[Opening Credits] [Hannah] We're Hannahand Chad, full-time RVers who love to travel, and are in the midst of paying off $153, 000in debt.

This is Our Debt Free Journey.

[End Opening Credits] [Chad] It's the morning of January 14th.

Weare leaving today, and of course we had a flat tire.

Thankfully, it was before we left.

We picked up a screw here, I'm guessing it was from outside the shop.

But, we're goingto get it patched up so we can get going.

[Pounding on tire, frustrated chattering] [Hannah] So, he ended up having to take thetire off, because it was so hard to shove the strip in.

But we did it, yay! Finishedproduct! Now we just have to snip those little ends off, put the tire back on, and we canget going.

[Chad] Alright, tire's all fixed up.

I guessI have to move the RV so she can get out.

[Music] [Chad] This is all that's left, we're aboutto get this loaded up.

So we have some stuff here that's going to my parents', then allof this stuff has to get thrown into the RV or the car.

And that's garbage.

But we justwanted to show you, basically, that the apartment is empty.

So that's, this is staying, everythingelse you see is basically staying.

Here's our shower, it's like a 3×4 shower.

This isour bathroom that we've been using.

This has been our kitchen, and basically our livingarea.

Then this has been the bedroom.

It's actually a large bedroom.

A large closet.

Then a little nook, here.

Our bed was right here, we had our desk over here.

[Hannah] This is about 600 square feet.

Andwe're moving into, like, a hundred and seventy.

[Adios!] [Chad] So, something happened with the RVlast night.

I don't know if it's the alternator or, I don't know what it is so–anyway–we'rehaving it towed! Hopefully it can get worked on and fixed today, and we can be on the road.

Since we're already half a day late.

[Hannah] I'm gonna drive the car down, andChad's driving the RV.

So we don't get to go down together, but we're finally leaving!We originally said that we were going to leave on the 8th, I don't know if we've alreadytalked about that.

But there was just too much to do, so we ended up staying longer.

Then we were going to leave yesterday, which was the 14th, [Chad over walkie talkie] Let's roll! [Hannah into walkie talkie] Alright! [Hannah] But, um, well, we were putting stuffin the RV almost all day and cleaning up the apartment.

Then once we got to Chad's parents'house to say good-bye, the RV just died! So we spent the night, had it towed to the shopthis morning, and they fixed it.

It was something small, I don't remember what it's called.

Chad does.

We'll probably talk about it later.

So now it is 2:40 in the afternoon on January15th, which is the day we originally said we were going to leave–like more than sixmonths ago, until we decided that was too late, and that we would leave on the 8th.

So, the 15th was God's plan, apparently, because that's when we're gonna.



[Phone ringing] Hi, Dawn.



Ok, that was Chad's mom calling.






Ok, I am like way ahead of Chad.

We're communicating via walkie talkie, because it.



[Chad over walkie talkie] You're going tohave to follow me.

[Hannah] It's easier than a cell phone.

[Hannah into walkie talkie] I'm gonna haveto follow you? [Chad over walkie talkie] If you're gonnadrive that fast! [Hannah into walkie talkie] I'll slow down, I'll slow down! I wasn't–I was talking to your mom on the phone, I'm sorry.

I'll wait–I'llslow down, ok? [Wind blowing against RV] So the wind and the snow are drifting, andpushing me.



Alright, so, this is day two of our travelsdown to Mount Juliet.

We are in Mount Pleasant, Iowa, and are just about to leave.

We've beenhere overnight.

We just stayed at the Pilot gas station, in the trucking/trailer tractorparking area.

Anyways–we spent the night here, slept in the RV.

It was very cold.

[Hannah] So it's not like we were really freezing.

Anything outside the sleeping bags froze, so my nose got kinda cold.

[Chad] But it is like just about 9:00 in themorning, I think, and we're going to head out, continue on our way and see how far–ifwe get all the way down to.



I guess we have to get all the way down to Mount Juliet, becausewe have to go to church tomorrow to volunteer as greeters.

So we have to finish the drivetoday.

[Hannah] –but it was mainly just that I wokeup at 4:00 in the morning, and I really had to go to the bathroom.

And I couldn't sleepvery well after that, because of that.

Because there was no way I was getting out of theRV to go walk all the way over to the gas station, and go to the bathroom.

'Cause itwas like, 500 feet away.

[Chad] Um, I think we have.



about 8 hoursor so to go.

But we're going continue on our way.

I have to go get some gas quick, andyeah.

So we'll get some gas and be on our way.

[Chad] Movin' on out.

I definitely need gas, but for whatever reasonit's not letting me put any more in than a gallon and a half.

I'm going to try to drivefor a little bit, just down the block to a Wal-Mart, and see if I–they have a gas stationthere–see if I can get some more fuel in here.

See if driving around will help shiftsome of that fuel back into the tank or something.

I'm not sure, but.



Ah! Alright, I just filled up at Wal-Mart.

Drivingthat little distance and hitting the gas and kind of punching the breaks a little and movingthat gas around seemed to do it.

So I was able to fill up.

We're full, and we're readyto go! [Music] [End Credits] [Hannah] Hey, everyone! Thanksfor watching! Give us a thumbs up below if you liked this video, and hit subscribe formore like it.

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[Hannah] What? [Chad] You're so pretty.

[Hannah] Oh.


Shut it off.


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