroom

in the back and a bathroom and access to the garage why don't we justshow the master bedroom upstairs sure our bedroom we're not gonna go snoopingthrough everyone else's bedroom because maybe it's a little messy there is a Ican tell you our bedroom was messy until about 20 minutes

agoThanks yeah so upstairs there's one two three bedrooms a laundry room yep and ifyou come to the very end of the hall you've got the master bedroomyes place is fantastic look how much space there is I mean there's a there'san additional bed over there I know like you

could throw more furniture in hereand it's kind of empty yeah there's even a crib in the corner I guess forfamilies with kids yeah no door on the bathroom which personally it's kind ofweird but they have curtains so yeah there you have it sink with all of yourtoiletries scattered

toilet towel racks we have our shower over here and also ajacuzzi tub no jacuzzi this is a jacuzzi which you've been enjoying on the dailyI've been having a bath every day Sam is like bats over showers I'm showers of mewhen you have something that's nice you utilize it

so basically that's the tourof the interior there's one more bedroom upstairs in the Attic but like the bedsaren't made it's just mattresses there right now but I think you can fit likethree more people in there yeah this place is huge so now let's go downstairsand Sam can show

you a bit of the form oh hellookay go with that go with that I meant to pick y'all it licked me in the mouth those that we've been we've beenexploring Pei for the last 4 days were there any particular highlights thingsthat we did that you really enjoyed well

it just generally the Chiyou know the calmness of the island driving along the coastal areas walkingalong the beaches driving by farmlands the place we're staying right now isjust a beautiful big mansion everybody had a great time and it was just just anall-around enjoyable stay here on PEI so

there's a lot to do in the Maritimesfrom here well I would recommend a vacation here anybody that lives inOntario Quebec yeah I'm in the West you know you come out here and you juststart relaxing right away that people are really friendly they're helpfulthey're in general like you you

get this grin on your face and never goes awayyou know yeah it's it's a nice little piece of life out here yeah laid-backand you just take everything in you know yeah nothing yeah that that was thehighlight for me too yeah yeah so the trip has come to an

endit is our last day here on P I so time for final thoughts and overallimpressions well sad to see it end but you cannot live on a perpetual vacationso you know yeah it was a really nice trip I've never been in this part ofCanada before so for me

it was all new and I think it's every province that wevisited has been magnificent you know beautiful more than I was expecting theservices the roads everything is perfect you know pristine clean theaccommodations we've had Oh same thing all top-notch neither one ofthe provinces that we visited we've seen

the whole thing it's been a partial tripbecause to visit each province in detail you need I mean a half a year you knowat least so for the Atlantic let's say so we did have as much as we could withthe amount of time that we had yeah two weeks

actually wait yeah ingeneral there's been a beautiful trip Togo has enjoyed it immensely he'swarming the lakes is from in the ocean he's been running around the woods andthe trails and yeah it's a nice vacation if you like that type of outdoorswilderness kind of thing you know yeah we

hope you guys enjoyed following alongthrough three provinces yeah we had a really good time and I'm sure there willbe more road trips on the horizon neither thanks a tune or that so longright guys

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