Selamat Jalan Sulawesi 06 | Indonesia travel

Hi everyone, and welcome to Video 6 for Asli Food Project.

I hope you've enjoyed all of the videos that I've made so far.

Really, they've just been practice for me to understand how to hold the camera, what kind of shots to take, and the whole video editing process, so that I'm morecomfortable with it while on the road, and that I'm faster and now I feel ready!So if there is anything that you want me to showcase or to feature in one ofmy videos, just let me know in the comments below and I'll definitely tryto do it.

At the end of this video I have a very special announcement to make sostay tuned in.

If you haven't heard already, the very first place that I'mgoing to go is.



Sulawesi! I've always thought it looks like a starfish.

You know, thearms just kind of floating around.

Some people seem to think it looks like an orchid, but I'll stick with starfish.

In my most recent blog post I explained whyI decided to choose this island as my very first trip, so if you haven't readit yet, just go to the project's website and you'll find out why.

But I wanted touse this video to talk about my itinerary and kind of what I expect tofind where I go.

And if you've ever been, really, traveling in general, butespecially in a developing country like Indonesia, you know that the plans thatyou make usually don't turn out the way you want at all.

And I'm definitely readyfor that, but I still made myself a loose itinerary, just so I can, kind of, trackmyself as I go.

So when I leave tomorrow, I am going to head towards the northernpeninsula of Sulawesi and I will fly into Manado, the second-largest city, and I'll spend a few days there, taste the cuisinethere.

I've heard it's super spicy and, kind of, lots of different kinds of meatsto eat there, so I'm interested to see what that means.

And after that I will goto Tomohon, which is a more mountainous region so it's a lot coolerthere.

Kind of like the Bogor of Jakarta, or theBedugul of Bali.

And find the markets there, eat the food there, probably seemore agriculture going on there.

And from there I'll go more west and head to Modoinding.

I've researched that this place is called the “Kitchen of East Indonesia, “because most of North Sulawesi sources from there, and their produce even getsent to Maluku or to Papua, so I really want to see the kinds of things thatthey grow there, and what kind of soil is there, and really what the farmers aredoing over there.

From there, I'm going to go more west and head to a national naturepreserve that's been set up there, because it is my guess that the villagesin and around this area really forage and utilize the plants around them, maybealmost on a daily basis.

And in more ways than just cuisine.

Maybe in amedicinal way, or for building, or, I don't know, uses that most of us don't even knowabout.

So this is my kind of target area to visit for wild plants and things thatkind of only grow in this part of Indonesia.

After that I'll head to Gorontalo, just because there's an airport there.

And from there fly all the way down to Makassar.

Makassar is the capital of theprovince and the largest city in Sulawesi, so I'm expecting to find allvarieties of cuisine from this region, and just eat, eat, eat, eat, eat.

And after that, I'll take avery long bus ride and go up to Tana Toraja.

It'll probably take about eight or ninehours to get there, because I hear that is the only way.

This region is probablythe most famous part of Sulawesi, because of its culture.

The people here have avery unique funeral ritual.

On a personal level I want to visit it and see it formyself, because I've just heard so much about it.

Essentially the people who havepassed on still stay among their loved ones or with the living after they havepassed away.

And will stay in the house or, kind of, on.



in caves on the cliffsides, or the hills, of this region.

It sounds very interesting;I don't think anywhere else in the world does this, and this is why so many peoplego there.

And I want to go, but also to kind of see what.



what's the produce, what's the cuisine.

This is the most west and central of Sulawesi I plan on going, so I want to see what's different there.

What kind of foods are they eating, whatkind of plants are they growing.

What can I find here that maybe Ican't find anywhere else, and after that come back down to Makassar, go to the airport, and fly to Kendari in Southeast Sulawesi.

This region isknown for their sagu.

Sagu is a type of palm that has a starch that you canextract from it, and it is apparently more nutritious than rice and it growsnaturally here.

And is a real source of potential income and sustainability forlife for the people in this part of Indonesia.

And the only other place thatreally grows this much sagu is in Papua, and this part of Sulawesi isnumber two.

So when I'm there I want to go find a farm and see how it's grown, seehow its processed, and kind of see the food that's made out of it.

Veryexcited for that.

And then after that, I want to visit some of the islands to thesoutheast of this peninsula.

It's home to some nomadic cultures that liveprimarily on the water, especially in the chain of islands called Wakatobi.

This culture, I've heard, is kind offading away, because most people are just moving to land.

But it's reallyinteresting – these people live on the water, sustain themselves from the water, so I'm very curious about the food, the cuisine.

Of course, most of theiringredients are coming from the water, but how about plants, how aboutvegetables? What are they eating? How do they get it? Do theybarter for them? Do they forage for them? How often do they go to land for it?I think it's really worth finding out and investigating that when I'm there.

Sofrom Kendari, I will most likely take a boat to Bau Bau, and from Bau Bau to Wakatobi.

And yeah, spend a few days there, and after that, find my way back toMakassar and back down to Bali.

I'll probably spend about four to five weeks doingthis.

It's pretty open-ended and I don't know.



I don't know! But I'm.



yeah! I'm just ready.

I'm ready to start traveling.

And I'm super excited because I have beentalking about traveling for so long.

I've spent so many months justresearching, promoting, just setting things up, and now I'm finally going totravel.

This is really the bulk of what this project is about, so can't wait.

But on the other hand, I am.



I'm a little nervous.

You know, I've never really donetraveling like this – just kind of let fate take me wherever it wants.

That makes me a little scared, but.



Transportation, for example, is going tobe a little tricky, because trying to get around rural Indonesia is notoriouslydifficult.

So there's going to be a lot of bus rides, probably a lot of motor bikerides, maybe renting a motorbike and just driving around.

But I am counting on thehospitality of the Indonesians, and being invited into kitchens and to homes tostay, to eat, to learn, so I'm.



I can't wait for that part.

How is my Indonesian? Well.



now my Bahasa Indonesian is already better.

I still need to learn more, but for now, it's enough to get by.

That's the most important! Yeah! I still have a lot of work to do on that level, but I know while I travel, it's just going to get better, because I will have no choice, but justto practice with what I know and it'll just get better.

I anticipate a lot ofawkward and difficult situations because of the language, but it is all part ofthe adventure so let's just let it happen, right? I hope that you've alreadybeen following the project on Facebook.

If you really want to see what'shappening on a daily basis, really seeing the, like, day by daythings happening, follow the project on Twitter and on Instagram.

This is going tobe the best way for you just to, kind of, track my activities.

All the links willbe down below in the information section.

And that special announcement! So I amhappy to say that I and the project will be part of the Ubud Food Festivalfor this year.

The festival is going to take place April 13th through 16th, and I'mgoing to be using this trip to Sulawesi to, kind of, talk about in the two eventsthat I'm going to be in.

So just keep.



There's a link at the bottom to theUbud Food Festival website to see how you can get tickets to attend.

So if you live inUbud, you have no excuse.

If you live in Bali, you also have no excuse.

If you live in Indonesia, then just take weekend holiday to Bali.

If you live somewhere else in the world, then also take a holiday to Bali andcome to the food festival.

Come meet me, come talk to me, so you can really hearone-on-one how the project is progressing, and the plans for it, and mynext trip.

Yeah, it should be a super fun event so please, please come.

And so, I leave tomorrow, and yeah, just wish me well.

Follow me, leave comments to encourage me.

Let me know what you want to see andI'll try to get that on video, or in any of the photographs, and yeah, wish me luck!Selamat jalan! And see you in Sulawesi!.

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