San Diego Coronavirus Updates: March 31, 2020 (10 p.m.)

[Music] San Diego County sees its largest one-day jump in confirmed kovat 19 cases so far increasing by 131 with a total of 734 good evening and thanks for joining us I'm Marcelo Lee I'm Carlos Ocado two additional deaths were reported here in the county as well bringing our

total to nine also today Baja California reported its first death two coronavirus and starting tomorrow the convention center downtown will open its doors to temporarily house San Diego's homeless during the pandemic this comes as the head of California's public schools makes a sweeping announcement impacting millions of students

and parents and with more on that here's news 8's Richard Allen well that's right the California State School Superintendent said Tuesday he believes that students will not be returning to their classrooms through the rest of the school year and that schools throughout the state will be transitioning to

online learning it's a reality the San Diego Unified schools have already been preparing for in the meantime local leaders today spoke out on how to stay safe while grocery shopping through this pandemic while also honoring the brave job the grocery store workers have been doing let me assure

sandy Aegon's that it is safe for you to go to the grocery store Tuesday local leaders highlighted the best ways to maintain that level of safety while shopping for essential supplies these people part of our community they're risking their lives to serve us so far one grocery worker

at an Albertsons in Escondido as well as two workers at a sprouts in Carlsbad have been diagnosed with kovat 19 officials say that following CDC guidelines both stores are safe to shop in grocery workers like so many of our first responders are on the front lines to minimize

exposure to the virus while shopping Mayor Kevin Faulkner outlined some key steps don't go to the store or to work of course if you're feeling sick also instead of cash use a credit card or smartphone to pay to minimize personal contact don't bring the entire family while shopping

and always maintain social distancing while in the store Todd Walters have United Food and Commercial Workers Local 135 says employees are asking for more precautions to limit their exposure to coronavirus I know many members who have parents and children like all of you and they're concerned that they

won't be able to take care of them in the meantime local nonprofits like stay home San Diego are doing the grocery shopping for elderly sandy Aegon's we are serving several hundred bags of groceries a day to local seniors and keeping them home safe along the same lines governor

Newsom Tuesday announced a new hotline to help California seniors stay connected while self isolating not just for wellness checks related to food and medicine but the deep anxiety people are feeling being isolated at home and that hotline number is eight three three five four four two three seven

four for more information just go to CBS a calm and click on the hot button back to you a passenger on the celebrity Eclipse cruise ship tests positive for the corona virus the ship docked in San Diego just Monday yesterday officials said no one on board the ship

was so showing any flu-like symptoms but now one passenger and three crew members are confirmed to have the virus County officials say no more cruise ships will be allowed to let passengers off here in San Diego the captain of the San diego-based USS Roosevelt is pleading for help

after dozens of sailors tested positive for kovat 19 in a letter to Navy leaders captain Bret Crozier says the current plan to pauran teen sailors not showing symptoms in a gym in Guam is not in accordance with CDC guidance he wants 90 percent of the ship sailors to

be put in isolation keeping just 10 percent on board for cleaning and essential services the Admiral would not discuss numbers but says they are trying to balance the needs of an active nuclear warship the corona virus has now claimed the lives of more than 3,500 people in the

United States there were more than 700 deaths reported today many of them in New York City that's where we find Elise Preston with the latest details on the surge in cases as the death toll rises efforts to contain the coronavirus are intensifying we underestimated this virus it's more

powerful it's more dangerous than we expected more people have now died of Cova 19 in the US than in China where the outbreak emerged late last year we're living in and through an all-hands-on-deck moment if I've ever seen one in my lifetime cities states and towns across the

country are gearing up for an anticipated surge of critically ill patients this coming Sunday April 5th is a demarcation line this is the point at which we must be prepared for next week when we expect a huge increase in the number of cases New York is the epicenter

of the crisis in the US but experts say no state will be spared we need you to heed this call for you to stay home for two weeks lives are depending on it in some states officials are still trying to keep the coronavirus out of their communities the

number of out-of-state travelers is creating the issue because some of them are coming from hotspots and that we want to be able to limit and and restrict late Monday the White House pandemic task force gave its latest projected mortality numbers estimating that more than 100,000 Americans could die

despite the steps currently being taken to mitigate its spread at least Preston New York is it time to wear a face mask in public the governor Gavin Newsom says he plans to make a major announcement on face masks guidelines it comes after federal health officials said they are

considering new mask recommendations following other countries that have been able to slow the spread of coronavirus as news 8's lemor abrams reports it's not the professional but the amateur masks that officials say could protect US public health and political officials now say it is time to clarify the

guidance on face masks not suggesting we take away from those n95 masses hospitals face critical shortages but saying anything is better than going out in public without even a home one they've become a symbol of the corona virus pandemic but from the beginning face masks have also been

the source of much confusion I don't think the general population should be bringing masks with them to take wherever they go and wearing them from this San Diego Kaiser infectious disease doctor to the director of the CDC there's no role for these masks in the community until now

masks were discouraged for healthy people used as shields protecting medical workers from catching it and recommended only for the sick or anyone caring for them not anymore can use a scarf scarf is everybody a lot of people have scarfs and you can use a scarf scarf would be

very good president Trump encouraging do-it-yourself face covers leaving the n95 masks for health care workers facing a critical shortage chuckle Tsubaki and other parts of the globe that have moved aggressively to advance protocols on face masks the governor of California now taking a closer look at the recommendations

referring to the Czech Republic's approach I protect you you protect me the hashtag masks for all promotes the idea that homemade masks can be partially protective over your nose here's a research scientist from the University of San Francisco showing how he makes his own out of t-shirts in

an op-ed in the Washington Post over the weekend Jeremy Howard pointed to 34 scientific papers indicating that basic masks can be effective in reducing virus transmission in public apparently even science is debatable we want to be guided by science and I'll just say this respectfully science is a

bit incomplete in this space and as the governor plans his recommendation on masks he is urging people to continue social distancing back to you thanks little more the city of coronado joins a growing list of areas limiting the public's access to beaches but stop short of a full

closure today the Coronado City Council ordered that its Beach including dog Beach be closed on weekends for the time being the council also closed playground equipment and the bandstand at Spreckels parks will remain open council members will revisit the issue of closures next week to see if stricter

measures are necessary the Chula Vista Police Department is used to fielding calls about traffic and crime concerns but a recent request sent a veteran officer on a call unlike any he's responded to before News eights Abby Alford shows us how the officer went above and beyond the call

of duty to help an elderly woman the Chula Vista Police Department has moved to its emergency response staffing where patrol officers and dispatchers are working 12 and 1/2 hour shifts so you're not getting your typical calls that you normally would and there's not a police code for picking

up groceries for an elderly woman well that's exactly what one officer did and more while working overtime for the Chula Vista Police Department agent David Martinez got a call to do a welfare check on a 90 year old woman near throw Tomas also from dispatcher the officer tried

calling the elderly woman but she didn't answer so he went to her apartment she was very appreciative she couldn't get ahold of her care taker she needed neosporin and stomach reliever he asked if she needed anything else or a hot meal back in his patrol car officer Martinez

drove to the nearby Walgreens where he stocked up the grocery cart with the medicines he also added to the list soup and water grocery shopping is not something taught in the Academy to make sure that she had everything she needed the Chula Vista Police Department Officers Association took

care the $50 grocery bill back at her home he dropped off her groceries and even took her trash out he made sure that she had resources and left but he still hasn't cleared the call known as a 10-8 while helping out in dispatch agent Martinez called to check

in on the 9 year old woman just to say the service like that so the elderly woman did not want her picture taken but officer Martinez wanted to make sure that he shared this story of how police are serving during this pandemic and also a reminder for us

to check in on our elderly family members and our neighbors in Chula Vista I'm Abbey Alford 4 news 8 these officers are on the frontlines in more ways than one well you can always count on lizzo to make sure people are feeling good even during difficult times like

these and today the pop star had a special message for health care workers right here in San Diego hello Scripps Memorial La Joya is Liz oh I just wanted to say thank you so much for working so hard for us I really appreciate it from the bottom of

my heart and you know the world does we are watching the all praying for you we also thankful for you so I thought you know it would be nice to see got some food today the Grammy winner sent lunch to nurses at Scripps La Jolla to thank them

for all of their hard work during this pandemic Scripps as one of several hospitals that received food from the singer turns out she is 100% that generous she really is

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