SEO Experiments 2020: 3 Easy Tests You Can Try to Boost Your Rankings

new year new SEO strategy 2020 is the year of SEO experiments there have been a lot of changes regarding SEO and Google over the last few years heck even in the last year and it's important for your business to keep up to date with all of them in

this video I'll lay out some SEO updates from the past year and give you some examples of SEO experiments that you can try for 2020 Google Bird the big Google update of the year was Google's BIRT algorithm update bert stands for bi-directional encoder representations from transformers a simple

explanation is that firt helps Google better understand the intent behind whatever you search this means you should write content for people not search engines which really you should have been doing anyway so here's what you can try if you weren't already writing content specifically for people SEO experiment

1 first go through the content on your website and find anything that doesn't read naturally or conversationally or even content that doesn't make a lot of sense if it appears in the search results for the keyword that you're targeting second change the language to be more conversational and

less focused on your main keyword try using LSI keywords which are keywords related to the topic that help Google understand what your content is all about number three measure the pages performance over a month 4 if you notice a boost in rankings try to do this with other

pages that might need help video marketing if you thought 2019 was all about video you're about to be surprised 2020 is even more focused on video in your marketing strategy here's a fact YouTube is a big purchase driver a platform dedicated entirely to video is helping people make

buying decisions people want to watch videos and be led down the marketing funnel here's another fact video can help drive traffic to your website this is a pages traffic without video and this is that same pages traffic after video was added video can also increase the time people

spend on your site's pages that helps give you that coveted boost in search engine results SEO experiment to first find a page on your website that gets a moderate amount of traffic second write up a quick script or talking point highlighting the important ideas on the page number

three record a video with your phone or a camera using the script that you wrote it doesn't have to be the greatest piece of cinema ever created but just make sure the video is in focus your talking points are cohesive and there's not a lot of distracting background

noise check out some more video production tips on our blog number four embed your video on the page you can use video hosting platforms like YouTube with Thea and Vimeo when you upload your video so that it doesn't slow down your website v wait a few months and

see how your rankings and traffic have increased you can also run an a/b test you can compare the traffic with and without the video in the same time period voice search how many times have you asked your Siri Alexa or Google to answer a question for you voice

search is a tool that isn't going away anytime soon so it's important that your website is well optimized for it about three-quarters of the answers you get from voice search come from the first three results of that search so being at the top matters a lot for your

business getting your page in a featured snippet is a great tactic when optimizing for voice search and also when trying to get more traffic to your website one way to do this is to focus on answering a question SEO experiment 3 first choose an informational page on your

website that would benefit from a question-and-answer format next separate it into sections featuring a heading with your question followed by an answer to that question third measure your site's traffic for a few months after making the changes to see if it increases next repeat this for other pages

if you notice an increase there are other factors that matter when optimizing for a feature snippet like keywords and the difficulty of ranking for those keywords check out the full list on our website are there any SEO experiments that you are excited to try in 2020 we would

love to hear about them if you need help trying SEO experiments our experts are happy to jump in and we'd also be happy if you subscribe to our YouTube channel and read our blog for even more digital marketing content we'll see you soon

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