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– All right so as I mentionedin the introduction, we are going to offera fantastic new feature here on Marketing FoodOnline's YouTube channel.

The team came up with a concept to feature your foodproducts in the introduction and in the closing of a video.

Now, we would do a video of our choosing, but we would actuallytake your food product.

You would send us a sample andhere is a really quick clip as to how it looks.

Marketing Food Online.

So in this video, I'mgonna give you five tips on how to get your foodproduct packaged correctly and get it ready for the store shelf.

But before we do, I wantedto let you know a little bit about these fantastic Quest protein bars.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, if you haven't tried these yet and you're lookin' to build some muscle, try out the Quest ChocolateChip Cookie Dough.

I'll give you a link down below.

You can click on that linkand get a box for yourself.

To the topic of the video.

All right so that isa really quick example of what we can do with your food product.

Now where do we give you the exposure? Not only will you get over20, 000 subscribers we have here on YouTube channel tosee your food product, but you also get a linkdirectly in the description down below to your product ona website of your choosing.

One singularly, it could go to a website that you're running or it could be on an Amazon, Etsy, or Ebay.

You would also get thevideo, we push it out to our social mediafollowing which is anywhere from about 120 to 130thousand monthly viewers and connections that we have throughout our social media following.

On YouTube we have over 20, 000.

LinkedIn has 6, 000 plusfood CEOs, food brokers, food packaging companies, anda multitude of connections that we've alreadycreated through LinkedIn.

You will actually getyour video pushed out to LinkedIn, as well.

It will go to our Facebook groups which are closed Facebook groups, nearly 1, 000 members so far on them.

Our Pinterest boards, we actually have three food business Pinterest boards.

Our Pinterest actually gains between 80 to 120 thousandmonthly viewers, as well.

We also operate a podcast.

You will get an introduction and an outro, intro and outro on thatpodcast of our choosing, but we will definitelypromote your product, as well and in the description of that podcast will be an additional link also, as well.

We have a blog that we have on our website marketingfoodonline.


Your product and the videoitself will also be pushed out onto our blog, as well.

The great thing is is that each one of these social media platformswill have direct links to your food products.

That is a great way and we didit on a really small budget, something that's reallyscaled back for a lot of you who are just starting.

I understand the challengesof getting a food business up and running.

The opportunity for us to offer it to you at a ridiculously affordableprice is something that I really wantedto do which made sense because I had a lot ofyou requesting and asking, “How can I promote it?”and I do a lot of videos on how to promote your own product.

But then we got to thinking, “Well we have a verylarge following right now “and we have a very large network, “why not give any opportunity for you “to get your product out here on YouTube?” The other great thing isYouTube videos are permanent, they're forever.

So once that video is up here on YouTube, every new subscriber or anyoneelse who comes to the video that you have actually been featured on, you'll have theopportunity to get exposure to additional customersand you never know who that could be.

One big thing aboutour LinkedIn associates and people that we are connected to is there is a lot of retail buyers, there's a lot of food brokers, there's a lot of CEOs, big names and big wigsthat are in large companies that make the decisions aboutbringing on new food products.

So you never know whois watching the video that you're gonna be featuredon so the opportunity to get into a retail store is a very good likelihood, as well.

Now of course, we can't promise that, but I can definitely tellyou that more exposure and as much exposure as you can get is definitely always a good thing.

If you're really interested infinding out more about this, I have link in this videoactually, down below, it'll take you to our website, marketingfoodonline.

com, and specifically to theproduct feature page and that'll explain whatI basically have told you.

Once you place your order, you do have to send us, actually, one or two of theproduct that you're making and producing and you want us to promote so we have the product hereso we can definitely show the product on the videothat we choose to do it on.

We post videos every week so if you were to send us a product on a Monday, it's good likelihood byabout the end of the week on Friday or the following Monday, within about five to seven days, your video will be shot and up; and we will definitelynotify you once it's up.

You also can take the URLand copy and paste the link and put it to wherever you like, as well, to begin to promote your product also.

If you have any questions about this, do let me know down below anddefinitely click on that link and learn a little bit moreabout how to get featured here on our YouTube channel.

I'll see you guys on the next video.


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