[Opening Credits] [Hannah] We're Hannah andChad, full-time RVers who love to travel, and are in the midst of paying off $153, 000in debt.

This is Our Debt Free Journey.

[End Opening Credits] [Chad] So, we're in Missouri now.

Still bookingaway.

We're only getting about five miles to the gallon on Gloria.

Which, we knew itgot six to eight if we're lucky, but I'm trying to stay at 65 miles an hour.

I'm kind of fluctuatingfrom just under that to about 70 miles an hour, so I'm basically going as fast as youshould go in this thing.

We've basically gone a little over 50 miles since Mount Pleasant.

[Chad] Alright, we are back in.

So, what Idid is, I went up to the roof and popped the top to my vent, then pushed the screen down.

With the guy's hook–his name was Chad, too, so that was cool–anyway, I just reached downwith the hook in my hand through the vent and popped the lock on the door.

So it reachedall the way down.

He didn't charge me anything, because he didn't do anything.

But since helet me use his hook to do it, I gave him fifteen bucks, and he was happy with that.

And I washappy with that.



So! Now we're going over to Wal-Mart, which is right over there, andwe're going to get some spares made so this doesn't happen again.

[Chad] Alright, so we went to Wal-Mart, gotsome spare keys made, got the top taped down.

Hopefully that stays shut–looks like it will.

So hopefully that's the last little blurp that's going to keep us from getting to MountJuliet.

So far it's been a flat tire, the electrical problems–there was a starter relaywe had problems with, that's why we had to have it towed this morning, or yesterday morningI mean, before we left–and then, now today I jumped out with the ignition key, but wehave a separate key for the door and I'm not used to that.

So I'm thinking I have the key, I hop out, hit the lock button, shut the door, and as soon as I shut it I'm like “aw, crap.

“I remembered, obviously, that I don't have the keys because they were sitting on theconsole here.

And locked myself out! That's one thing we did not get done before we left, was getting spare keys made.

Soooo we are driving to St.

Louis to go get some food, and continue on from there.

We have about five and a half hours, I think, to go.

Untilwe get to Mount Juliet.

[Hannah] So, we are in St.

Louis right now.

We're about to cross over into Illinois.

It's like, 7:30 on Saturday, January 16th.

Andwe still have five hours, I think? You can see the Arch straight up ahead.

I think We'rein Illinois now.

[Music] [Chad] We made it to Mount Juliet.

We madeit here just in time, basically, this morning.

We volunteered to be greeters at Cross PointChurch, which is going to be our home church here.

We were supposed to be here by 10:30to be greeters, and we–I think we were in the parking lot by 10:30.

By the time we foundour contact person at the church, it was like 10:34–so basically on time.

But we literallydrove right into the parking lot, jumped out and ran inside.

We stayed at a hotel lastnight, well, I should say this morning because I think we pulled in around 1:00 or 1:30am.

So we stayed there, then left there shortly after 8:00 this morning, and drove straightto Mount Juliet.

Anyway, so we did church.

That was good, that was great, then we justleft there and were heading to the KOA–which is where we're going to stay probably fora week at least.

Unless we can find somebody who would allow us to park on their property, which is what we're really hoping for.

So anyway, we're going to go to the KOA and staythere for a week, but on our way I was following Hannah, and she had the directions going–well, she thought it was telling her to turn left, and maybe it was, but it took her onto I-40instead of this frontage road that runs parallel with I-40.

So she went off that way, thentook another wrong turn and was heading for Texas, so hopefully she's turned around nowand on her way back.

But there was just a little park and ride here off the frontageroad, so I pulled over here to wait for her.

So that's what we're doing right now, we'rejust waiting for Hannah.

As soon as she gets back we'll continue on our way over to theKOA and get parked.

We'll probably run and grab some lunch, then head back to the KOAto grab the RV to go deliver some stuff we brought down for a friend of mine.

She liveslike, I think it was like, 20 miles from here.

So like, 25 minutes away.

I just discovered some button underneath herethat I have no idea what it's to.

That's very interesting.

I'm gonna have to figure outwhat that is.

We'll check back in with you later.

[Music] [Chad] So this is our set-up here for thenext week.

Our little parking spot here at the KOA.

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