REVENGE PLANE PRANKS!! (Thailand Trip) | Ranz and Niana

Let's go! Aye, Let's go! Aye, Turn up! What's up guys! Niana here and I'm with Ranz Kyle and welcome to Ranz and Niana Vlog Season 2 Okay guys, today is another day because today we're gonna travel to Thailand again Back on Thailand We're going there for Facebook Creator Day We're gonna travel now It's only me Me and my dad Yeah.

So this time Mom's not gonna come Because you know I don't even know but yeah I remember the last time — So we're gonna say goodbye to them Yeah.

I already did so Niana Okay.

Say bye to them Natalia we're gonna leave you again bye bye.

I'll buy toys You like toys? Okay, bye bye I haven't said goodbye to you yet.


Kiss me, kiss me Okay, bye bye Okay, I'll say bye to Mom Bye bye Mommy I remember the last time I went to Korea without Mom, I cried the hell out Mommy! Stop it! Okay, I'm gonna stop.

Let's see what's gonna turn out this time So now, we're gonna go to the airport What's up, ya'll.

So right now, we're in the plane Just kidding We missed our flight What? Can I ask a favor? What favor? If you're gonna eat at Aristocrat Ano? (what) Tell Dad to buy cheeseroll then — Pffft.


Ha? (what) Naka record kasi (because it's recorded) Say hi to the vlog Hi! vlog.

As usual, there are limits Okay here we go I'm going to explain it to the vlog So, What's up party people Niana here.

We are in a situation like since one hour or more ago So, I didn't get to vlog it because A lot will going on So basically, we missed our flight because it was really traffic We're trying to rebook another flight and we're tying to ask if there's a flight today or tomorrow or what time, whatever So I'm gonna get back to ya'll My dad and my brother are now asking So, yeah.

Let's go! Okay, so right now we are back home again What's up ate Seah I'm home from Thailand She's there, busy with school and now we are gonna have to rest because we have an early flight later so.

yeah What's up ya'll So right now We're up and it's five in the morning and we're gonna be on our way to the airport because our flight is at night.

So We're gonna go in the car.

and now guys we are back at the airport right now, it's morning like six in the morning our flights at nine and We're kinda early right now So.

it's a good thing If it's an afternoon flight, we are not gonna be able to like you know, go to the FB event thing Yes, So — Now we're just gonna chill.

Good thing.

Alright Hey guys, so right now We're in the lounge and I'm excited to get some arozcaldo because it's my favorite So yeah, we're gonna get this.

So, okay.

So, I'm gonna eat food for a bit Arozcaldo for life man and last, my favorite part I'll gonna get one if this and one of these and I'll gonna get more off cam.

Haha Okay, so we're gonna go board right now My brother is still eating He's late all the time So yeah! We're going to board We're done.

To the lounge point.

So yeah, let's go! We're on the plane with my dad.

My brother is following.

So, now we're here.

Window seat.

and I'm gonna wait for my brother and see how it goes.

by the way, I think I'm gonna prank him while he's sleeping.

I got a plan! Now I'm eating my main course truffle pasta and chicken So good! Let's go! Hello everyone.

Basically I finished eating, my brother finished eating and now he's sleeping and I'm thinking what to do and I'm thinking what I'm gonna do while he's sleeping because last time.

the last like trip He pranked me I'm gonna put it in her mouth.

I need to think.

Hold on.

Let's go! Let's go! Okay guys We're about to land in Thailand Let's go! Let's go! Now guys, we're here at Thailand.

at the airport of Thailand and now — What does it mean again? I don't know.

Where are we going? Are we gonna, Oh we have our luggages already.

We have our luggages already.

So where are we going? Where going to the hotel.

Okay so we're gonna find the driver to go to the hotel Yeah.

Let's go! Wake up! Niana chungchung Wake up! We're here.

Oh yeah guys, now were here at the hotel and then, we're gonna check in right now.

and then we're gonna see our rooms.

Oh yeah.

Let's go Thailand baby.

— just checked in.

Going up! Elevator, elevator.

— Shenanigans We class.

This elevator is — It's like for rich people Like? like who? Like, not you.

Talaga? (really) Like not us.

Like we don't belong here.

Let's go! Check our room up Okay.

Let's check out the room first.

Actually it's just the same so — This is your room — what? This is your room.

Okay guys.

So this is my room.

Feel like I am in Thailand because of that logo right there.

and here's my view.

Let's go.

Niana, jump on the bed.

It's not my bed.

Let's go! Okay then.

Ako muna, ako muna.

(I'll do if first) Okay Let's go yo! Okay.

Now you're at Niana's and daddy's Mine.

Yo! Get one more time and we'll gonna explode.

1 2 3 Okay guys, and that is our hotel room.

and this is Niana's view same thing.

Oh! There's something in here.

What is this? I think it says.

Ranz Kyle is the most handsome person in the whole wide world.

Keep it real.


Read it then.

Niana is better than Ranz Kyle in dancing.

from the whole Thailand.

It's a diamond play button.

It's not.

It's like a queen uhhh.

I don't know what it is.

Okay Niana, you gotta get ready because we need to go to the Facebook Creator Day.

You know what I'm saying.

So, We're gonna change up.

You guys gonna see our, you know.

Our fashion — fashion — pormahan.

You know what I'm saying.

Limited edition Okay so we will see you guys in a bit.

Peace out! Uy! Ano? Transition mo.

One Two Three Yay! Yeah.

This is my outfit.

Okay guys.

So we're wearing our outfit for today! Blue, black, white.

So dad's wearing blue, wearing blue, wearing blue.

because today is a Facebook Summit Creative whatever — Yes! We're going there now.

Let us go! Video summit.

Ooh yeah! Let's go that way.

Creator day! Let's go.

Facebook baby.


So now we're here at the first station that we're gonna go which is where you make denim jackets with patches and stuff like that.

As you can see, woaah! Yeah.


yeah, Let's go! Hey guys! Niana what do we gonna go? We're gonna go to the next station.

Let's go! What's up bro! — Let's go! Vietnam.

What are we doing now Niana? I'm going to get — bubble tea for my buddy.

Let's go! Hahaha Okay guys, this is the bubble tea that — made for me.

Let's go! Yeah.



let's taste it.


I don't really drink bubble tea.

But it's good.

Let's go! So right now, we are about to perform and now we're gonna get ready and dress You already know.

So, I'm gonna get back We are gonna get back to you.

Let's go! You know guys, we waited and now it's time to meet the Thailand from meet and greet.

Let's go! Oh, we need to say bye first to everyone.

Oh yeah– wait what? I don't even know whats's happening.

Hey! Let's go.

Okay! Meet and greet time.

We'll gonna meet everyone! Montage.

Let's go! And that is it for this video guys! So yeah guys.

It's already night time here in Thailand So see you guys tomorrow — I'm gonna go sleep.

Tomorrow, they'll gonna leave.

I'm gonna stay.

I'll probably vlog again — Me too.

So, I don't know about yet but let's see — Yeah.

I hope you guys enjoy this vlog.

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and turn on our push notification for our shout out- shout to All the Thai fans who went to — Thailand Fam you're crazy! so yeah — see you guys on the next maybe vlog.


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