Sailor Girl in a Bikini Goes Sailing The Boat Life sailboat Adventure travel Vlog Season S1E14

Yeah the weather might turn on us.

I'm on the right side of this, right? You love the boat and you don't mindbeing on anchor, forever? Oh I'm not saying that! This is The Boat Life.

We had a dream of sailing the Caribbean so wesold all our stuff, quit our jobs, and now we're doing just that.

Day number threeon the boat.

What are we doing today? This this is the bigday because we're gonna cast off.

We're out of here!Goodbye Charlotte Harbor Boat Storage They were great if you find yourself inthis area, Placida, Boca Grande, Pork Charlotte, Yeah! Punta Gorda area.

Check them out they'reawesome.


But for now we're out of here! Gonnago stay on the hook.

Ohhhh yeah, get hooked! Next up, Pelican Bay! First, we have to gothrough the freshwater locks.

So we have to go through locks and then downthrough Charlotte Harbor and then Pelican Bay.

Do I look like I live on a boat? Because I live on a boat! Who's excited? I'mexcited! How's it going? How are you doing? Driving the boat! Can't really see where I am going.

One thing I forgot to do was put theregistration sticker on so I'm gonna do that right now while we're underway.

What do you think it is? I don't know.

Should I go slower?It looks like a plastic bottle.

I'll try and pick it up.

How close can I get? Ok we are coming up on it.

Oh I might have ran it over.

See it? Perfect! Perfect? Got it? No.

Did we go past it? You missed it? Ahh.

Should we reverse? You can try to.

No? Woohoo! It's a dip bottle.

Ewwww *bleep* Floridians that's disgusting.

I don't think that is necessarily a Florida thing.

no I just mean it's in Florida.

All right crank it up, let's get out of here.

Saving the world! -How bad do you think bugs will be inPelican Bay? -Probably pretty bad.

Tonight we could probably use that lantern.

-I can't believe how bad they were this morning.

-Yeah, that was pretty intense.

-I can't see where I'm going? -Sorry dear am I in your way? -You've just been standing right in front of myview for like five minutes.

*Nic being overly dramatic* I just want you to look at me, you never look at me anymore.

*Melissa sarcastically* Yeah It looks like right around there.

I would say probably where that othermarker is.

Do you see the other marker? Right out here.

Yeah but it's before there, isn't it? I don't know I'm just saying I thinkit's right around there.

Yeah I think so.

We're on our way to the lock.

Mightbe people in line, not sure.

-That's too close.

-Yeah it's definitely up further.

Snack time! Barbecue mmm.


Yeah the weather might turn on us.

I think we're okay but we kind of knewthat.

We're trying to get in front of it.

Now is our window.

We gotta go.

Haulin' a$$.

hahahahaha Haulin' a$$ At how many knots? Probably five.

-Well, five one.

-Five point one knots.

it's a great question.


That's good.

Are there? Well there's lots of words.

Haha All right, that'll work.

I'massuming those are instructions.

-Big moment.

– It's happening first time at a lock.

Whoa can't hold the camera steady.

-On our boat -All right we're on our boat going through the lock.

-So how does this work? Supposedly you pull up hold the chaindown till it opens completely and then go through and then there you supposedlydo that three times easy-peasy yeah so we're gonna try it out right nowokay now we're gonna go basically grab a dock line we're on the bow or the sternrather they're in the cockpit sorry -The stern? -No yeah other side.

See where the dock is?That way you can get up there.

Do we have to dock? I can't really tell what we needto do because I don't know where the chain is.

So all I'm saying is we'regonna go there have that one ready have one on the bow ready.

-Well then I need to get another line.

You failed to mention all these things.

And then we'regonna cruise in there you're gonna throw the one on the stern and try and slow usdown to stop.

Make sense? Yes, but I got to get this one on.

Secure the one on the stern on and grab ahold.

-Yeah -Does that make sense? -Yeah unless oh I have this pointed the other way -Can you make the legs so it doesn't fall backwards.

-Yeah but it's not really going to get much of anything.

-All right don't worry about it you got stuff to do now.

-Go around one of the posts? -Yeah and thenthat way you can pull on it you can hand it to me actually and I can pull on it.




I have to throw it around there.

ugh I don't know why I can't get it around.

Well I got it around the cleat.

yeah okay pull on it pull on it Yeah grab your line.

Get your line onthe bow.

Make sure we don't pull off.

Oh, there's another boat on the other side.

-Huh? – I'm sure you have to pull the chain.


So we're staged, yeah but *Nic reading instructions* CANAL SEQUENCE ACTIVATED CRACKING CANAL GATE It's going.

okay Now how do how do we get the second onesor do do we go in between them or how do we get how do we get the second set to open? -You go in and you close it.

-Yeah and then you open the other side -Okay.

Right so it stays open.

You can throw that bow line back onand then go back to the stern line.



DO NOT TIE YOUR BOAT –So take that one over there and they're just kind of give us a little push.

You can put the camera down for now dear.

I just wanna make sure we get inhere.

I know.


Hit the operation button.

Okay just make sure we're in good shape You can put it on a cleat.

Make sure our bow doesn't hit.

The lines, pull your lines.

Make sure you hold on.

Try to push the stern dear.

-Do we need to close it or should we let the other boat go in? -We'll ask him if they need to close it.

Melissa to other boaters: Are you going through? Yeah? **BEEPING* -Is it the depth? -Yeah, it's 4 feet here.


9 uh oh -I'm on the right side of thisright? -I guess I should stay right in the middle? -I guess.

Is this guy coming through though or no? -Woooo feel that breeze now? -I do.

See that storm system? -Yeah.

We're going south though from here right?-South, yeah.

-That's a big dark cloud.

-Beautiful day in the neighborhood.

-It's abeautiful day.

I feel a breeze now wooo It's like night and day out here.

Thank God we missed that storm systemknock on wood.

Hopefully it stays that direction we're going that direction.

-Some weather off the stern there but it's actually it's following us rightnow but it's not going where we're going we hope.

We'll see what happens but thegoal was to get to where we're supposed to anchor before it rained on us.

That may or may not happen This is how I feel about it.

Nap time! I read an article about cleaning upplastics in the ocean because everything's ingesting them fromplankton to humans, it's gross.

-It is gross.

-Pick up your trash.

Don't put it in therivers and the oceans.

-Did you know about it already? I did I saw avideo about this online so the ocean cleanup is a project that they're gonnaput booms in the ocean that collect trash and thenthey take the trash out of it every two weeks and recycle it.

It's prettyfreakin cool.

And there's a trash patch about 7.

7square miles, big million square miles big in the Pacific Ocean.

We're gonna come in this way I think and then we're gonna set the anchor inthere and we'll maybe explore a little bit at the beach before the storm comesthrough even though all that rain, none of it came near us.

-It helped put outthat fire over there.

-You think so? That was crazy.

We're going in there.

Wow that's a bigboat.

-7 feet so we're about ten 10 feet so we want about fifty feet of chain and rode out.

Cuz you need about 50 if you're gonna have 50 feetyour boat can swing fifty feet in any direction.


Then we're almost into the windbased on that flag.

-This is Pelican Bay? -Yeah.

We're gonna go right over here.

Maybe slow it down a little bit? -Anywhere in here? Drop it? -Yep.

Hold on the winds pushing us so.

-That's because the wind is coming this way.

-I know.

You ready? -I'm ready.

-Go ahead and drop babe, fast.

Careful with the camera.

It's stuck on something.

-Is it out? -No! I can't get this to release.

Ok here.

Come here.

I can't get the clutch to release.

-I don't know if didn't turn it enough or what.

-You didn't.

-I was trying.

I know but the wind keeps pushing us around we are running out of ground.

Yeah the wind just changed.

What? Back it up? -Yeah.

-Keep going.

-It's in neutral.

– Back it up.

-Keep going? -Hit it pretty hard.

-I'll hitit.

It's backing -Ok, good.

-Huh? -It's good.

-That's it? -Yeah.

-Wait other than the wind.

-There's acurrent too.

This is our first anchorage.

Big day! We left the boatyard and then wegot to the lock.

We just motored today to make it in front of the storm but it'salmost like the storm doesn't exist so we maybe could have sailed but it's niceto be on anchor we got the anchor down, we set the anchor.

We do have a neighbor.

-Just a loud drunk guy.

Yeah but yeah that's The Boat Life.

-Tell me how you feel about it.

-Aboutwhich part? -Being on anchor? -It's much better than I thought I thought itwas gonna be I thought I was gonna be like the boat spinning circles and likeI just thought I was gonna be like I don't know.

-Yeah no I know like you knowit was gonna be crazy which it can be.

-No, no, no, not crazy but I just thought itwould be uncomfortable.

-Uh huh -I'm saying on the dock it was pretty steadyand calm until you stepped on and off and then your boat rocked but and Idon't I I know it can be but like I'm glad it's calm the only thing is thisguy with his generator and his Johnny Cash.

-Yuck, but um.



– I kind of like Johnny Cash-I know I don't know why I wish I liked him his music just -So what you're saying isyou love the boat and you don't mind being on anchor forever.

-Oh I'm not saying that.


-I don't mind being on anchor right now.

I'm okay with this now ifwe're on a if we live on anchor and it's like you know through storms and allthat, I'm probably not gonna love that.

-We'll see what happens-Yeah, but no this is fine this is calm this is other than the background noise thiswould be the most peaceful place ever.

That's The Boat Life.

-That's The BoatLife.

-This is The Boat Life.


Like it! Share it with your friends or don't do any ofthose things but keep watching.

-Yeah just keep watching.

-Just keep watching, justkeep watching! -I don't mind going over there even if itrains I mean.

-yeah -As long as the dinghy can handle it'snot gonna sink on us.

-If we have any issues with the dinghy we might not go.

-Is itworth it to stay all day tomorrow and hang out and leave Monday or no? -The weather is only supposed to get worse so tomorrow is a good sailing day.

-Put your sunglasses on we'regoing.

-I don't need my sunglasses on.

-Don't tell me what to do.

-What do you say we go to the beach.

-Yeah and by beach you mean State Park.

-Yeah but there's a beachthere that's only accessible by boat.

-Oh yeah oh and we have a boat -and a dinghy-Well our boat has a boat -Baby boat -TittiesSee how do you feel about it? -Oh, ouch! I like it a lot.

Do it again.

Good you should like it.

-How do you like me now? – I don't.

Haha! Just kidding.

Row boat excursion this is additional.

It's not included with your originalpackage.

It's a part of my package if you know what I mean.

-It's an erie feeling.

-Letting your boat go? -I don't think we're going anywhere.

-Why? -Because I can't row like this.

How do you feel about living on a sailboat? It's *bleeping* hot! Well it is the hottest month though Imean you know yeah granted we were gonna go further south forever.

-Yeah I mean I think it's fine but yeah the situation down below.

-Oh hey-o.

-It's hot! -How do you feel about this? I like it.

I like all the wildlife I've seen.

Not keen on themosquitos.

-You don't miss the boatyard? -I liked the boatyard.

I'm glad we can be on the water but the boatyard was fine.

-It's an amazing cool breeze right now They were nice yeah yeah the breezefeels fantastic but well the heat from the dinnercooking.

Yeah don't stand there come out here.


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