Riding the World's (2nd) Largest Skateboard! (Visiting Morro Bay, California): Travel with Kids

We're at.



We're at the Skateboard Museum? [Woman in Background] Thank you.

You're welcome.

Hello Bloggineers, we're in Morro Bay and we're going to show you the fun things that you can do here.

This is a coastal city in California known for its Morro Rock, an ancient volcanic mount the end of Morro Rock Beach.

We've arrived on a foggy day.

Normally you can see the ginormous rock over there.

We're walking to the first attraction.

We are at the Museum of Natural History at Morro Bay State Park.

This museum offers activities for all ages: nature walks, exhibits, and docent led tours.

Today, we'll be doing the Junior Ranger program.

First we're going to play with some interactive exhibits.

Watch out for the tentacles.

Tentacles! Next we're going to the lecture hall to learn about protecting the bay.

[Docent] Watershed is an area of land where all of the water that falls drains into one place.

Now we're going to see a little demonstration.

[Docent] And we're gonna imagine that this is one whole watershed.

We're going to simulate some pollution.

[Docent] Wherever that car goes, you're gonna leak oil behind it.

We are going to sprinkle some paint on the house.

Pour fertilizers on the lawn.

Dump litter in the beach.

And drop some dog poop everywhere.

Now we're gonna make it rain.

[Docent] Go ahead.

One, two, three.

Start! As you can see the rain washed all the pollutants into the bay and tainted all the sea animals.

Next we're touring the Chumash garden along the side of the museum.

We've reached the top but unfortunately the fog covered the great view.

We then completed the Junior Ranger booklet and received our badge.

Lastly don't forget to visit the gift shop.

We are at Marina Square.

Our next step is the Morro Bay Estuary Nature Center.

This place invites visitors to experience the beauty of the estuary and learn about protecting its sensitive habitats and wildlife.

An estuary is an area where freshwater and saltwater meets.

Now it's time for the Skateboard Museum.

This museum preserves the history of skateboarding and its cultural impact.

There are over 200 skateboards from the early 1930s to present day.

We're learning about the history of skateboards and its inventor, Marty McFly.

There's even one from John Lennon and the world's second biggest skateboard.

Come on brother, let's climb on top.

We had so much fun here.

We're checking in at our hotel, 456 Embarcadero.

This is a newly redesigned and renovated inn with vistas of the Morro Rock the Pacific Ocean.

Come on, Brother, let's go to our room.

I'm going to give you a tour of our hotel room.

There's two beds.

Swans made of towels.

And wait, what's brother stuffy doing here? A fireplace.

And a TV.

Here's a microwave.

And a coffee maker.

There's a fridge at the bottom.

Here is the bathroom.

[Brother] Booo!!! There's a great outdoor view.

Here's the balcony.

There's a pretty good view the bay, but it's just kind of foggy.

I'm sure it'd be really great if it was sunny.

[Brother] I'm getting hungry.

Now we're eating at Dorn's.



[Dad] Hold on.

[Dad] All right, go.

Now we're having dinner at Dorn's Original Breakers Cafe.

Founded in 1942 this landmark eatery features views that are as incredible as the food.

Too bad it's a foggy day or else you could've seen the rock that's behind us.

Here comes the soup.

Let's try the clam chowder with the sourdough bread.

I give this two thumbs up.

And then came the entrees.

I'm having some clam linguini.

Everything is hot! The clam is great and I like to taste the lemon that I squeeze on to.

It goes very well.

Brother is eating some fish and chips.

And he gives it his signature thumbs up.

Brother so full that he's having food coma.

But there's one more item.

We're having a berry cobbler a la mode for dessert.

It tastes very, very good.

There's a variety of berries in here.

Even though we weren't able to see the rock due to the fog.

We still really enjoy this restaurant because of the excellent food and great service.

Stay tuned for part two.

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