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So you need real linksand not the wrong ones.

Now I'll explain what a real linkand what for me is a is a fake left.

Historically speaking.

it used to be, in my younger days, at presentof the Wild West on the Internet that as many keywords as possible onpacked one side and so many Links as possible to yourpage or as many backlinks as possibleyou've made your side with so.



many keywords as possible.

This isof course now no longer the Case, because it's callednow keyword stuffing and works also just not about semantics anymore.

But they still doquite a few people.

Yeah, but it works.

but not anymore.

I think it's becausePeople don't know that.

Well, hopefully you knowmost of them.

But in fact, that's the way it is, You threw on a tool back then.

like Snug EXS or Snug orX-Runner, by the way, you could do that back then buy only over ICQ.

In my day, there wasICQ and cowboy boots, then rush overnight stop 1 million linksbuilt up and have the stop running and then youyou went to school.

This is how it went down, because inthe Google Guidelines at that time not necessarily andFollowed.

And that has just.



just worked back then.

So? In that sense, she did.

And that haschanged, of course.

If today, for example, wrong links, because then you have over X-Runner in anyForums links established.

For example, you haveScrapebox, that was around back then.

Millions of automaticComments written under Worldpress blogs, where you can findLink could set.

So that was a tool whereyou could find out ok with a high PageRank.

What is therefor blogs that have virtually no commentary function, which could bemust first unlock? This could besomehow figure out With Scrapebox you can alsoactually do some pretty awesome stuff, but it just becamemisused for linkspaming.

And that's a long time.

time horny works, and you have with it extreme success and reallyda with white head SCO to get really far.

Anyone who says so, just chattering away.

It wasn't like that.

In the early 2000s, I was in thenot done it yet, but from 2004/2005? That was just plain unrealistic, really with White head Methods right up frontat least as an individual or as a small business.

And that's why it has so manythen gets caught over the time that .



then you didn't survive, because they only bet on Google and thenhave been punished.

Which, by the way, was completely correct, because that was against Guidelines.

And what today completelyis different, is natural that Links can be weighted differently.

So this is from a trusted source, So this is coming from a Website that fits the theme, that is knownwho just, where just not everyone itslink can set? Is this in context to the topic? Hence the issue, shouldof course should fit.

For example, we had already worked fora project times a link from of the Bild-Newspaper.

And we thought, that's gonna shoot through the roof.

the ceiling.

I waited two weeks, waited three weeks, four weeks waited.

Nothing happens becauseyes, that is.

This is a domain with BILD.

de is a domain with an incredibleSports picture, and stuff like that but Bild.

de is Natural is onin each case a domain with a blatant authority.

One simply assumed, In 2014 it was that works and that it simply.



blasting through the ceiling.

And it just didn't happen, and you just don't.

It was the first, so a-ha moment for me.




sitting there like that.

Yeah, because I don't know if you're going toYanks talk and say the get a link from the NewYork Times, then they must have also expected to be affected bythe ceiling shoots, then that's failed under certain circumstances and thenthey were probably also sat there and said to each other, What's going on here? And so it was with me at that timealso because I thought highest Domain One Forty in Germany, this is a newspaper, whether the stands for quality journalism oris just.






is left to chance.

The young peopleBetter not.

Star reader.

Or even podcast.

Or also a link from the SPIEGEL orso we also got, had no effect.

And that's whenthen turned out Okay, also the must be in the Mic, so wherehas been posted on the website, will the link will still be indexed.

All this stuff, it was indexed, but it just.



had no effect.

And then.



for example, we are very websites that provide more information on this topic.

to the customer.

That has thenworks much better.

That's when we found Okay, maybe it's not everything simply only high-quality links toof course, at the time.

said, hey, you need qualityLeft, no longer inferior Left only from the front.

And that's just notthe complete truth, but you must if you can find a niche.



that you're also.



niche pages, which are thematically veryis a good fit for you.

But that doesn't mean thatthe link from BILD.

de .



has done absolutely nothing.

It may be natural that thisLink in connection with the has made sure that othersthen shot through the ceiling is what thenactually happened.

But all I'm saying isnot say, “Yes, we're going to get the a link and pay.



for that 4000 euros.

And then that goes through the roof.

Again, this is too short thought.

It has, of course, massivelychanged, now over time, I mean the algorithm learns, of coursemore and more and this will still become much more competitive.

If this can be detectedor simply rated differently on the left and be counted.

I also thinknot sure I'm I am correctly informed orup to date.

But whatever we believed, to notice, there are the Disavow list, you were practicallyLi nks.

But this, we have a fewmeasurements made that some links also, you can get so much spam linksbuild it up however you want, it nothing happens.

In the old days you would have been scared, that you're gonna get it in the neck.

and then you get punished.

Or maybe it's thatand only then has it stopped being of any use to youand now it has.

So I hardly see it anymore, that a domain has a unnatural link building actuallyis punished.

Result is: stays as close toyour topic as possible to find links .



that's number one.

Number 2: works with bloggersin your niche and with Guest Posting and Co.

and let the also horny contentdo this in exchange for Goods, for example, we make wholea lot, and also very successful.

Third would actually beto buy seats as well, if you have the content there yourself.

Yeah, you can get one from Google.

by the way from Google guidelines that if you buy an article placeand he'll probably have to be characterized by the fact that you, justif you're going to use burn links or something bets that you justcan also buy seats.

If that doesn't work, that you manipulate the algorithm want.

And the fourth would befor Big For.

would definitely be to care about verycreative content, which is worth linking towhich, by the way, is the supreme discipline is because I'm sureof all those who, right now.

listening, probably from 199never done this before or done.

We here alsovery, very rarely.

But it has alreadya couple of times.

Yes, very good.

By the way, is there aCase page with us on the website boyandman.

io, the ink center case likeYou can save ink.

Can we justshow.

Right here.

Rosa shows that times.

Well, it shows that right now.

That's what it looks like, that's what we did.

Own algorithm, Payton Script andhow you can deal with different use a font that is similarlike the one you are currently used and what percentageInk you can save.

Because ink is the most expensiveliquid in the world.


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